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EasySocial is the best social network extension for Joomla! It gives you the power to start a social network for Joomla websites, fast and easy. Instantly engage and interact with your members with one extension on your desktop, smartphones and tablets. EasySocial membership flow is customizable for a wide range of communities.

Web developers can build custom apps that can expand the features of EasySocial more than just an online community.

6 Reasons Why You Should Choose EasySocial:

1. Build modern communities with better engagement tools best for intranets, enterprises and large corporations

2. Supports future needs of the community as it is able to expand by adding customized applications and tools.

3. Ready to support all kinds of communities with customized registration flow based on specific membership requirements.

4. Reach further and expand interactions from wider networks from members from different social networks.

5. Best for creating communities that are condusive for employees, customers and suppliers to share common interests.

6. Backed by proven record of outstanding support by a team of dedicated professional Joomla developers with over 20 years of experience.

Key Features of EasySocial:
- Groups for users where users can collaborate in groups with a variety of applications built for it.
- Customizable forms for membership registration to suit according to your community requirements
- Privacy settings for each member profiles, posts and in the activity stream
- Get live community updates on the latest activities with live feeds and email notifications
- Login with Facebook account and expand the reach of your EasySocial community
- Members can help keep communities clean from spam and abusive activities with direct reports to admin
- Private messaging or conversations with one or more members within the community

Other Useful Features:
- Migration from JomSocial and Community Builder
- Amazon S3 storage spport
- Built in Achievement and Points system
- Attach and share files in activity stream

EasySocial Integrations:
- Kunena
- EasyBlog 3.9
- JReviews
- K2
- Mailchimp
- CometChat
- Invitex, Quick2Cart, jGive (by TechJoomla)
- Parainvite (by SIMBunch)
- JFBConnect (by SourceCoast)
- Collaborate Chat, Super Login Pro Module (by Herdboy)
- Music Collection (by JoomlaThat)

If you would like to integrate with EasySocial, contact

Future of EasySocial:
- Refer to the roadmap
- Upcoming template support for EasySocial
- Membership subscription for EasySocial

See EasySocial in real action in the Demo

Support plans are available for EasySocial

EasySocial is brought to you by the same creators of EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss and Komento.

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Reviews: 1
Excellent application & Wonderful Support (15 Stars :) :) :)
These guys know what customer care truly means :)
Reviews: 2
Easysocial, what can I say? Don't try it because you'll never want another community component. Great support, like a community into the community. Very pleasant and "efficace". I am using it since the beginning and I can't wait the next features.
Reviews: 3
phantastic extension and unbelievable support.
i love it
Reviews: 2
Component Developers should follow StackIdeas model for customer support.

Just like what others are saying about StackIdeas you can count us as one of the happy customer.

Check out their forum to know it yourself.

As for EasySocial, it is still young but it has an outstanding features that other social component has not thought of especially in security and access.

Two thumbs up for Stackideas team. Check them out!
Reviews: 4
A job that exceeds Jomsocial
I have used both and Easysocial surprised me, it works perfect.
Only I miss the video gallery.

Worth what they ask for. Great job!
Reviews: 1
It is very good component an integration with k2 is excellent. Is the best social comunito component in joomla
Reviews: 4
After reviewing other extensions and reading the reviews for the EasySocial extension, I settled on and purchased the EasySocial extension.

A most professional and outstanding extension indeed. I am currently utilising EasySocial in an online forum (alongside Kunena) and support for educators. We are suitably impressed with the capabilities and features the extension has added to our website.

It was reasonably easy to install and configure. Within 30 minutes I was up and running. The entire process of purchasing the extension through to the installation and the set-up was quite seamless.

Hats off to the developers on a great job! Well done and thank you!
Reviews: 5
This component rocks, and I have never seen better. Thanks to this social component things begin to happen for us. But even more important, the Stackideas team care a lot about their customers and the support is great and really fast. They think ahead and are constantly improving the component. A must have/buy.
Reviews: 1
All works as proposed.The assistance is the best I have ever seen from a TI company.
Reviews: 3
I have developed websites using all of the ‘big three’ Joomla social network engines. I do believe that all three have their place, for instance, Community Builder has some really well developed and powerful features, especially with add-ons such as CBSubs (Joomla memberships and subscriptions), hence why I may still use it for at least one of my websites. Their support has always been good too, but, and this is a big but, Community Builder need some creative designers on board. The UI for their products and icons etc is just horrible!

JomSocial looks great out of the box, has a very mature ‘ecosystem’ around 3rd party products, but I was ‘spooked’ when they closed their forum some time back. It seemed like they were saying ‘just buy the subscription, but please leave us in peace’. Suicidal business move IMHO. They have since been taken over and the forum reinstated, so time will tell how things go there.

