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DPCalendar is a full responsive native Joomla calendar and event manager. It makes the most of all the Joomla features that any online Joomla calendar should, such as ajax powered event browsing/manipulation, drag'n drop, front end editing, nested calendars, CalDAV and ACL support. DPCalendar integrates seamless other calendar systems like Google Calendar, Facebook Events, MS Exchange (Outlook) or iCloud without manual syncing or cron jobs.

Here is a list of features DPCalendar offers:

* Full responsiveness of all views
* ACL everywhere also who can view the content of events
* Nested calendars
* Ajax powered calendar with a smooth design
* Template overrides support
* Google map integration
* Batch editing of events
* Coloring individual events
* Complex recurring events
* Upcoming events module
* Counter module
* Mini module
* Map module
* Downloading events to Google calendar, Outlook or iCal
* Search plugin
* Finder plugin for smart search
* Social share buttons
* Inclusion of Facebook Comments, Google Plus Comments and JComments
* Twitter publish plugin
* Native joomla language support
* SEO optimized with rich snippets (structured data)
* Integration/Import of external sources like Ical/Jomsocial/CSV/Google calendar/JEvents/JCalPro/Facebook events/MS Exchange/CalDAV
* Drag'n Drop and resize in the frontend
* List view
* CalDAV access to the calendars
* Every user can have it's own calendars
* Visitors can attend events
* Payment gateway integration to attend events (like a ticket/reservation system)
* E-Mail reminders
* Attachment support trough DPAttachments

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Reviews: 1
With the DPCalendar I have found a component which is absolutely first class.
It contains all necessary functions and continuously evolving.
To requests and suggestions of programmers always reacts positively and converts them also.

Summary: This is the best calendar I've seen jet.
Reviews: 2
I love the extension, it does exactly what it says and has so many nice features! I use it for all my customers that need a calendar.

For my last customer I had a problem with their template, it was not showing the map correctly and got support on how to change the code for that! I did not expect any help with a template issue so I got very amazed and that is what I call excellent support!

Thanks! :) Johanna
Reviews: 1
Updating from GCalendar to DPCalendar we were involved with many problems, first of format the output, later with difficulties displaying locations in event details and Google Maps.
Digital Peak Support Team was great with hints and patches to solve these problems.
Great Joomla! Extension!!!
Reviews: 3
I was seeing some unusal issues with DPCal Pro when associating it with a new Google Calendar. Communication with the guys at DP was brilliant on their forum and we found and resolved the gremlin quickly. The problem was not with the plugin, it was a change related to configuration at the Google Console. Can't recommend highly enough!
Reviews: 1
We had a reminder-issue which is provided in this extension by a cronjob. After more then 70 support emails he finally discovered why it didn´t work. It was a simple cause, but hard to find. Laoneo has proved to be a die-hard. Never gave up and solved it. If all supports of any extension did their work in this way, w´ll never had problems whatever again :-) Thanx Laoneo
Reviews: 25
I have been using other Calendar option on my client sites for years but for some reason most of them just seem to get stuck when they have to add the calendar items themselves. I think it is simple but they don't. I have my suspicions but when I started introducing them the Google Calendar and then integrating that with their website suddenly they took off.

So, I now set up a Google Calendar for them, ingrate it into their website, give them access to the Google Calendar and away they go. Next think I know all their events are displaying on the website and they are very happy.

Then of course I am happy. Thanks guys.

I have also been very impressed with their support. They keep coming back to me until they are happy that I am satisfied.
Reviews: 2
This is the best Calendar extension I found. It is very flexible, and provides all of the functionality I need. Support requests have always be handled quickly and efficiently.
Reviews: 1
This is the best calendar I have found in JED. It has most features and it is looking good with a more modern touch than other. I have used the calendar a couple of months and it has not been free of problems. Version 4 of DPCalendar was a big leap and it was not properly tested. However, the three main developers have been dedicated and helping me out with the issues within a couple of days, even though some time shift.

