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Issue Tracker is a support system component, of a type commonly also known as 'Helpdesk' or 'Customer Support Software'. This tool assists webmasters, developers and support staff to organise incoming queries or issues in an efficient manner, helping to provide a swift and efficient response.

Built upon Joomla! it is simple to use, fast, secure and user friendly.

A configurable option enables users of the service offered by the web site will be able anytime to create a new issue ticket so that they can report a complaint, request, suggestion, etc.
The service may be restricted to registered users only or made available to unregistered users as well. This issue ticket will be attended and replied by the web supporters (operators or administrators).
An issue ticket behaves much like a forum thread of messages, except for the fact that every issue ticket can be made private and only visible to the
user/customer who created it and the operators and authorized staff of the web.


* Issue Tracker can, if enabled, send e-mail updates to the raiser when updates are made to the issue by support. Uses site defined html email templates.
* It has the ability to support language translations (English supplied).
* Supplied demo data can be installed/removed to enable site testing.
* Login and authorization integrated with Joomla! users table.
* Non-registered users can open support issues (configuration option) which are managed from the administrator interface or the front end of the site.
* Ability (if configured) for registered users to later add additional information to their issues.
* Recognises non-registered users detail for guest raised issues.
* Integrated with Joomla mail function for communications with support representatives and users.
* Can assign default support representative to projects issues.
* Flexible security structured with different permission levels for both customers and support staff. ACL implemented.
* Full checkin/checkout record locking for additional security.
* Ability to switch on/off displayable form fields.
* Ability to raise/update issues from emails.
* Advanced audit features.
* Custom Fields.

Simple but powerful.

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Reviews: 5
I like and recommend this extension very much. The support is extremely efficient. Thank you very much.
Reviews: 5
Really good piece of software. With some CSS overrides done it works and looks great for us!
Reviews: 4
This is a true example how an extension should be written. As an experienced Joomla user, it took me less than 5 hours to set up a fully functional issue reporting system, and that is including the cyrilic translation I did myself! Every backend option is exactly where it's supposed to be, everything is really clear. I even needed to rewrite a part of the code to suit my particular needs, and even that took a minute to locate and change.
Kudos to the developer! It's people like you that have made such rapid expansion of the Web service possible.
Reviews: 5
Very good extension, actively improving it.

Very clean and commented code.

Enought menu item and module options.

Keep the good work!
Reviews: 1
Unfortunately I ran into a few problems when I first installed this extension, which were in the main down to my server environment and incorrect configuration on my part. Geoff in support has been fantastic and very responsive. There is a lot of developers on this site that could learn a lot from him. If I install an extension and I run into problems and am unable to resolve them my first point of call is the developer and if they ignore me then its generally uninstall which is a shame. However here I am confident that if I do have an problems or suggestions they will be listened to and acted upon promptly. This extension is just what I was looking for and has loads of features to make it invaluable, topped with brilliant customer service I cannot recommend it enough 10/10.
Reviews: 16
Wow! this little gem keeps improving with age. Now at 1.2.0 they have added cool new features and most importantly Issue Tracker just "works" as is. Well done.
Reviews: 18
Issue tracker was just what I was looking for. Up and running in minutes, just configurable enough. Perfect for my one-woman shop, many customers and lots of small support tasks to perform. I've created a language pack for Dutch, which was also easy and perfectly well documented on the website.
I think with a few minor enhancements this tool could be even greater, but, as said, it's quite perfect already! Thanks guys for sharing this!
Reviews: 30
Hello, I liked the interaction of the developer to question some errors. Congratulations and has everything to be a major component to helpdesk.
Reviews: 6
Couldn't get it to play nice with J2.5.4, some white screen of death action on New/Save within component.

Awesome potential, would pay for this when all bugs ironed out. Know local government webmasters that are asking for this type of extension.
Reviews: 16
Installed and tested with sample requests. Done well. Thank you for facilitating such tools for amateur and budding web professionals.