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JCal Pro is a W3C-validated, multi-language events calendar component with a gorgeous, CSS-based front-end display. Feature highlights include, native Joomla! permissioning for event creation/management and event viewing, location management and event geolocation, nested categories, custom fields for events and and event registration, private or public events, WYSIWYG event descriptions, administrative theme installation and management, back-end event management, re-captcha support, an integrated search plugin, feature-rich mini-calendar and latest events modules, the all new FLEX module, a convenient content editor plugin, RSS feeds, SEF URL support, robust print-views, JomSocial plugins and Community Builder plugins.

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Reviews: 7
I'm a long-time user of JCalPro who decided to try the chief competition. While I have nothing negative to say about the competitor, JCalPro works better for our users.

We believe JCalPro is templated better and is easier to use. For example, the "Add an Event" link was difficult to find in the competitor, but it's a beautifully-formatted, easy-to-find option on in the JCalPro layout. That seems true of most of its functions.

Historically, it has been much better integrated with Community Builder than the competition. It's not as good as it was, because they're a few months out from integrating CB profile calendar features in Joomla 3.2. But it's historically been a welcome link between a user's personal profile data and the site calendar.

Finally, I was moved to write this review because of recent excellent support. We had an odd problem with the search plugin, and they didn't forget us. They couldn't duplicate the problem but determined what might cause it, and fixed it with today's new release.

We recommend JCalPro highly.
Reviews: 2
I'm in a good position to review this extension as I've been using JCalPro since 2009. The extension is good enough for me to continue using, but the lack of resources that the developer puts into this extension is worrying. With one of their other plugins sh404sef they say "We do not sit on those laurels, and continually develop sh404SEF" but with JCalPro development is much slower and there hasn't been a release since August 2013.

I know of a couple of issues with the 'Latest Events module' when dealing with events that span multiple days. These simple issues should really have been sorted out a long time ago, they shouldn't have needed any attention being drawn to them on the forums. Who knows how long it will take to see a new release.

I do really like JCal Pro and really like how it looks, they did a good job with the new release, but the development of it is always a concern.

More attention is focused on Anything Digital's other extensions like sh404sef.

My hopes for the future would be that we see more maintenance and feature releases in the coming months and years for JCalPro. Continued releases are really needed by JCal customers.
Reviews: 7
I ended up removing this, couldn't see paying more for simple functionality. Really didn't do enough, Bought a 5 star Calendar and very happy... Support was great they tried... just needs an update to other products for todays market. Just didn't work with my commercial template.
Reviews: 1
Overall decent product. Sync with google calendar would be HUGE.
Support team was amazingly responsive.
Looking forward to future releases
Owner's reply

Glad it's working well for you! We're looking at sync options with google now.

Reviews: 1
After 4-5 years of using this calendar, we're moving to JEvent. Why? Two main reasons, there is no END time/date. You have to figure out the DURATION, whichis a PITA for weekend-long events.
Secondly, we've been getting hacked for a year from spammers, despite the JCal Pro reCaptcha. They looked at it and told us somehow people are logging on and posting them, which is NOT what is happening.
Also slow response to tech things.
Owner's reply

I'm sorry you've had a poor experience. Just a quick additional note to let you know that we've implemented this END TIME feature based on your feedback and users can use it in this mode or in DURATION mode. That way we have back-compatibility.

If you chose to try JCal Pro again, don't forget to check the new responsive calendar theme.

Reviews: 1
I was really happy to post review for this product. Their support was fabulous and the product indeed is good. Seems to be a great team working behind. Congrats.

Reviews: 4
Fair enough extension, it could be improved though in the way it adapts to different templates
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review. We have been working on something special for Joomla 3 and bootstrap that we'll be back-porting to Joomla 2.5. It should really help in this area.

Reviews: 1
Sorry about the following rant. I guess this is 4 years of built-up frustration...

I've been screwing around with the JCal Pro extension since 2008 and it simply does not get better. Every so-called "upgrade" is a BIG step backwards. My clients are angry and I am exhausted trying to make JCal Pro work. I don't mind paying for it, but it should be free considering what a hassle it is to use.

What really gets me upset is the amount of time I spend troubleshooting, writing in the forums, testing, re-installing, backing up, wiping out database tables specific to the extension per customer support, and then being treated like I have installed the component incorrectly and don't know what I'm doing.

JCal Pro should not even exist. If they can't get it right they should just go away and leave us alone.
Owner's reply

I'm sorry for your experience. We'll happily offer a refund if JCal Pro does not suit your needs.

Reviews: 3
It does all it says and support is awesome! I have no idea why others have issues, but I have been developing with Joomla since v1.0 and with this extension you get all you pay for and so much more. I am using this extension for a Knight's Of Columbus" website and they love it.

Great work guys!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review. We'll be working on a great new bootstrapped version for Joomla 3.0 that is highly responsive.

Reviews: 1
Have purchased product works great but lots of problems when using alongside community builder this product is fine for jomsocial but not for community builder their features page for this product is very deceiving as it sugests works with community builder it would be nice if anythingdigital would make updates for cb as it does for jomsocial
for this reason i have given them a very poor review.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review. We'll get on those CB updates for the latest version.