I have used the calendar for a football club with several calendars for each team and many users. DPCalendar can also fetch the matches from the natinal competition system for each team and then display it up-to-date beautifully within DPCalendar.

Right now I don't see that any calendar in JED can compete with DPCalendar. They have set a new standard to the calendar category. That will make the competition harder, so now it's up to the competitors to reach the new standard and try to evolve.
Reviews: 2
This is a fantastic component and a complete solution for managing multiple events and calendars. It also functions smoothly on all devices.

The support I received has been awesome!
Initially when I installed the component there was a conflict with another component that wasn't loading jQuery correctly. The DPCalendar developers put in a considerable amount of time and effort to come up with a solution and created a fix so there would be no conflicts with other extensions in the future.
Highly recommend*****
Reviews: 8
I am giving it this rating because I get errors when using. Been getting the run around for days now. The problem keeps getting swapped off to someone new and they don't seem to be able to read the original problem.
Don't count on good support.
Reviews: 1
A great calendar component
I have been a user of g4j and now dpcalendar for several years now. I must say this component has come a long way. I really appreciate the dedication of the team as well as the willingness to respond to bugs and suggestions. We are all looking forward to v4 of the plugin with google calendar sync. Good luck with your endeavors.
Reviews: 13
I am not the best at this stuff and made a few silly mistakes but the guys at Digital Peak patiently worked their way through my issues and got it going.
The linking of external calenders is a great asset plus the great look and feel of the calendars and lists. Very happy with my purchase
Reviews: 6
This extension is really great, and it is responsive! Which is very important nowadays.

I had a minor issue in the layout and the customer support reacted very quickly and proactively.

Highly recommended to everyone!
Reviews: 3
I have rated this extension 5 stars although I did have a couple of issues these have been attended to by the excellent and quick support.

For my site we wanted to create a calendar showing the dj’s schedule for each day so the visitors to the site can see when their favourite dj is playing. The radio station can also add their own events to another calendar on the site which is dedicated to special broadcasts and charity events.

There were no issues with having 2 calendars on the same site and editing, adding and deleting events is really easy, especially recurring ones. The countdown module allows us to show the visitor who is on next and all this is supported with images. I must admit we have not utilised all the features of this component but for me its been great.

Finally, we have also recommended some additional features. Normally one would hope that these were going to be implemented but their support system actually shows your recommendation has been looked at and moved to a timline for future development so you can track its progress…well done and thanks for the extremely good support.
Reviews: 1
When i installed this extension the first time, i had some issues about plugins activated. I asked some help from Joomla Support and, after i had disabled some plugins, all worked fine! This extension is very good, beautiful design, easy to use and complete!
Don't need to use google calendar or other things... I recommend this calendar; for me, this calendar is the best!
Reviews: 2
Great extension, easy to install and set up. Found the integration with Google Calendars really useful. Small issue very quickly responded to and fixed by DP - great customer service. Will definitely be using it again.
Reviews: 12
DP Calendar is much less complex than comparable ones and provides nevertheless the same or more functionalities.
Very professional support for a problem with my Joomla version.
Definitely highly recommended!
Reviews: 2
I had problems with implementing the DPCalendar into my Site. With patience and excellent advice, the support department of DigitalPeak solved my problem. DPCalendar is now working just as a responsive calendar should.
Reviews: 1
DPCalendar does everything I want. It is really flexible and easy to use and configure.

I have been using it in simple form on a single website for 8 months or so, and started to need to use some of the more indepth features for sharing calendars between websites and with mobile devices. I have a small issue, and it was reseloved very quickly, and whilst it was the problem was being sorted out, I was given a workaround.

So to sum up, great software and support that is about as good as it can get.
Reviews: 1
I can also say only positive things about the module. These are exactly the features I was looking for. I am very pleased and wish the team more good ideas and a good succeed. Thank you!
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