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Simple Informer Module

simple informer provide you the easy way to show an events (image+text+link) according to current date. In new version (2.0) added accordion slider for events.

You can check current events in different way:
a) by date
b) by day of the week
c) by number of day from beginning of year

[01.01+10==newyear.jpg==Happy New Year!==ny.html] - for 11 days with text, picture and link
[01.01====Happy New Year!==] - for 1 day (text only).
[01.01==newyear.jpg====] - for 1 day (picture only).
[1x5.10==wsd.jpg==World Smile Day==wsd.html] - for first (1) Friday (x5) of October (.10) /+n day DON'T WORK
[256.00==prog_day.jpg==Programmers Day!==] - for 256 day from beginning of year /+n day WORKING


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Reviews: 2
I was looking for exactly this. Does what it advertise on the tin, and it's free! What else can you ask for beside a 5-stars. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
Perfect job !
Hi. Simple informer is very small and helpful like birthday reminder for instance. That is all I need.
I have a offer: add a function to temporary deactivate extension when in this date not event.
If you want I will help you to translate to Bulgarian lang. Just send me phrases in mail.
Regards !
Reviews: 5
Great support - I was looking for a "Birthday-Reminder" for weeks. This Simple Informer fits exactly, what I needed. Fast reply's...
Reviews: 4
Wow, we needed a small change to show specific content on specific days of the week each week during the year. Sent an email explaining the need and got an update shortly after. We are very happy with the module and the support. Thanks
Reviews: 1
I tested your module and it's very useful and convenient, at least on my case. I love the way this extension sorts automatically the current events.

I however would love a new feature: the option to add a slider in the module, for events published in the same time. This way the module can be smaller and display the same amount of information. Please consider this feature for the future
Owner's reply

its interesting idea, but in my case its troublesome, cose different Joomla versions use different mootools.
But, if i will have free time i will try, at least for J2.5 version ;)
Thanks for review.

Reviews: 2
Really useful and nicely done. This module is something I´ve been looking for and great thing is 2.5 compatibility.

Only what bothering me is font color. I understand to change size and alignment (in tmpl folder) but where I could change color. I suppose it is in CSS but what part?
Owner's reply

hi, oKRamxII!
adjustment of style is not complicate if you understand basic of CSS.
try read this manual about module class suffix:

and thanks for review :)

Reviews: 30
I use this extension to announce birthdays and other family events on our family forum. I was a little dense about the setup at first, but once I caught on; it's very easy.

And you can put in any date you want on the list, and link to different graphics for each. Lots of fun!

Thank you to the developer, this extension was a brilliant idea!
Owner's reply

thanks, prilly!
your post made me check module for compatible with Joomla 2.5, and seems it work fine :)

Reviews: 1
Hello, I consider myself to be a rookie Joomla user and that's why I'd like to thank you for this really easy and handy module. I use it as a birthday reminder and I wonder whether is it possible to change the font size or even the font itself. I was going throught the documentation and tried to search all the files but haven't been successful so far.
Owner's reply

Rinja, thanks for review!
You can customize your module by replace
to in all files of "tmpl" module filder.
after doing this, you will can set custom font, font color and size by css in your site template.
sorry, but basic css knowledge you have got by yourself :).

Reviews: 1
Hi I really enjoy this extension, I just have 2 difficulties with it.
1. My animated gif's does not work in Internet Explorer but it works in the articles.
2. I can not give a registered user access to quickly add an "event", they have to go into the module and add the code.
Any ideas?
Owner's reply

the first "problem" is not fault of module :)
i just tested my own animated gif on Joomla 1.7 and its worked fine...

and, of course, my MODULE (its not component!) don't provide the function you request, because its SIMPLE solution for administrators/editors of site.

Reviews: 2
This extension is just the right touch for my website. Cute, quick to install and configure. I just wanted to add a small bit of whimsy to the home page and this did the trick. Cute but yet informative.
Owner's reply

mwinborn, thanks for positive review! :)

Reviews: 2
5 stars because isn't nothing like this extension. In the same position you can put a default image that change by other on the exact day and during the number of days you want. Joomla needs this type of innovative extensions and not clones of the same solutionts. Absolutely good!.
Owner's reply

hi, jagsnine!
thanks for first (and favourable) review - it's some kind of sad when many people download the module without say nothing :)