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RSTickets! Pro is a powerful customer support gateway / ticketing system, complete with staff groups, departments and custom fields per each department.

» Compatible with Joomla! 2.5 and 3.x
» PHP 5.2 or higher required

» Manage your customers' issues through the frontend or the backend.
» Create custom fields - choose if they are mandatory or not, personalize validation messages, add custom HTML attributes.
» Customize each department - setup custom fields, change email address, notify other emails,
» Spam protection - protect the submission form with either the built-in CAPTCHA or ReCAPTCHA.
» Total control - Assign staff members to multiple departments, create groups that your staff members belong to.
» Customizable statuses - create any number of custom statuses on top of the built-in ones (open, on-hold, closed).
» Priority levels - by default low, normal and high. Add any number of priorities you want!
» Notify customers of inactivity - if customers don't reply in a timely manner, tickets can be closed automatically after a notification is sent.
» Increased workflow - with the automatic ticket assignment you won't have to worry about assigning tickets, they get assigned load-balanced to each available staff member.
» Better usability - only one form to complete and your customers will receive an automatically generated account and a copy of their ticket.
» Knowledgebase - add articles & categories as resources for your clients to use.
» Client's dashboard - a place where your client can search the knowledgebase, submit a ticket, view and search his own tickets.
» Customize email messages - each email message sent by RSTickets! Pro can be customized.
» Avatars - Gravatar, Community Builder, JomSocial, Kunena.
» Three ways to view a ticket - plain (all information on the page), accordion or tabs (relevant information separated).
» Ticket subjects - choose either predefined subjects or allow customers to enter their own subject.
» Predefined searches - create quickly accessible links for your most common searches.

» Dashboard
» Tickets
» Submit a ticket
» Knowledgebase - Single Article
» Knowledgebase - Layout

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Reviews: 1
This component is the best in it's categorie and does worth the price for sure.
the support is excellent and they really care if you need help.
Highly recommended.
Reviews: 3
I have been using RSTicketsPro for a couple of years now and I have to say the support I received from these guys has been second to none! Just recently I had a couple of issues with CSS and a Javascript problem with IE8. I sent in the support requests and had answers back the very next day. Well worth the money they charge for this component. Easy to configure and customise.
Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
This component is one of the best and does worth the price.
I had an issue to get the captcha working (because of a javascript conflict on my site, not the component problem)and the support was fantastic.
Highly recommended.
Reviews: 2
the component is great, does its job properly! also excellent assistance, he called me by phone to resolve my problem. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 2
I'm using this system for nearly 2 years (if I remember well). It's the best support system I've ever used. A suggestion for future releases: I'm looking for some way how to create tickets automatically, based on received emails. Most of customers are little bit "lazy" to open tickets using web interface and rather send an email, or they just reply to an email with license they just purchased.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review. You already have that feature for RSTickets!Pro with the Cron plugin that parses the e-mails and make them tickets.

Reviews: 4
Just to get the semi-bad out of the way...this product is missing the ability for the manager to "listen-in" and monitor tickets that have been assigned AND it only deletes the emails after the cron picks them up (instead of just reading them).

As for the good stuff...This is a great product that is bug-free and terrific support. I can give no higher praise then to say that the available features work as advertised and when their is a problem you get a response.

Thanks RS Joomla!
Reviews: 4
We've tried many different helpdesk apps, but RSTickets Pro is the one that we have elected as our standard. It is flexible and dependable. When we've had an issue, we found support to be efficient and helpful in providing a solution.

This has become the norm for RS products, so they have become standards for the sites we build and support!
Reviews: 2
Here is a seriously honest review from someone who has wasted $1000+ on bad components.

This is a component that is simple to use, does its core function and has great support.

Simple setup
Great options for customizing
1 CSS file for easy formatting
Awesome email notifications, plus templates
Let's you add the item ID for email return URL (seriously awesome)
No bugs
Clients LOVE it
Knowledge base + articles
Great support
professional look and feel

Hat's off to the RS Joomla team. They really know how to make some kick ass extensions.
Reviews: 4
What can I say???? This is the 5th Extension I have bought from this company. This is no different from every other one... It exudes class, but it is simple to use and as long as you read the manual etc, is easy to setup.

But hey if you get stuck, and being a little beginner to moderate user level when it comes to Joomla, you can always turn to the support team. They are every bit as good as their products, really helpful, understanding, patient and go above and beyond to what should be expected.

Cant rate the company, its products or its support highly enough.
Reviews: 4
This extension deserves 5 stars! Not only the extensions, but also the support. The team do a great job. Thank you!
Reviews: 2
The RSTicketsPro extension simply works fabulously. I installed this easily - read the quick setup to put everything in order, and I'm ready.

