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7 years - 7th generation of free CCK.

You can build almost anything: Blog, forum, support desk or private ticket system, real estate or auto market, job board or product catalog!!!

Cobalt is a successor of Mighty Resources but all new, completely redone.

- Flexible CCK - Wide variety of fields text, textarea, html, image, select, multi-select, ... All fields are highly editable and will always give you more than you expect.

- Notification System - iPhone or Facebook style notifications system allows users subscribing to articles or section/categories and being notified on any occurring event.

- Multi-type - Allows you to submit, handle, search, display, order and filter different content types of data within the same section/category.

- Search & Filtering System – Smart and configurable FULL TEXT search system. Advanced search using filters by field values.

- Speed - High performance is one of our main concerns.

- Multi-Vendor - Users submit from frontend and can even create their own categories and have their own home pages.

- Comment System – Built-in comment system, along with the ability to use any other system like Komento.

- Rating System – 3 different calculating modes. Single or multiple property ratings.

- Moderator Manager – Set any users as moderator to any section, and fine-tune his permissions.

- Templates Powered - Every record list or record display uses templates which can be managed through a Template Manager.

There are much much more features in Cobalt than what we can describe within this short description. Try for yourself this incredible component and become addicted by the unrivaled power of flexibility, which no other JOOMLA CCK can provide.

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Reviews: 1
I've dealt with numerous J! extension support teams and none have really stood out for me for their exceptional service... until I interacted with the guys at Mintjoomla!

I have to say there's nothing more powerful than good customer service when it comes to winning over a potential customer and I am more than pumped to get on the Cobalt bandwagon!

Mintjoomla's responses to my questions (in particular, @pepperstreet) were incredibly fast and more than helpful. He went out of his way to help me find a solution to my problem, even researching alternatives and listing resources that could further assist me. They are the complete package! I highly recommend using their products as you can't really go wrong when you have incredible customer support coupled with incredible products!
Reviews: 3
Excellent component. Easily the most flexible available for Joomla, miles ahead of any other.

Of course, no component is good without good support and Cobalt is exception here - the team at Mint Joomla are fantastic, with swift responses to questions, feature requests, etc

There is a learning curve with Cobalt because it is so big, there are so many uses for it - which is perfect because you can use one component for nearly every type of Joomla site.

Highly recommend this component and the developer!!!
Reviews: 3
Most of my projects I use K2 and it's good for simple projects (news, blogs, shops etc.)
I was looking for an extension for a complex project (intranet site) with special needs. I tried other CCKs before I found this and give a try.
I have to say with Cobalt there is no limit you can build everything. There are lot of field types and you can modify them to fits your needs. Create own templates for every field and for every content type is another big benefit. The support is excellent too. The only thing that I miss is a complex export/import tool. I hope in next version it will be added.
Reviews: 1
I have been using Cobalt for about a year and it has been absolutely fantastic. I am constantly amazed at the amount of functionality that they have built in to Cobalt. Sometimes it's hard to find documentation for certain things but the developers are great (Sergey in particular) at getting back to you quickly using their forum and offer a lot of helpful guidance. I started using Cobalt for one project and I've had several projects come up since where Cobalt has proven to be a perfect solution. It will take you a while to figure it all out but when you do, you'll be amazed at how many things you'll find Cobalt is great for. It's definitely an investment in your time you won't be sorry you made. Make sure you take advantage of the forum on their website to ask questions and share with the rest of the Cobalt community.
Reviews: 17
As my title says it all, even if you are not a developer but you want to design your own website, you can definitely do it!

Cobalt is a bit difficult to understand at the very early stage but after few trials and errors, you'll definitely built one of the best possible website with it.

Cobalt has lots of powerful features that offer you unlimited possibilities, just take Joomla + Cobalt makes possible to develop anything you desire.

I am not a developer but due to the financial status of our small company, I started to learn about Joomla so that I may try to develop our company website by myself without the need to hire a developer.

After few months, having tried mostly all other CCK extensions such as ZOO, Content Builder, FlexiContent among others, I decided to give Cobalt a try!

At the first look, I was really scared and even decided to left it aside and tried to find some other solutions, but I did not find any other.

So, I get back to Cobalt and decided to make some efforts to understand how it works and based on tutorials (video & tutorials), I was able to understand its main features and functionality and created our first website.

Today, I have developed 3 websites using Cobalt and all are just perfect, a golf community and advertising portal, a real estate website and a tour operator website, the 4th website is currently under development, all 4 websites for my own company and I did not pay a penny to any freelancer.