Please note that we do list the plugin compatibility here:

Reviews: 1
I Purchased this extension of the basis of the large number of positive reviews. Indeed earlier versions of this product may well have been good, however this is certainly not been my experience with version 3. We have been persisting with this extension for over 6 months now so this is not a rash review

We have lodged multiple support cases on the support forum and still we are waiting for basic functionality to be fixed.

Dates and times have been problematic for our timezone from day 1. iCal export does not work properly. Dispalying upcoming events shows events from the past, and so on.

Before purchasing this extension you need to make an informed decision, look at the number of currently unsolved issues in the support forum and also look how far back the unsolved issues go. Then make up your mind.

Very Disappointing
Reviews: 1
I am extremely disappointed! There is a major problem with the latest update that it reverts to a default Time Zone and not the Time Zone that you configure in new event.
Normally upgrades are supposed to work, in this case it has been nothing but a failure. I have logged a support call and so far nothing. And yes I paid for the Extension.

Owner's reply

I'm sorry you've run into some troubles. I've looked through our open support tickets and can't find a thread similar to the bug you've described. Please drop us a line directly and we'll either send you an immediate refund or (if you prefer) solve the issue you are experiencing.

Reviews: 2
The latest version works great but the only problem There is no plugin for community builder using joomla 2.6
Reviews: 1
J cal pro starter, j cal pro standard. You don't now the difference until you pay to get in. All I wanted was a simple MODULE calendar. I paid for one and it turns out to be a component that if full of fatal errors.
Owner's reply

I'm sorry you had some confusion during purchase. Here's the packages and features:

Please be sure to request a refund with Customer Service.

Reviews: 1
this extension was very handy fo us, to promote local town events and espectacles, pretty easy to use and user frendly!
Owner's reply

That's great news! We love it when our customers are satisfied :)

Reviews: 5
MOST of the time upgrades are better than their predecessors however in the case of Jcal 3, nothing could be further from the truth. Simple things such as days of the week displaying when I select it not to, or THE UGLY DEFAULT THEME that the Devs REFUSE to tell anyone how to customize, and some useful features such as old popup event has now been Taken away.

Long story short, I AM INCREDIBLY DISAPPOINTED with the Devs, the help although not rude, is useless when you really want to know something. The forums are moderated to the point that useful information is blocked/closed or removed by the Devs... all in an attempt to make us buy a more expensive upgrade package... one that still will not have nice themes NOR the ability to customize. DONT BUY. DEVS... POST A LINK TO A METHOD TO UPDATE THE THEMES IF I'M WRONG. I will not be paying anymore for your products, thanks. Thought Joomla was all about open source... WRONG HERE!
Owner's reply

Hello and i'm sorry the product was not right for you. Unfortunately, I cannot locate your support threads with the information you have provided.

However, I would say that the new theme system in JCal Pro is superior in nearly every way. Themes can be installed in the Joomla installer as a normal extension. Themes can be modified directly in the following location:


If you have a custom theme, you'll want to create a unique theme for yourself otherwise you will lose your changes when u upgrade.

To NOT lose changes, we suggest then that u actually use HTML overrides to edit the views. This is method is not affected by upgrades.

We certainly are not worried about up-selling upgrade packages with premium themes. However, our support is not a custom programming service either. If you don't have the skills to edit PHP for example, you'll want to hire an expert to perform those changes.

Finally, we have a 30-day refund policy. Please contact customer service if you still desire one.


Victor Drover
Anything Digital

Reviews: 2
I used JCal Pro since years for a magazine website with about 750 events each month. Older entries got deleted, so I had about 3.000 entries in the database without any problem. It had all the functions I needed and handling was very easy. I was really happy with JCal, because it's was serving an important part of the website.
Since the Update to JCal3 things changed. The script stops after the maximum execution time, 120 seconds in this case, with 1.300 events imported. The latest version is incredible slow, and that's not the only bug.
Support is gentle but not helpful in any way. After 8 weeks I decided to change and use another component.
If you could try this component without paying the fee it would be ok, but I think you should be warned before you waste your money.
Owner's reply

Hello and i'm sorry the product was not right for you.

In fact, we have recently rolled out a massive performance update. This is currently working very smoothly on

I hope you will give the latest version a try and see if it works for you.


Victor Drover
Anything Digital

Reviews: 4
I tried a couple and I've also developed sites with Drupal and WordPress. I have been very pleased with jCal Pro and have used it successfully on a couple of sites. I'm anticipate upgrading to Joomla 2.5 soon and will definitely be purchasing the upgrade.
Owner's reply

The upgrade is definitely worth it, and we've just launched a great new feature: Locations!

Reviews: 1
I have been using JCal pro for a few years now and it easily does what we want it to do!

Would be great to see some registration plugins, or a bit more integration into other Joomla components though :)
Owner's reply

We are working hard on that in the Joomla 1.7 version. For Joomla 1.5, try RSVP that we sell, it integrates with JCal Pro.

Reviews: 1
definitely good tool. didnt have any issues with it so far, but i really wish the design was a little better, and had more options with that
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review. We also have premium themes that really look sharp. Hope that helps:

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