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Art Timeline Joomla! component allows display highly-configurable timelines and their events.

* Create highly-customizable timelines and events
* Customizable colors, images, timeline direction, event bubble properties, interval pixels and units (millisecods, second, ... , day, week, ... , century, millenium)
* Ability to generate timelines and events from existing Joomla! articles by entering section id and category id
* Timelines can be horizontal and vertical
* Ability to generate timelines and events using SQL query
* Vertical and horizontal directions
* Events can be imported from CSV file
* Access Rights support
* Single-date and interval events
* Events can have description, images, links
* Customizable front-end messages
* Customizable styles
* Custom Javascript code support
* Available timelines list view and single timeline view
* Can be used as events manager and calendar
* Timeline can be scrolled by mouse or by keyboard
* Comes with free Art Timeline plugin that helps easy embed timelines in Joomla! articles
* Events can be categorized and inherit styling options from the category the belong to - icon, color, etc.
* K2 support - can generate timelines from K2 category items
* Can build timeline on real time SQL query
* Supports bands - additional small timeline rows
* Supports mobile devices: iOS, Android

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Reviews: 2
I was struggling to find a no-nonsense timeline extension suitable for a business audience and for dealing with my data, and after much research decided on Art Timeline.This extension was certainly not the cheapest. However, time is money for those of us not on salaries. The support is simply excellent - fast and accurate - so it becomes good value after all. Seems to have a great deal of flexibility. In fact, I think it's the only timeline extension accepting SQL queries, which surely is a 'must have' -unless anyone out there can prove me wrong. I look forward to ongoing development of this component - and big thanks to the Artetics team for doing stuff others are not.
Reviews: 6
This extension does exactly what it is supposed to do - and does it very well. I will admit that it took me a while to figure out how the controls work, but once you decipher the slightly unintuitive interface, it works a treat. Better yet, the Artetics tech support is first-rate. They answer all questions quickly, and solved all of my problems. IMHO, the main difficulty with this extension is just the slightly awkward syntax of the documentation and controls labelling, not the functionality. I am very happy with my investment and would recommend this to anyone who needs a good timeline plug-in for a Joomla site. I needed to convert an existing timeline done in Flash, and once I imported the data from a CSV file, I was off and running. Good work!
Reviews: 1
I had some problems to activate the pictures in the bubbles of my Articles-Timeline.
Some problems came with my theme. I got promptly help from the supporters so my timeline is doing the job very fine.
Easy installing and configuration!
Reviews: 3
I needed support to customise a bit the component and the support team was fantastic. Really, really helpful. The component works great and teh support team is excellent. I fully recommend it. Extremely reliable !
Reviews: 4
tried it time ago for another project with not much success. tried it again last week for a new customer project and is always at the same point of development. quite outdated as features, agree with others complaint, it was ok 3 years ago but nowadays there are more innovative timelines!
Owner's reply

Please let us know what features are missing for you and we will implement them.

Currently Art Timeline has features that other timelines for Joomla! do not have: event categories, multiple bands, mobile devices support, and dozens of others.

Reviews: 2
Excellent component. Complies with purpose. Support is fast and helpful. Congratulations!
Reviews: 3
This was ok 3 years ago but there are now ways to create timlines much better in 2012...just google it if you want something up to date
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review.

If you just compare Art Timeline with any other you can see that Art Timeline has dozens of features other timelines do not have and Art Timeline can be used easily from Joomla!

That's is why it is so popular among hundreds of customers.

Reviews: 2
like other products in this category they should be much more stable before going public. friendly support but definitely too slow. others reply within 24 hours. please do some improvements and take out the potential it has.
Owner's reply

The product is 3 years old.

Our support engineers reply to each request within 24-48 hours.

Please simply contact us by email or on our forum and let us know what exactly is not working for you.

Thousands of customers are happy using the product, please SIMPLY contact us and we will be happy to solve any issues you have.