What of the new kid on the block, EasySocial?

I can sum EasySocial up in one sentence… If all of the best bits of Community Builder and JomSocial had a baby, that baby would be EasySocial!

EasySocial is young, energetic, and eager to learn and please. EasySocial makes me enjoy developing websites. It is simply a joy to work with. I have four websites planned for this year and EasySocial is going to be the backbone of all of them.

As for Mark and the rest of the team at Stackideas. The work ethic of these guys is insane! I don’t honestly know when they sleep. I’ve been in touch with Mark about various things, including improvements and suggestions over the last week or two and I receive helpful and informative replies from him at all hours of the day and night. As if that wasn’t enough, this is on top of him and his colleagues being in the middle of getting the eagerly anticipated 1.2 version of EasySocial ready for release.

Every post on their forum gets answered, and gets answered quickly, politely (non of this condescending, curt and intimidating nonsense seen elsewhere) and is signed of with a smile :-)

As for the 1.2 release of EasySocial, it is a HUGE update. I think Mark said on the forum that there have been something like 600 changes and new features! You know I said they didn’t sleep? Well, in the last three weeks, they have released four betas and one release candidate of EasySocial 1.2. The EasySocial community is very active and have supported the beta programme, reporting on bugs and feature suggestions etc. The good thing is that these guys listen. They fixed something like 300 beta issues in about 1-2 weeks.

Other Joomla developers, are you listening?

Sometimes I have to remind myself that EasySocial is just a few months old. You forget and think that you are working with a very mature product. That is the biggest compliment I can give these guys. Yes there are some things missing, but 1.2 addresses the most important ones, such as groups and I expect they will release a stable version in the next few weeks. They publish a road map here (google it), so you always know exactly which features are coming and when.

Development of EasySocial is progressing at an astonishingly rapid pace, there are lots of new features on the horizon. The ones I personally can’t wait for are Events, Paid Subscriptions and a built-in invite system, all due in the next 2-3 months! With events, I even made some suggestions about the ability to link events to Joomla articles via a plug-in and/or module and Mark took the time to understand exactly how I thought it could work and I’m sure we will see that excellent feature.

3rt party support is gathering pace, with Jreviews (my Joint favourite Joomla developer), SourceCoast, Simbunch, TechJoomla and many, many others having already integrated their own products with EasySocial. On top of having integrated some of their existing products, the latter are also jointly developing a mobile app for EasySocial, with Stackideas providing the UI design expertise.

Can it get any better?
Reviews: 2
I'm translating EasySocial to Polish. Well, maybe my fellow Poles will find a lot to improve in my translation, but there's something I'd like to share with you.
StackIdeas as company - Excellent support, and on top of that - they do listen what users saying. This is top-important to me as a user and co-worker.
EasySocial as a product - I'm reading a lot of strings before product arrive in public, so I see how EasySocial is evolving and developing. Next release will contain tons of improvements in UI, new functions and features which are far beyond of what we know from other social extensions for Joomla. I must admit the attention developer pays to details. You can see it everywhere: in language files and in code itself.
If you are a Joomla website developer considering community driven website to build - take EasySocial. It's blazing fast and affordable. I personally recommend this extension.
Reviews: 2
What can I say about this extension that others haven't already?
StackIdeas are absolutely fantastic, in their products and their support.
I've used EasyBlog for nearly 2 years, and although it tied in with JomSocial, my site just didn't look right, and JomSocial was laggy and slow.
When they guys at StackIdeas released EasySocial, I hanged back for a while to see how the product was received. It was soon apparent that people were raving about it, and I knew the support from the guys at StackIdeas would be second to none. So, when I installed it, and it being a relatively new product, I was blown away by it's features.
Sure, like any new product, you end up tripping over yourself configuring, but the guys at StackIdeas are superb! They help, they inform and they listen. I've never had to wait more than 6 hours for an answer to a question. Considering the time difference between the UK and where they are based, this is outstanding. I've had replied from Mark Lee at 2.30am his time in the morning either advising, or him jumping into the backend of the site to fix a problem.
If you're looking to add a social networking aspect to your site, and want to integrate it with an excellent blogging platform (EasyBlog) and discussion forum (EasyDiscuss), then look no further. I woudldn't hesitate recommending this product to anyone.
Great job guys!
Reviews: 1
I would be hard pressed to find a company that could outshine Stack Ideas on both their products and their support team. I use both EasySocial and EasyBlog, as well as the majority of the free modules that come with each. The quality of the products are far superior to any of their competitors products. They are easy to use and have endless options to choose from, and the support team is always eager to help make the user experience even easier and more enjoyable.

