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Jomwall- A joomla based platform that allows creating unique and interactive joomla community where you can post your updates from everywhere to keep your friends and colleagues update about what you are doing right now.

External video provider, Activity streams, flexible css , photo gallery, Skype support, groups, events, customize profile, private messaging, external social network integration and many more.

* Real time posting (no need to refresh the page to see new posts)
* Attaching and writing on the attachments (all Ajax)
* Attached Video (youtube, vimeo, myspace, metacafee, howcast)
* Attached Links (will feed in the meta tag from the links)
* Attached Files (download attache file from coworkers)
* Attached music (attached and play music file on the wall)
* Attached Everytrails maps
* Posting option for Friend only or Everyone
* Attached pictures
* Share link to share post on Facebook
* Display your friend on you profile wall
* add info about you on your wall page
* Setting for realname or user name
* Css Style
* improve pm system
* Search Users box
* Lightbox for viewing images
* Lightbox for viewing Videos
* Private Message "PM"
*"Like" and "Who like this" Function
* Ajax Technology
* You can change the number of messages you want be displayed in wall pages.
* Delete Post in the wall
* View All Comments link
* View Old Post link
* SEO Setting on or off
* New setting on or off in the component for automatics email when somebody post in the users wall
* Smooth transition when submitting attachments
* Able to post different kind of link to the posting box
* AWD Module for latest comments

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Reviews: 6
Would need the support more responsive!
At first, the responses were quick and there, nothing!
Ticket unanswered for weeks and unanswered forum post too.
The setting in backend lack of more detailed information.
I think it's still a good product ...
Reviews: 3
I purchased JomWall for CB yesterday, and I am happy with the result. I noticed that my Joomla template was giving some issues and showing some buttons and tabs vertically (the template caused the same issue with my Kunena) so I contacted the helpdesk for help. The very next morning I already received a reply, and they kept communicating with me until the problem was completely resolved. So a five star - both for the extension and for the support!
Reviews: 1
The best component. Responsive technical support and help in any situation, that fast and qualitatively. I am very pleased with this component and software developers.
Reviews: 5
This is a powerful communication tool with outstanding customer support. Support tickets are dealt with quickly and efficiently. The component lives up to it's description and is straightforward to install and configure and always keep getting better and better.
Reviews: 13
Listen, working with this JomWall support has been THE BEST experience I've had since I started implementing Joomla four years ago. I know this review might seem over top, but not only is the customer service good, BUT THE PRODUCT DELIVERS ON SO MANY LEVELS - beautiful design, excellent functionality... and it does what it says. It eliminated my need for any other "community building" component that offers this kind of functionality. Where have you been all my JOOMLA LIFE! THANK YOU...
Reviews: 3
I have run both JomSocial and Community Builder production sites for both our companies and several customers. It is from detailed experience with both that I am submitting this review of JomWall.

Simply put, this solution is outstanding. It delivers the contemporary wall based social networking element that many are searching for. It is simple to setup, manage, and has already made a positive impact. Users report preferring this over the aforementioned products. In fact, we are migrating a production JomSocial site to JomWall as this is being written.

Additionally, the JomWall Support Team is prompt, helpful, and knowledgeable. They have already proven their worth.

Lastly, the product is already 3.X ready and works great on all the devices we have tested it with.

I can assure you, that you will be pleased you selected JomWall instead of the other better know solutions.
Reviews: 5
I've bought this extension after a long search for a communication tool in an intranet I'm building.

All of the functionality I needed for this part were provided by Jomwall, including the definition of events.

Highly customable and above all great support from the team in Ireland who provided me not only with information in needed to set it up, but also with hands-on support by themself by tuning, correcting and modify the specials I needed and wishes I've had. It helped me not only to understand the extension on a short term, but also have it working for me in my own Dutch language. Chapeau!
Reviews: 3
The component is very nice and easy to setup ... very usefull for my social site where users need to comunicate quickly and stay in touch, but the best thing is the support, responses are very fast and ready to adapt to any needs you may have.
Reviews: 1
This truly is a great product.
The software does exactly what we expected it to do and gives us a facebook-like environment, where users can post their comments, video's, images, music, you name it.
Integration with CommunityBuilder was easy.
The only downside I can think of is the subscription that's needed to keep up to date versions, but then is a commercial solution, so the developers gotta make money somehow, right? ;)
Reviews: 1
Jomwall is a wondeful extension, it worked just fine with my site and when i wanted to integrate with another component, those guys just made the impossible possible, just for me to be happy!!
To Claudio, to Sonya, Tom and the rest of the guys...Thanks so much!!

Jomwall is an amazing entension and the support is the best, ever!
Reviews: 1
i like to deal with this powerful extension while the best ever thing that you expand it to a huge website for sharing communities or any targeted one ,,

ADvice to usee ,,, u will never be angry :D
Reviews: 11
I ve bought Jomwall and I realize that Jomwall is not integrated with Jomsocial.
The demo of Jomwall is showing a wall which is NOT jomsocial wall, but another wall.
Its a nice tool but you have to install it and make all the community based on jomwall, from the begining.
If someone has already a jomsocial community, its completely useless for him, except if someone wants to delete his community and build it from zero.
Reviews: 1
I have been using joomla for over 8 years and this extension is a very good addition to my components. I use it to display profiles for my users. Easy to configure and with the template selection, modifications are easy.

Support is excellent. Very quick response and resolved my issue.

Great Job JOMWALL.
Reviews: 1
Great tool to communicate with people at work, family & friends.

Waiting for more !

looking for a great notification alerts system with this software.
Jomwall personal wall profile URL

its very friendly software, specially having a filtering links for every user wall. great work
AWD TEAM. Keep it up !
Reviews: 2
This software should be a great product, but some things are missing.

Very nice the option to upload foto, file and movies, you can customize the layout, but you have to know php and html code.

There's no way to have a module that shows if someone receive a respons to his message
The support center isn't quikly to respond you and in some case seems that don't like to solve all the problem.
I have got several problem with conflict with other component, seems that this product use to mutch query and is to mutch heavy.

Owner's reply

We would much prefer to be able to help you, but with literally no information on the errors you got and your environment, it's impossible.

You do not need to know html or php to change the templates add videos or upload pictures. You can test that on our testing site. jomwall has setting system to pick templates and colors.

We are not be able to relate *any* single ticket support to you?

Anyways We invite you to use our ticket system, if you have issues.

AWD Team