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  • This extension requires registration to download.
JChatSocial is the NEW and most advanced live chat and video chat system fully non-hosted to offer Peer-to-peer HTML5 videochat™ in HD and Skype Bridge™! Now integrated with EasySocial, JomSocial, Community Builder, Kunena!
You won't find such a powerful chat extension at this price among Joomla! community!

JChatSocial is the new generation app to communicate and share data with other Joomla! users in easy way on your site and offers unique features based on different versions:

•Peer-to-peer HTML5 videochat™(*Enterprise edition)
•Skype bridge™
•Live support and help desk
•Integrated ticketing system
•Operating system web notifications
•Multiple themes included
•Email alerts
•Answer chats from any device
•Message, call and share at same time
•Guest users compatible
•Private user-to-user chat and public chat mode also supporting chatrooms
•Multiple chatrooms
•Form based chat join and auto activation
•Social extensions integrable
•File attachment exchange
•Media objects support, videos, iframe, images, links, Youtube, Vimeo, etc
•Private chat between users
•Group chat for multi users conversations
•Messages history for private and public chat
•Rendering in custom position using Joomla module
•Audio sounds for incoming messages
•Mobile devices support iOS, Android and more
•Responsive full-screen mode
•Save and delete conversation
•Avatars images
•Users banning
•Draggable and resizable chatboxes
•Emoticons with key shortcuts
•Server load fine tune for performance optimization
•Messages administration in backend area
•Exporting message list in CSV format
•Customizable offline message
•Typing prevision and delivery confirmation
•User access levels

Now you can easily start video chat with best performance offered by nowadays tecnology thanks to Peer-to-peer HTML5 videochat™ or Skype bridge™.
Stop using old Flash-based, hosted and expensive solutions.
New HTML5 features are today available to take advantages of Peer-to-peer data stream with high performance directly between browsers, and the Skype bridge works also on mobile devices that use Skype App, this means that you can use JChatSocial on your device and start Skype calls in just one click.

JChatSocial is an extreme flexible solution, you can use it as a social chat system or as a live support tool to talk to your site visitors as soon as they come to your site.

All exchanged data remains within your server and performance can be fine-tuned based on your machine resources, so that also a shared hosting can run fine.

Users will feel like home, because it has been designed on most popular social networks chat systems like Facebook, and it's built upon rock solid HTML5 to work on mobile and touch devices.

Contact us for language translations.

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Reviews: 1
John is very helpfull, fast and professional on support. Jchat is very nice module.
Reviews: 3
Excellent product, excellent support! A lot of options in backend, work perfectly with mobile phone, possible to translate it to every language, and great design! The chat I was looking for since a very long time, thank you for the quality of the code and ALL available functions! I love it !
Reviews: 1
The component is perfect, the support is fast and helpful.
Keep it up!
Reviews: 1
I tried many joomla chats searching for the best one and I truly believe this to be the one! Plus, the developer is ALWAYS online and EVERY SINGLE TIME that I contact him for support he has responded WITHIN MINUTES! Honestly, the best support out of any Joomla Extensions I have purchased and this is one of the cheapest ones as well. Tons of respect for John the developer
Reviews: 4
I am very happy with this extension, our web users love it. it does everything you want from it out of the box and more. I have contacted support several times for extra functions and they were quick to respond and made sure the results met my expectations. they were polite and extremely patient. with every update there are new functions we didn't even think about and now we cant work without. this is a very robust product thats easy to customise. its neat both in the front and back end. I highly recommend it.
Reviews: 4
After downloading and installing I was frankly disappointed with where the package placed the chat box on the page display. It just took over the right third of the page without regard to what content it covered up. I took the time to fully explain to John my disappointment. To my surprise we engaged in a back and forth of wish list and practical capability of his package and what JOOMLA! modules can do.

Within 30 hours I was sent a new version by email with a request that I try it out and give suggestions. It's not perfect yet, but I can now place the chat box any place on the page using JOOMLA! modules or the LoadPosition call. VERY impressed that John took the time to listen, understand my dilemma, and then accommodate my needs.