I have worked in web development and programming for nearly ten years and I have never come across a company whose support team could even come close to that of Stack Ideas. Not only do they answer questions in the forum in an extremely quick fashion, but they make their answers easy to understand. In addition they have to be one of the friendliest support teams I've ever communicated with.

Thank you Stack Ideas team for making this most recent project such a pleasure to work on and such a success!
Reviews: 1
I have used quite a few community extensions but EasySocial standsout on two from my personal view - 1. Strong Framework 2. Excellent Support.

I started working on my dream project finally after two years and was just waiting for kind of product like EasySocial.

What i like the most is thier transparent efforts on the roadmap. We know what we can expect in future releases.

Very Easy to work with. Thanks Mark & his team.

I am StackIdeas Bundle Owner :D
I recommend this product blindly, don't look further!
Reviews: 6
Now we can create a social network in just few minutes, that's really awesome isn't it ?
Reviews: 4
Easy Social is exactly what it claims to be.. an innovative and well thought through addition for Joomla. It's features are really almost too many to mention here, but I installed it, and use it on a "automotive club" site to provide the members with their own social network. The members are enjoying the conversational aspect, the photo album sharing and the general ease of use.
As an administrator, I'm enjoying the simplicity of updating as and when necessary, and the support from the Stack Ideas team. I really can't speak highly enough of the software and the support. FIRST CLASS.
Reviews: 14
As an early adopter, I can say I'm very, very impressed. Am building a complete social media suite with EasyBlog, EasySocial, EasyDiscuss and Komento. The themes for each don't quite line up... yet. I'm sure StackIdeas is working on that part. They are a smart, enterprising bunch. Great new addition. Bar none, the best support in the business.
Reviews: 1
Over the past years, I've been searching for the best social networking tool for Joomla. And then, Stackideas came along with EasySocial and everything changed. You know, EasySocial is something that you cannot describe, and it's more than meets the eye! I am bulding my site with them, and you can trust me, it's the most amazing software I have ever used.

The idea beyond EasySocial is simple, yet remarkably useful. The wide variety of features & apps make it promising, and create a complex, but stunning solution for your website.
Every single detail is well-thought, and works out of the box. The software they offer is incredibly fast, and has such functions what others cannot even imagine in their sleep. What is more fantastic: EasySocial's ability is constantly growing, so if you don't choose them, you are living in fool's paradise. They also created a roadmap for us, in order to follow the latest projects they are working on, so everybody knows what to expect next.

The team & support are more than great and dynamic. You don't know the lengths they would go to for taking care of their customers. I mean it, hats off to them! Some of the best things about their care are: they always work on new projects, they work fast so you don't have to wait for couple of months for every new release, their assistance is fast, satisfying, and what they are trying to do is providing their A-game all the time. They are willing to do listen to the company’s clientele, and consider their needs. If you are uncertain or you need help, or just have an idea or question, there's no better way than turning to these excellent people who will be there and happily help you. They are hard-working and have a community-centered approach as well. To sum up my experiences, this assiduity is perfectly enough for me to trust them. Keep up that good work guys!!!

I really took satisfaction in their service and support, so I'm blissful to give them my highest recommendation.
Reviews: 2
In the beginning there was Jomsocial . It was the only available social component for Joomla that could be considered valid for the creation of online communities . But it was full of bugs and support left a lot to be desired. Later came Merav , of iJoomla : things have really changed for the better . But to be honest, despite the efforts of their team still do not think it reliable, as it is very swollen and a clone of facebook ! I already knew the guys Stackideas , I was a happy owner of EasyBlog and EasyDiscuss . Their support has always been rock! I love people like Apson and Mark Lee. When you post a question and the answer comes after an hour they apologize as if they had not responded for days ! They help you as long as you really do not solve your problem! Awesome , so it should always be on the part of manufacturers components there !

No need to say much about Easysocial , but just one word : paradise !

Since a large Social , comes great opportunity!
Stackideas has reached its goal .

We will never stop thank you enough . Look no further. The future is here ! One day , if I can, I'm going to find these guys in person.

An Italian client happy :)
Reviews: 12
I have been a long time user of Easyblog and expected the same level of component with Easysocial. I was not disappointed, I had pre purchased and upon download, was able to have a family social site up and running within half an hour. Although there are still some features coming soon, it allowing me to complete a project that I had started with Community Builder many years ago. It is easy and does what it says, another great product from the guys at StackIdeas - Well done!!!!
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