Sergey, the head of Cobalt development team is so wonderful, support is just perfect with basically instant (maybe a bit more) but definitely in less than 8 hours, all your support requests are answered.

Updates are done weekly, but in case of urgent bugs and issues, updates are available the same day, I have paid US$ 99 for the pro version of Cobalt and I am very happy about it, if I could, I would even pay much more as they really deserve it, with Cobalt I have saved thousands of dollars and why not encourage the development of this component by providing some financial support to its development team?

As soon as my websites are fully operational and I start to generate some income, I will definitely renew my subscription and even help the Cobalt community as much as possible during my free times.
Reviews: 3
I dont even know how to start, this component made me say "Unbelievable !". Why ? Because everything I wanted to have I could do with this, I dont think I had an idea which I couldn`t make it come true.

I`ve tried many other CCKs but this one is one of the best in the market I think

At the beginning you may be a bit scared but, here what, take some time and go over it and I`m sure you will understand how it works.

Go get it guys! this will make your job easy and you`ll get what you want with it!

Oh not to mention about the support, really fast and always there. You have a suggestion, no problem they are always opened to suggestions!
Reviews: 14
I use this extension since a long time, named Mighty Resources before and I must say that you can do whatever you want with incredible number of possibility for arranging your content.
Everything is in !
Support is very good (Thanks Sergey)
Of course, you need training before using it but when you have well understand how it works, everything is possible !
Me, I use it for creating a virtual cimetery with flowers droping and I can do all with this ...
Just think about what you need and Cobalt will make it possible ...
Reviews: 3
A student from a few days Cobalt 7 and I can not believe. This is the best cck I've ever seen. Big compliments to your Excellent work
Reviews: 3
I use Cobalt for many services and it always look good. Cobalt is easy to use, comprehensive functional and is suitable for multiple interactive web pages. I love MintJoomla for their support. I would recommend to anyone!
Reviews: 1
I started using Cobalt a few weeks ago after trying almost every solution offered by the JED. It seems like with every extension I have tried, there is always something that doesn't work quite right and I don't have the technical skills to fix it. Cobalt has had a few of those issues, but the forum is incredibly responsive. One of their programmers, Sergey Romanov, has responded to every bug report and feature suggestion that I have had with an implementation plan for how it will be fixed in the next patch (within a week). In addition to the great support, the system is also much more intuitive than the other CCKs I have used and does not interfere with the native Joomla cache.
I would say that the only problem I have noticed so far is the unavailability of free content display modules. Even without this feature I am planning to use Cobalt for my website and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fully functional CCK that will allow you to create almost anything.
Reviews: 2
I'm am Mighty Resources User and i thought i'm not upgrading to Cobalt and going with another CCK. So i tried SEBLOD, ZOO and others, but i was not happy. Don't get me wrong, they all very good, but Cobalt seems to be the best in my eyes. There all have pro and cons. The most important things for me are flexibility, customization and fast learning.

So here a few details why i think so. The system is very easy to understand. Templates and Plugins have a very simple structure. I was able to write my own plugin in just one hour (it shows a thumbnail on a link).
You can do almost anything with Cobalt. I use it for a gallery, reviews, a list with icehockey stadiums (Googlemaps) and podcasts.

The only thing it lacks is a good import feature. So i can not import my Migthy Resources articles. But in there support forums they write that they are working on import feature.

Also, I have to say that the support is very responsive.
Reviews: 7
I was using predecessor of Cobalt which was Mighty Resources and from the start I know I made the right decission. I tried almost any CCK for Joomla and I came to conclusion that MR was better than any other (lot of options, fields, easy templating, developer friendly, great community and great support).

It was no brainer to use Cobalt for my projects when it came out. And it was again the right decision. You can really build anything with it. And with Emerald (their membership extension) integration there are no limits.

