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MProfile ComponentPlugin

It's Free JOOMLA extension which provide a functionality to extend joomla user profile plugin to dynamic list of fields. This extension comes with both joomla 2.5 and joomla 3.0 compatibility. very easy one click installation for component and plugin.

List of Available field Types:

Single Checkbox
Multi-select Checkbox
Color picker
Select List
Radio buttons

All fields are based on joomla standard form field type.

using this fields we can easily create any requirement for our users extra field.

Steps to install extenstion

1. download pkg file using bellow download link.
2. go to joomla extenstion manager.
3. upload pkg file
4. enable plugin from the plugin manager.
5. enjoy unlimited extra fields for user registration using Mprofile from component menu.

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Reviews: 3
This extension made it easy for us to add an extra drop down field at the user registration within minutes.
I couldn't get the language files to work yet, but this extension does what it supposes to do.
Unfortunately it does not send the extra fields to the 'admin' in the case an administrator has to activate a new user. We have to build this part ourselves into the registration.php of the Core Joomla, I guess....
But thanks for this little nice and easy plugin! Well done.
Reviews: 7
This is a nice component with supporting plugin. Although the documentation is poor, the support from the author was prompt and very helpful.
After enabling the plugin everything worked just as shown on the documentation web site.
One would expect a short tutorial on making adjustments and/or selections on the back end. It does show what the front end registration form looks like as provided upon installation. Fields can be adjusted, removed and added in the backend.

The front end is coupled to the standard User Registration and collects your specified additional profile info. The stock component provides a number of fields that are easily changed. The component allowed me to create new accounts and included all the required fields. Also, the standard Edit User Profile menu selection provided for editing the new user profile fields provided by this component. This provides the capability for currently registred users to change all their profile data on the front end.

I'm using this component to allow master gardeners the capability of selecting their graduation class year, continuing education preferences and other gardening experience categories.