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This is the FREE version of the popular DPCalendar Joomla calendar and event manager. It is a of full responsive extension package to let your visitors know about your important events on your Joomla site.

Here is a list of features the free DPCalendar version offers:
* Full responsiveness of all views
* ACL everywhere also who can view the content of events
* Nested calendars
* Ajax powered calendar with a smooth design
* Google map integration
* Batch editing of events
* Coloring individual events
* Upcoming events module
* Counter module
* Mini module
* Downloading events to google calendar and Outlook
* Search plugin
* Social share buttons
* Inclusion of Facebook Comments, Google Plus Comments and JComments
* Native joomla language support
* SEO optimized with rich snippets (structured data)
* Drag'n Drop and resize in the frontend
* Template override support
* Multiple locations per event
* Attachment support trough DPAttachments

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Reviews: 1
I have been using the GCalendar Google sync and Upcoming Event calendars for years for a non-profit I volunteer for with no issues. When I tried updating with the free version of DPCalendar found that a)the Google calendar sync is only available with the paid version and b) that when I tried creating a new calendar from scratch with DPCalendar and adding an event, the event wouldn't save. I got a message from the app that it *did* save the event but it doesn't show up on the calendar or the Event manager. I tried posting to their Calendar View page about my problem but have been ignored. I can't recommend to the board of the non-profit to purchase an extension if I can't even get the free version to work. I will be using a different calendar program that offers the functionality we need and is eager to provide support.
Reviews: 1
I have been a user of GCalendar for years and never experienced any particular issue. I have recently discovered that Google will showdown the old APIs on nov 2014 so an update is needed and discovered the new one if the DPCalendar.
I downloaded and tried this new free version. It works great, so I want to thank the authors for their efforts and I understand their point of view about support and the need to get paid to develop good software.
My only observation is that this free version has lost the Google calendar synch, which can only be achieved purchasing the Professional version (together with other plugins).
This simply means there is no more a free version capable to show the Google calendars in a Joomla website.
So I'd ask the authors to include in the free version at least one of the plugins that allow the synch with Google.

About the GCalendar plugin, that's ok, but it relies on the old GCalendar code which is no more maintained as the security best practices strongly suggest to remove aa code like this (my site has been recently attacked with a pattern that leveraged a possibile gcalendar vulnerability).

And, about the commercial version annual fee, it's nut much for the small amount of money, but non-profit websites like the one I manage (for free...) cannot simply allow to pay "multiple small fees" for all the commercial components.
So, a special price for non-profit organisations would be an option to add to license schema.

Thanks and keep up the good work
Reviews: 2
Lite version worked flawlessly for me however I really wanted some of the extras so bought the premium version and have not been disappointed. I'm now pulling calendars from Google, Exchange, iCal and a few internal calendars all at once. I don't think I could be more pleased with how everything is working. Even had a plugin created to pull data from a scheduling app we utilize. I would give this a higher rating if possible. Best calendar extension yet.
Reviews: 1
I have been using GCalendar for years and on the rare occasion I had an issue, I have always received great support from the developer. I have been using DPCalendar Lite and it works as well as its predecessor. Will upgrade to the Pro version to get the Google Calendar Plugin!
Reviews: 4
A product /company is judged by iits support and documentation. Essentialy how easy and user friendly their product is. This is a nice extension, well designed and graphivcally nice too.

However my problem was there is no clear documentation. That too is okay as I understand developers get busy. By my biggest disappointment was, there is no place to contact them or open a support ticket. The support button is useless as it just shows a list of bugs/support number. The event module does not display events from google calendar and there is nothing anywhere for me to get help or ask for help. Calendar module is fine and does show google calendar event.

I hope that the support area will improve or at least have a forum where we can get help from others.
Owner's reply

Providing support only for subscribers is a common business model among the Joomla developers. That's why we closed the old forum. We are convinced that it is better to give top notch support to subscribers instead of bad one for all.
Please read this blog post ( to get more information about our support process.

Thanks for understanding.

Reviews: 5
Brilliant extension that is shipped with a load of features and options making is very customizable. 5/5
Reviews: 1
I had to integrate three private (!)Google-Calendars on my Website. Since 4 years the GCalendar works fine.
The Google-API for the GCalendar but work only to November 2014!
With GCalendar and the free (!) Version of DPCalendar working the Google-Calendar after November! This is great and very accomodating!
Reviews: 1
- easy to install
- easy to use
- easy to modify
- good support
Reviews: 2
Been happily using gcalendar for years (at least since they fixed a major vulnerability) but I'm very disappointed with this new version. I specifically wanted to use the Google Calendar import and had significant issues to the point where I won't be using this and going elsewhere.
Owner's reply

I feel really sad about the bad reviews, especially from people who were using GCalendar for years. You hear nothing from them in all the time, they are using our products for free and at the end they slap you with a bad review here. I admin, that we are going a new direction. All the amazing new features which are possible in the free version of DPCalendar could have never been realized with GCalendar. That's not a marketing quote, but a statement from me, laoneo, the guy who started GCalendar over seven years ago.

