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Art Calendar Joomla! extension allows display highly-configurable calendars and their events. Supports Google Calendar.

* Create highly-customizable calendars and events
* Google Calendar support: ability to show events from Google Calendars - unlimited number of calendars supported for main view
* Repeating (recurring) events: each N days or weeks, or each Monday each month, etc.
* Draggable/non-draggable events
* Customizable time formats, start date, day of week to start with, etc.
* Ability to generate calendars and events from existing Joomla! articles by entering section id and category id
* Ability to generate calendars and events from existing K2 items by entering K2 category id
* Ability to select an article to assign to event
* Ability to select K2 item to assign to event
* Supports com_zoo items to be assigned to calendar events
* Right to left support (for Arabic and Hebrew)
* Access Rights support
* Single-date and interval events
* Events can have description and links
* Customizable front-end messages
* Customizable styles
* Comes with mini-calendar module to show local events or agenda view
* Custom Javascript code support
* Available calendar list view and single calendar view
* Can be used as events manager and calendar
* Supports calendar groups: calendars can be grouped and shown in a single view
* Agenda view (flat view) available:
* Specific calendar can be assigned to menu item
* Any HTML can be shown in event description
* This is open-source software

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Reviews: 1
The extension looks nice, but some trouble with parameters which make a wrong display in FO. And don't ask for help, there is no support. I had to resolve my problem on my own.
Owner's reply

Yes we understand your frustration but some people have been waiting for weeks for support as we have 100's of new customers daily. Due to this delay, unfortunately customers like yourself seem to go directly towards JED to write reviews when in all honesty we are just waiting to get to your issue/ticket. Please understand we cannot just "JUMP" the list because you are wanting to come to JED and write reviews. All instances of Joomla are different per the user and installations can change per other extensions, javascripts, and countless of other customizations. If any customer of our products feel as if they are not completely satisfied due to support please simply request a refund :) It will be processed at lighting speed!

Reviews: 2
I have tried several other extensions, this calendar is fantastic. This application is worth every penny!
Reviews: 1
I needed a lot of customization on this extension for my website. The support team was fast and proficient. I would definitely recommend this extension to anyone!
Reviews: 9
We use Art Calendar combined with Zoo and always get suit our needs. The support is excellent. Thanks.
Reviews: 4
Not that I needed help setting up the component, but I lost the file and within hours I was provided with a new download link. Thanks!
Reviews: 2
This calendar did exactly what we needed and after having a bad experience from an alternate solution - This one was quick and helpful in answering any questions. I highly recommend as a calendar solution for your website - great integration with Google Calendar also.
Reviews: 2
Great extension and fantastic support! Everything I tried to find is here.
Reviews: 2
Not always the time to add a review here, but I decide today to do It thanks to the great support of Artetics Team.
I have bought Art calendar and encountered a problem when submitting an event on Frontend. I contacted the support team. They answered in the day and solved my problem.
No other thing to add that It is a great Team.
You can buy their products with your eyes closed (as we say in France !!).
Reviews: 1
Art Calendar was exactly what I needed - looks great, very stable, and is easy for site visitors to use. Their support was fast and responsive - they quickly answered simple CSS questions and it now looks seamlessly integrated to my site's design. Worth every penny!
Reviews: 1
After searching far and wide the Art calendar was just what i was after for my site. The guys responded to any of my questions with speed and helped me me customise the appearance so it fitted my site perfectly.

Really happy with the purchase and would highly recommend Artetics products and services.
Reviews: 1
I´ve tried many different calendars, but this one is exactly what I need. It is possible to use HTML in the description of events and that was very important for me. It´s supposed to show upcoming hockey matches on my website, with teamlogos and links to the gamesheet and the galery. And that is exactly what it does now.
The thing that impressed me most was the support. I´m honest, I´m not a pro in webdesign and programming, but every little question was answered quickly, bigger issues were solved by the support themselves. I never had the feeling that my questions are too stupid.
That´s how support should be...

This extension is worth every cent.
Reviews: 9
Very good component and mini-calendar module. I was able to take any or all K2 items and create a calendar from them. So the user just enters the K2 item once and it populates across not only K2 category pages, but in a calendar as well.

In a future release it would be great to be able to show a bracket of dates for an K2 event.(Items added directly to the calendar have this option) Currently an imported K2 item can only have a single date applied, the "Created Date". But perhaps an option to use the "Finish Publishing" date to create a span, in case the event covers several days.

Very good support as well. Not lightening fast, but they will take care of you. They fixed a pretty complex issue I had.

Any issues I had with template interference was due to the template itself, not the module. Some templates will use too vague CSS. Like applying style to base elements like div, p, tr, etc, instead of using a specific class or ID.

It's a little plain, but can be spruced up with some CSS quite easily. I would definitely buy this module again and anyone who buys it should feel confident it will do what it's supposed to.
Reviews: 1
Great extension !
Wonderful, very comprehensive and responsive support team !
Reviews: 2
Provided very good support in fixing a conflict between the JavaScript in the calendar and a seperate menu module not supplied by them. Fixed it up even though it wasn't specifically a bug in ArtCalendar.
Reviews: 2
I bought this extension as a last resort, but it turned out to be not working. No support reply from email and Google Calendar is not displaying. Not sure what the Calendar Group for.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the comment.

Our support engineers answer ANY letter within 48 hours. If your domain is in spam list then probably your email could get into spam folder. You can always re-send the email to, contact us using form on our site or ask a question forum.

Calendar groups are used to show several calendars in a single view.

Just please contact us by email with your issue and we will be happy to solve it for you and to set up an example if it is needed.

Thousands of customers use Art Calendar and we are always ready to provide free support.

Reviews: 3
Excellent indeed, works perfect and the support is great !

After searching and trying different components like this ,i choose it for the K2 option.
But after working with it i have to say +1 for the dev team.

Have not many difficulty's with it.

Dont search any further,this is good.
Reviews: 3
Not amused. This extension looks great from the outside, but I think it's poorly coded. Especially the CSS of the module is conflicting in multiple ways and breaking up templates. It's like this review:

It need a lot of work to get it to look and work decent. For a free extension this wouldn't be a problem but it's not free.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.

Module styles are unique and cannot affect template. You can simply contact us on forum or by email - we provide support within 24 hours.

Just contact us with the link to see the issue and we will be happy to advise CSS changes.

Reviews: 1
I used the extension for the community website The extension worked fine and it was easy to install. I need to have the module customized and i got some help from the team artetics. I have very happy with the result.
Reviews: 1
The event calendar is perfect, easy to install, and when I did have questions regarding creating events I got a reply within minutes. 5 Star!
Reviews: 2
The component is very usefull, easy to install and to use and user friendly. Support is amazing!
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