My only delay was trying to find where to edit the CSS to blend the front-end pages with my template background color. I still don't know CSS that well, but Bogdan Catana at the RSJoomla Support Team took a look at my site and was quick to respond with precise instructions including line numbers for both the RSTicketsPro CSS files and changes to my template code (where the template was dictating a certain text box be dark).

In my opinion, that is exceptional service.
Reviews: 11
These guys at RSJoomla rock! They really provide customers great and fast support. It is just a fact that the extension is rock-solid, runs perfectly, I have not found flaws in it, but the support is also first class. They even did some extra modicication for me for free because I'm a dummy at Jquery. My experience is that they are always very polite and helpful and they really want their customers. It is true that their products are not the cheapest but that difference in price is very much worth it. It's for sure that one always runs into some smaller issues but these guys at RSJoomla really make it easy.
Really recomended.
Reviews: 1
This component is fully adjusted to our needs. This is an intuitive tool and agile. Excellent support!
Reviews: 1
Extremely fast support responses.

Thank's for the work guys.
Reviews: 6
We have been using Rstickets pro for about 5 months.
And is the most complete solution.
Our clients are happy
We couldnt be better, just checking statistics.
And our support team... They reminded me to write this review.

Reviews: 3
Have been doing support for software for 35 years. (Yeah, it's been around longer than that.) Finally got tired of the heavily modified MantisBugtracker that has served us well for the last 9 years. We needed to get on a CMS, and Joomla! is the best choice for us.

RST has been a great package for us. We were spoiled with a heavily-customized software (that we could not update), but RST has handled most every need. We have about 300 customers who need to submit confidential tickets and see only their own. The integration with Joomla was perfect, and the site (redesigned) now looks great with RST totally integrated. Really brought us forward.

The saved searches are real useful internally. All of the other features work well for us and we have very minimal customization needed. One issue was the length of the ticket number, which has to be changed in one place in one source file, and redone when updated. I suspect this will be externalized. We prefer a 5 digit ticket.

We are working on getting the cron plug-in operational to take ticket response by e-mail, something we could not do before. This means that when someone gets a notification e-mail, they can respond, and the response goes in the ticket. Will be great because it is natural to hit reply.

SUPPORT! The support has been FABULOUS. The responses are timely, and easy to understand. When we uncovered a minor bug, they fixed it immediately and added the fix to the distribution files. We have had a few support issue, mostly our own, and the answers are professional and helpful. Frankly, if the software was not as good as it is, we would use it just to get the great support. Effective support has saved us days of wasted time, even when we were "ignorant".

PROS: Killer support. Great functionality. Constant development that is responsive to users' needs.

CONS: Need to externalize a few things that require code changes today. Confident this will happen.

Reviews: 3
5 types of help desk tried it after I bought it for a long time ago RSTICKET. But even better than I was looking for but could not find, so I bought the RSTicketPro. I do not regret it! Was a very good decision. The company and its products and working perfect: simple and perfect. I recommend it to everyone!
Reviews: 6
Having used Billets for 6 months and found it wanting, mainly on the customisation and support side, I've tried RSTickets.
It was a pleasant suprise to find a well written and supported Joomla extension that was well worth the 49 Euros.
The price includes lifetime support on one domain and this feature alone is invaluable.

RSTickets has well structured configuration, with easily customisable email templates. If the templates could include the ticket layout itself this would be a useful improvement. As it is, you can only add custom fields.

Support by RSJoomla has been exemplary - queries are answered by knowledgeable people (Bogdan) within a hour or so, and the answers are right to the point - no flannel about finding answers in non-existent documentation.

Speaking of documentation, it's a little light and mainly limited to an explanation of what each menu item does. There's not really an overview of setting up a ticketing system in Joomla. The Frequently asked questions could be expanded usefully with some of the support team's replies to users questions I'm sure.

RS Joomla has been mentioned favourably at the London Joomla user group and I wholeheartedly recommend this extension.
Reviews: 1
The installation was smooth, the backend worked exactly as advertised, and when I had a small front end issue to deal with, the support was excellent. I highly recommend this product!
Reviews: 5
I have intially tried Huru helpdesk cos its free but the submission form is not customizable. Then I looked at other ticketing system in the category but decided to go with RsTickets Pro, since I bought Rsforms before.

I am indeed impressed with the complexity of the app yet very simple for me/my salespeople to understand and use!

Then I came to a template alignment problem with Firefox / Safari. A layman would put the blame on this product but since I am a technical person, its clear to me that this is a template compatibility problem.

The support team is willing to go beyond the normal scope and help me to troubleshoot the css problems in my template.

I definitely recommend this commercial product if your website is already up and running.
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