FIVE STARS for effort and attitude!!!
Reviews: 1
Great product, simple to use and effective. I had a bit of a misunderstanding setting it up, but the support was great and they quickly sorted it out for me and explained what I needed to do to set it up the way I wanted it.
Reviews: 1
Best Bang for the Buck

An extremely flexible and powerful chat program for the money. I have tried many chat clients and this is by far the best value! It is extremely easy to install and configure. It worked for me the first time with no tweeks! My biggest shock was how responsive, helpful and insanely fast support was. I needed a small tweek and they had it done and sent to me almost instantly! Just insane! The interface is intuitive and professional. I currently have it operating on 2 social networks and it's running very smoothly! People love communicating with each other using their jomsocial avatars.

I highly recommend this extension!
Reviews: 3
I am a big fan of Joomla addons that are well thought out, easy to use/configure, works seemlessly into my sites etc.

This little gem not only meets but exceeds my criteria. In my opinion, this is the only chat addon that anyone should need. I have tried a few others but there was always something "off" about them. Some didn't work in all browsers, some broke my sites, etc.

On top of that - communication with John from the site was great. You can really tell that he takes pride in his work.

All things considered - I am very satisfied with this addon and would highly recommend it to others.

~ Dave Flook | Not All Dads Are Deadbeats
Reviews: 5
I first reviewed this as a mediocre product due to what I thought was the lack of an answer from the developer support.

After discovering that my mail exchange had been down, and support had been attempting to answer my question, I would have to give this product a gold star (or in this case 5).

I purchased the product a few days ago now, and had a concern with members not showing as registered in the back-end. After explaining this, A limited Admin account was supplied to the developer, and the problem was fixed right away.

I was also assisted with the best configuration for my users in the mixed Joomla, CB, and Kunena environment. I haven't had assistance like that with a product ever, even outside of web development or design.

I couldn't have lucked out any better with this choice.
Reviews: 1
Just what I needed for my Jomsocial site! Especially because when integrated to jomsocial it filters the chat list to show the user's friends only, just like Facebook's chat.

The extension itself is very simple to install, has a clean and polished appearance, and has an easy access to the language file, which allowed me to easly translate it to my site's language (Portuguese).

The best part? Customer support is quick, courteous, considerate, and very competent.

I strongly recommend this extension.

Great job guys!
Reviews: 1
That's a Great Extansion!! I have it on my WEBSITE. Works perfekt. The best One i ever have! Great Work!
Reviews: 1
Inquired via email about SSL support and received immediate response, along with offer for a free trial of the Pro version. Yes please.

Trial version allowed me it didn't break SSL, and allowed me to find a JS conflict that only antiquated web browsers encountered when using my members-only forums.

Bought the Pro version later the same day. Looks and works great.
Reviews: 1
The Extension itself allowed me to have an quick and easy way to communicate with visitors to my site. The integration made things much easier for my registered users to quickly get set up and comfortable in using this new feature!

As for the support, my email was responded with haste when I had some questions and I was promptly guided to solving an issue I had.

Great service and great Extension. I would highly recommend and wouldn't give a second though about buying an extension from these guys again should I need to.
Reviews: 1
Amazing, fast Support! Very good extension.
Reviews: 2
This extension works great after installation. I asked the support for Community Builder integration and within 3 hours it has been managed (on Saturday). Very customer friendly support.
Reviews: 1
It is really easy use it!! I received a fast answer from the support area when I needed help. I recommend this extension completely, specially because of the customer service.
Reviews: 1
I just bought this extension and I works absolutely great. Just installed it and it worked. The support is great as well. Asked for a little change due to my needs. The response via email came within a few hours. The change within a day. That's I called customer friendly.
Thanks for that!
Reviews: 1
Hi, I'd just like to firstly thank you for an amazing chat application that works very well indeed and has had some good feedback from our website members already. Secondly, I'd like to thank John who helped me out with some website issues I was having. Great overall experience. I'll be back for more if that's ok.
Reviews: 10
Excellent piece of work, easy to use, everything works well
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