Reviews: 1
We all know choosing an extension is, in most cases, gambling. What if there will be nobody behind it, to support and improve it down the road..?
In the case of Art Timeline, not only the product is so easy to use, innovative and simple to customize, it has also an amazing team behind it. This is team has passed my test - it was there when I needed them. Not only they explained with patience, but they also took the time to troubleshoot my issue by providing me with a ready to install solution. It is rare and highly appreciated. Reading through their well maintained forums, I learn they take all other customers seriously. It only took one customer who asked the Art Timeline to work on iPhone and Android for them to provide the solution that same day... amazing! ...and highly recommended. A++++++
Reviews: 7
This is a great component. Very easy to work with, amazing results, a lot of customization in the backend and really great support. Keep up the good work :-)
Reviews: 2
had to wait several days to get a presale question answer..
the product is of middle level but the support(at least with me) is really slow
Owner's reply

Our support engineers do their best to answer inquiries within 48 hours. Simply contact us by email: If your email has got into spam folder for some reason please contact us using a form on our site or via forum.

Reviews: 6
If you have need for a timeline, give this one serious consideration.

Very easy to use and integrate with several options for feeding data to the timeline.

Appearance is easily modified through the interface and CSS.

Support is fast on the forum and via email.

Needs a few tweaks but works out-of-the-box very well.

Would purchase other extensions from this company based on this experience.
Reviews: 1
I've bought this timeline module to using on a website of a client of mine. First, there are several issues on specific customizations, but thanks to the dedication of the development team which help me all the way in realizing my objectives, i finally succeed in making it work as my client's needs. Not to mention this is a truly handy component in its category.
Reviews: 1
Great Service and Great Extension. (I just love it)

I purchased the Timeline Extension and I needed some support with the setup. The response was fast.

During working with it I noticed a problem with google trans working with this module. Less than 1 hour and the problem was solved.

So now it WORKS great with the GT.

Really great. 10 stars from me!
Reviews: 5
i purchaced the art line and its work great, i needed a little help and the response was amazing,fast and efficientץ they are great.
Reviews: 1
i used art timeline and it was just great! easy to install. and what is most important, there is an outstanding support! well done!
Reviews: 2
The availability of self-hosted timeline software is very limited at present. I have seen criticism of Art Timeline for basing their work on Simile Widgets Timeline, one of the few other offerings, but Simile offer open source projects so, if Art's version really is based on it, what is wrong with taking a source freely provided by the community, but which is immensely complex to set up (I've tried, and failed), and turning it to something that a non-programmer can use with ease?

It lacks the richness of the full Simile project but it works and you don't need to be a code wizard to get a fairly sophisticated project up and running quickly.

If there is any formal documentation for Art Timeline it has eluded me so far, but most of the setup requirements are fairly obvious and, as others have already noted, the support via forums and e-mail is fast, efficient and, most importantly, very tolerant and helpful towards those of us who flounder a bit when faced with making tweaks to JavaScript, CSS or PHP. There is also a very responsive and encouraging attitude towards suggestions for new features or improvements.

Hosted feature-rich timelines are available in increasing numbers but most have limitations unless you are willing to pay regular subscriptions. If you prefer, or need, self-hosting and a power-hungry multi-media timeline is not required you must give Art Timeline serious consideration.
Reviews: 5
One more really great extension! The more stuff I use from artetics the more I like each other.

The timeline is easy to edit and change the design.

The support is one of the best I know, within few hours I got again help with all my questions and difficulties! Thanks herefore!
Reviews: 5
In 8 years of using Joomla I can safely say these guys at Artetics know their stuff. Firstly the extension is amazing straight out of the box. Secondly the support is incredible. I was unsure of the import process so emailed and it was solved, there and then, with amazing advice and a real gift for customer satisfaction. Over the years some developers get support right and some wrong...these guys take the lead..and amazing extension with amazing support. Extensions like make my life soooo much easier...a class apart.
Reviews: 3
Super component - easy installation - easy usage.
I had some issues formating events and wrote the developers for this --> Super fast support!

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