Yes we stopped to give out support for free in a forum (at the end of the day also we have to pay our bills and salaries). But at the same time we are providing a top notch support to our subscribers as you can see in the paid listing reviews. Many extension providers are doing it that way.

To hear all of that is very frustrating for me and our team.....I really hope for a better time with our free users, as I don't want to shut down the free version just because of disrespect. We believe in open source and want to give something back to the community for free.

Reviews: 4
I was using the old Gcalendar which I absolutely loved. Now we are told we have to migrate to DPcalendar which I did. DPcalendar seems to work good except for the event popup. It opens below the full calendar. I tried all sorts of things to debug what's going on but I just can't figure it out. I registered on the DP website but can find no way to receive support for this product. Because there is a problem with DPcalendar and I cant find a way to get help with it, I just can no longer recommend it and I'm going to have to uninstall it.
Reviews: 4
I've been using GCalendar for years which has worked faultlessly. Have now updated to DPCalendar which is now also working perfectly for us. Best solution for displaying Google Calendar on a Joomla website.
Reviews: 2
We are using it for years and we are still satisfied. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
Was a great extension, now is counter intuitive to use, settings not working properly, I go to edit an event as I imputed the wrong date to start with, and even after deleting it the next revision keeps the deleted date. No support unless you buy a pro version which compared with other extensions that do more, is over priced. Furthermore if I cannot get the basic version to do the basic tasks then I will not be buying any addons.
I have used Joomla on over 30 sites since 1.0 and this is my biggest disappointment so far!

Bring back the old GCalendar it looks and works much better.
Reviews: 3
it's a shame that this extension now have an expiration date... november 2014!

...and the "new" free version doesn't integrate Google Calendar.

I'm sad. :(
Owner's reply

The demand of the community to have a free version which stores it's events in the Joomla database was big. So we took that chance to go a slightly other direction. But for the old GCalendar users there is a migration path where you can have your existing GCalendar setup running within the free version of DPCalendar.

Google decided to shut down their API which GCalendar uses in November. The Pro version uses the much faster, secure and feature rich API v3 which is active developed by Google and will work after November.

We believe that the new direction is the right way to go as the possibility of extending DPCalendar Free is much bigger than it was with the code base of GCalendar.

Reviews: 1
We needed to include Google Calendars on several web sites. iFrame just wouldn't cut it. GCalendar installed quick, works great. And when we had a question about the extension got a quick response back by email.
Can't beat that!

NOTE: We tried to reproduce the speed issues mentioned by DanielP90, but couldn't reproduce them. Possibly some conflict between other extensions. We've installed on a couple sites and there was no speed issues at all.
Reviews: 1
I installed this so clients could see my available days to make it easier to book a photo shoot. It started off fine and it's nice that it tailors itself to your template.

After a few days my website started getting slower and slower, even the backend was taking over a minute to load.

I followed all the instructions I got from the developers but sadly it didn't make a difference. I therefore decided to disable all 3 parts of the extension in the manager. As soon as I'd done this pages were loading in about 2 - 3 seconds.

I really did want to enjoy this extension but I was fed up of waiting for my own website to load, god knows what my customers would think.
Reviews: 1
I used the G4J calendar for a year or two on our church website, to present upcoming church activities. I think the extension must have come a long way since I last used it, but here are my impressions from back then.

* Very customisable.
* Displayed events from multiple Google calendars.
* Paid help from the developer was prompt, effective and at a good price.

* You really needed to be above average in technical skills (CSS helped).
* It seemed notoriously difficult to actually get the thing to display your Google calendar.

It was a good extension, though quite complicated. I tried pretty well all the Joomla calendars available, and this one was the best I found.

These days I just embed the calendar widget from Google, and that's all I need.
Reviews: 5
It hard to imagine better extension than this. Everything was very easy to install and configure. All documentation was up to date and helped. I had some Jquery problems in the beginning, but a little tweaking helped to solve them.
Reviews: 1
Being rather new to joomla, it took me perhaps a few extra steps to understand the mechanisms of the GCalendar extension, but once in place, I could not be more satisfied!!
The ease now to display numerous calendars of events for our association is superb, and GCalendar faithfully displays changes within seconds.
One extremely happy customer here.
Reviews: 1
Just wanted a simple component to show some events, and I got it!

Since it requires your gmail login to create/import calendars, you might have problem with authentication on Google's end, but just read the documentation on how to allow this component to connect, and it will work like a charm! :)

Thanks for a great and easy calendar.

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