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OSContent Component

OSContent is an extension for creating and deleting articles and categories in bulk/mass. You can even create menu items for the newly created content. It also comes with a WYSIWYG Editor (enable it within the options)

Why waste time repeating steps over and over again, when you can do the same thing with just a few clicks?

This extension will allow you to:
- Create articles in bulk (Lots of options available)
- Categories in bulk (Lots of options available)
- Link to Menu
- Delete Articles in bulk (Several options available)

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Reviews: 1
I used this during the OStraining class and what a huge time saver for adding demo content to the site. My only issue is that I am using K2 a lot more and would love to input directly to K2. There is always the import function but that is a one way trip and not always conducive to development work.
Reviews: 1
Although its works for me but saving my time for creating a bulk of categories but when i am going to create articles its only assign 1 category for multiple articles would be nice if we have category drop down menu on when creating articles that's what this extension lacking otherwise its a good extension.
Reviews: 11
It is a fantastic extention!!
I build up almost all my website menu structures with articles with this extension!
Does it already work on joomla 3.0?
Reviews: 16
I save hours of work, with this great application! Essential to add large amounts of content.
Reviews: 4
I've made OSContent a standard part of my Joomla install. For sites with more than a little content, it saves a bundle of time. The way it can also create a menu item while it creates an article is a big plus.
Reviews: 2
I used this a few weeks ago to help get a Joomla 2.5 site up and running quickly. At first I tried version 1.5 but it did not work, so I emailed them and Nick responded quickly and pointed me to version 1.6.

This still had a few bugs (Created by Alias and the option not to publish did not save), but it was good enough to save us a lot of time. Support was excellent and I will use it again when required.

Only reason for not giving 5 stars is because the version I used had a few issues and it may be that these are fixed in version 1.7.

Give it a try. It's fairly self explanatory to use when you see it.
Reviews: 3
I installed this extension but it didn't work. I sent a support request and Nick got straight back to me. They updated the version on my site and got it working perfectly. Very quick support. The ext has now saved me days worth of work.
Reviews: 14
When you pick a menu to add the content items to, it dosn't add them as top if the menu is empty from before.

When it adds a content item it sets the date of creation og publishing in the future, so you have to go into all of them to edit the date. This is not handy if you start clicking around. It generates 404.

I also did not get the "copy title to alias" to work, nor "copy 1st title/alias etc to all pages".

But, with these bugs fixed and a couple of functions added (just need of typing in title, and it will copy to all other fields for that page ONLY), it will be a sweet component indeed.
Owner's reply

Hi Celius,

Sorry to hear about the issues that you experienced!

It would have been nice if you had reported these issues to us using the "Support" button on the JED and we would have gotten them fixed for you. We do try our best to fix bugs as quickly as possible and I think it to be unfair to give a 1 star rating based on a few bugs without giving us any opportunity to fix them.

With that being said, based on your limited feedback, we've provided a new version which I believe fixes the bugs that you mentioned. It would have been nice to ask you follow-up questions to make sure everything is resolved for you, but I guess there's no way of doing that now, since the JED doesn't allow us to contact you directly.

If you experience any issues with the new version, please let us know via our contact form. If the new version fixes the issues for you, we'd appreciate if you let us know. Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,

Reviews: 1
have a rather large site and this works great! I didnt see the 1.5 version though which I though would run until April which is terrible as I have a huge 1.5 site I need to edit on no support on it
Owner's reply

Please use Mass Content for the 1.5 version:

Reviews: 1
I was looking for a mass content component for the new joomla 1.7, the mass content was not right. I decided to give this a chance, and it worked perfectly!
Reviews: 4
Better if having a version pt-BR.
Yet the fields are quite intuitive.

The real problem is that the content to be inserted does not have any kind of formatting. Not even the basics: bold, italic and underlined.
Owner's reply

Hi rpolesi,

I think there might be a misunderstanding. All formatting is maintained. So if you have bold, italic, or underlined tags, it's maintained in the code. This also includes even more advanced tags. Whatever formatting you have when you paste or type in the text box, it's all maintained. We even provide an optional WYSIWYG editor.

As to having a Portuguese (Brazilian) version, we don't know Portuguese so we rely on people like you to translate. It would be great if you could help translate it and we can include it within the next version.

Kind regards,

Reviews: 7
Excellent time saver when building websites with many pages(articles).

Thanks for this wonderful component.
Owner's reply

You're welcome!

Reviews: 46
Very quick way to add multiple pages, categories.
This should be in the core of Joomla.
Intuitive to use, will reduce site build time for sure.
Will be using this on every new site, it is now part of my core install with all my favourite extensions.
Really fantastic job by the developer :)
Reviews: 2
It is great that this team have picked up the development of this tool. In 1.5 it has been an essential part of our site development, and I had been watching intently for it to be released on 1.7.

It is great to have OS taking it on. The ability to add content to child menu items is fantastic. This tool helps us to quickly set up our site information architecture and add notes about content or dummy content with ease.

I contacted the developers with an issue and they responded quickly. They also personally emailed me to alert me to the fact that they had released a new version, certainly not something I expect, but as I had had recent contact with them it was a very nice thing to do.

Owner's reply

You're welcome!

Reviews: 4
I've used the Mass Content component for several years, and was very glad to see OS Training's fork of this for Joomla 1.7.

This is installed on every site I do ... it dramatically speeds up the creation of the base website and is on my "must install on every site" list.

And, since I have a "core" site with my favorite extensions pre-installed that I clone when I build a new site, this one has made it to my "core."

Thanks again for this important contribution.
Owner's reply

You're welcome! We're glad it's been useful! :)

Reviews: 1
I think this is a must have tool for content based websites. Unfortunately after successful installation I tried twice to enter 5-6 Articles (including Titles/Aliases/Intro texts I found an error message that Articles could not be added. I have linked articles with category also.
But when I see in the 'Article manager' one of those articles is there but that can not be published (showing 'published' status) in the front end.
Front End shows '3 Articles in this category' when we see the Category List but list shows only two.
I need your help to rectify this problem.
I think there may be some mistake from my end.
I can provide login information.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review!

Could you open up a support ticket via our contact form ( If it's an error on our end, we'll get it fixed either tomorrow or over the weekend.


Reviews: 13
OScontent is a huge time saver. Saved me having to go in and remove all the content on my site manually, and is great for getting rid of the dummy content when you install Joomla.

Nice work guys! Thanks for another cool extension!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review! We're glad you found it useful! :)