The learning curve can be a little bit long but the support is always there for you. And I love that they do regular updates every thursday with new functionalities and improvments.
Reviews: 3
This ckk is great really, i played with and now what i can tell:
+Powerfull AUDITlog
+THE BEST PERSONAL HOMEPAGE MANAGEMENT (with cobalt users can have their own hompage with their records, video, etc) COULD BE IMPROVED
+powerful video and audio field
+good gallery field
+usefull relation and read also field (could be improved)
+forum the best app forum (private comment,etc)
- no modules positions in template, then it requires moderateHTML/CSS Knowledges to do that (it seems the power of cobalt is in the templating)
-Resources had more "usefull" field like polls, etc
-Problem with some templates providers
I think it has a great potential to be an amazing cck but currenly it is not, maybe for cobalt 9
Reviews: 10
Yes, the learning curve is a bit steep... and yes, there are so many settings you will feel a bit overwhelmed at a first glance, but let me tell you one thing: once you have understood how powerful this CCK is, you will drop anything else you are using for 3 main reasons:

1 - with Cobalt you can create ABSOLUTELY anything
2 - their support is outstanding
3 - the technology they use is unbeatable

if you are a joomla pro webdesigner, using Cobalt will give yout the possibility to provide your clients with incredible features and create very complex websites.

It is absolutely worth the effort to spend a couple of weeks to learn everything Cobalt can do.
Reviews: 1
If you want to build your websites the way you want.
Cobalt cck excellent.
you want, you can
You can control everything.
Thank you, Sergey
Reviews: 1
This is the first time I have reviewed anything and COBALT has given me the reason to.

This extension is incredible and very easy to use. If there was any problem the tech support was super fast and had the problem fixed instantly. I will continue to use this product and look forward to anything these folks have to put out!

Thanks again to Team Cobalt for doing such amazing work!
Reviews: 1
First review for me here on JED, and for a very good reason.

I was delivered the job to build a bussiness listing website with a little complicated forms. Having few knowledges of php i first looked for extensions like SOBIPRO, JSEBLOD and FABRIK.

SOBIPRO is/was slow and nowhere near the capabilities of Cobalt.. Fabrik not so easy for me and JSEBLOD looked like it was the way to go.. but then i found Cobalt. So here it goes:

Excelent Support - one the best i've seen, Sergey is very active on the forum, and some subscribers members are helpfull too. Usually the answer comes within 12 hours and always very helpfull.
At start i wanted to ask some questions and they answered to all of them on the forum, without having bought any subscription. Cobalt is free but if you want to take it to a new level... you won't regret buying a subscription.

Features - Every thursday they release updates and new fields if available, and anyone found any bug? no problem.. fixed in the same day. They always listen to the clients requests and think about ways to implement it.

Fast - One of their priorities.. if a feature turns Cobalt slow.. they don't implement it unless they can make it even faster. And believe me they well not rest until it's done.

Solutions for everyone - The fields cover most if not ALL scenarios. Relation fields, e-commerce fields, contact forms, comments, video, galleries, modules for everything, one of the most powerfull geomap fields i've seen, plugin, integration with Falang as well as many other extensions.

Never stop - They are always inovatting, they are never satisfied with what they deliver to their clients which for me is something that always will be reminding me that if i want to build a website.. i always think about using Cobalt first.
Reviews: 1
I have been a user of the components made of Mighty, in Kyrgyzstan, from 2008 of. It has always a excellent support, extensions that have a lot of hidden functions (i was still possible to find functions after i have used Resources component in four years, now Cobalt). If something don't work, its easy to report, its easy to be understand and its fast fixed.

If i had the election today, about K2, Cobalt and a few other CCK's, i definitive have elected Cobalt of its strange!
Reviews: 2
At the outset, I need to stress that I am utterly clueless in all things php and similar. Having said that, I looked at a number of options before going with Cobalt 7 and have to say I'm still awaiting responses to pre-purchase questions on some of them!!

Despite my limitations I have managed to put together a site with (for me) some complicated permissions, custom forms and article layouts... What stands out for me here is the client service - these guys are phenomenal when it comes to patience, explanations, helping me learn

Cobalt 7 may be new but even as a novice I see tremendous potential and look forward to additional features in Cobalt 8. It's actually fairly simple once you get the hang of how things fit together, and the team have walked with me every step of the way. I am impressed and do not regret my choice at all
Reviews: 9
Sure this is a good extension and support team is amazing but i give 4 stars because it is not perfect :
currently we don't have jomsocial or anahita integrations, we have gravatar. we don't have lots of modules to diplays articles except from spiralscript (seems very goood but i did not purchase)BUT seems they have good seo features (rare for a cck) and a really powerfull forum (in several case better than Kunena or agora)
Conclusion : Really good CCK but need more features (integrations, facebook / twiiter)
Now i use another CCK but i think purchase mintjoomla membership if cobalt has more features in futur because with the next generation of cobalt, cobalt will become the best cck
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