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p8pbb comments Plugin

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
Comment on Joomla! articles in phpBB forums.
Auto-creating of phpBB topics for each Joomla! article with including/excluding certain sections or categories.
Supports phpBB BBCodes and smilies.
Completely AJAX-driven system.
Works with MyBlog.


- Auto-creating of phpBB topics from Joomla! articles with preserving of main HTML tags and images.
- Selecting which sections/categories to use/skip for topic creation.
- Mapping of Joomla! categories to phpBB forums.
- phpBB topic may include article's introtext, fulltext or link.
- Template system.
- Completely AJAX-driven comments.
- Gravatar support.
- Joomla! or template style for article buttons.
- Basic social bookmarks icons for the article view.
- phpBB topics icons for comments.
- Guests can comment with phpBB captcha.
- Basic phpBB moderators/administrators moderation links for comments.
- All permissions are inherited from current phpBB user and forum.
- Quoting of comments.
- Reporting of comments to phpBB moderator.

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Reviews: 7
If you use p8pBB, this comment system give you nice functionality. ...and as usual easy to install, set-up is simple and result is exactly what you awaiting from comment system!
...and again support for all AlterBrains is quick and helpful. If you need comment system, which is connected to forum, you can not miss it!
Reviews: 2
Once you installed this you ask yourself how you could go along without that function. Easy to configure, easy to style and Alterbrains awesome support.
Reviews: 8
If you have a phpbb forum you need to use this plugin! It is easy to configure.. works fine! You users can comments the article of Joomla in you phpbb forum!

Excellent work
Reviews: 1
Working on my site,
and its flawless,

Works Perfect, Support is great, Really i could not ask for any more,

Recommend 100%
Reviews: 3
p8pbb comment works perfectly!
also assistance for the installation was more than good