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OSTimer Module

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OSTimer is a fairly straightforward countdown module that allows you to countdown to a particular event.

You can choose the year, month, day, hour, minute and even the second at which your event begins.

Recent improvements:

Name changed to OSTimer
Added a full language file with every bit translatable
Added Module Class suffix
Added an option to change the color of the number
Added options to translate days, hr., min., and sec.
Added an option to change the date format to US or International

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Reviews: 7
ANother half thought out joomla extension available here.

Great a countdown clock, but no way of resetting from when it starts. I just downloaded installed in 3 seconds. Set a date for 2 days from now and the countdown clock says I have 620 days until my event. There is no way or anywhere to input where you want the clock to start counting from. One would think this would be an automatic read or crucial line of code for something like but then again what do I know.
Owner's reply

We've had thousands of people install this module and this is the first time such a bug has ever been reported. I'm not saying it doesn't exist, but it's certainly rare if it does. You're welcome to contact us with more details and we'll look for a fix.

Reviews: 1

Thank you very much for this great extension!
That's a very nice and useful module!
Reviews: 1
Great little module. Has several different options of how to format the date or messaging. I controlled the fonts through the suffix.
Reviews: 1
Works just as expected, nice and simple default styles, that fitted into my site. Easy to configure.
Reviews: 2
This was very easy to use and configure. It looks good and clearly shows the countdown for the event site. I had a small problem with width display in my template and the support was excellent, all fixed within a few hours. Thank you for an brilliant free product!
Reviews: 2
Thank you; this worked really easily. I liked the options to customize it and it looks effective on my site.
Reviews: 12
It is great to use an extension that does what it is promoted to do!

Also, great to see they are Joomla3 ready.

No hesitation in recommending this one.

Well done Devs!
Reviews: 9
This module is awesome, works perfectly. But we could change Days word color too, beyond the main day number, above it. Thank you.
Reviews: 12
It doesn't get any easier than this. Worked perfectly right out of the box. Did exactly what I wanted. I was up and running in less than 5 minutes.
Reviews: 1
The countdown timer does what it states it does...and the support was fantastic and quick! I was using a newer version of PHP and the original module had a small "glitch". I contacted support and they were quick to respond and they had a fix for me the very next day! Amazing service for a free product.
Reviews: 1
It's simply the best one that I have found.
I've tried all others before to discover this one.
Easy to customize, clear, clean, serious, and don't use Flash.

For the most demanding (like me) could still be improved in small details, but it is already at the top.

Excellent and fast support from its developers OSTraining
Reviews: 1
Installed and work fine. One thing that's happening, is today being May 14 the deadline (countdown to) date is May 28. The number of days shows as 13.

Should it count May 28th. I've excluded the time countdown
Reviews: 1
Module installs and runs like a dream. I had an issue with proper date configuration (European vs. US format) and Nick was very kind sorting out the problem for me.
Reviews: 1

Thnak you very much for this great extension!

I would suggest one small modification. It would be fine to add one parameter to the configuration: time offset. It woul enable to cope with the daylight saving time.

Best regards,
Reviews: 5
That's a very nice and useful module!
The most important is the great support provided! Just ask it from the developer and it will happen!
Thank you!
Reviews: 13
Such a simple idea, yet you can do so much with it.

LOVE IT! Works out of the box, and the developer is a really nice guy :)
Reviews: 1
Module does exactly what it claims with no visible issues. It is extremely easy to set-up and it looks simple and elegant. However, the most impressive thing is the support provided by the developers. I had an issue altering the CSS file, and got instant feedback and assistance in the most patient and friendly manner. Furthermore, it's FREE. :)
Reviews: 3
It was soooooo easy to use. I installed it in 3min and it has all the options i would wanted. Thank you for your hard and quality work!
Reviews: 16
Had tried other countdowns, but they never did look right or work cleanly. Functioned properly from the install.

Adjusting text sizes might be a helpful additive. Well done to the developers.
Reviews: 3
It works!!! I tried many others but this one works like a champ!!!

Thanks a lot!
Owner's reply

You are welcome! :-)

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