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p8pbb bridge ComponentModulePlugin

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Complete bi-directional integration of phpBB 3 forum with Joomla! CMS.

Forum is displayed inside Joomla! template as usual component.

No hacks of core files. Community Builder, JomSocial, EasySocial and Joomla profile integration. XMap and AlphaUserPoints plugins.

SEF URLs and enhanced SEO for the forum.

Basic forum customization and modification options.

Read about all features on our website.

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Reviews: 3
Honestly, this is an amazing phpbb-joomla bridge and has so much features that extends to many important component of Joomla. If you are having phpbb and you are planning to combine it with CMS, then you have to use this bridge - no doubt! The bridge makes the integration so easy and you dont need to edit any codes or edit any files for Joomla nor phpbb! This takes phpbb to a whole new level. It integrates the Joomla users with phpbb users, syncs the groups in phpbb and Joomla, syncs avatars, profiles, etc.., you can also incorporate this bridge to work with Community Builder, JomSocial and EasySocial. It doesnt stop there, the bridge even has settings to send forum notifications to EasySocial system notifications, sync user account both ways, and a whole lot more. To top all of this, the support is simply amazing. The developer added so many of my requests to this bridge without even charging extra to add those features that I had requested. A very dedicated developer and a very powerful bridge. This was my first ever paid extension and I am happy that it is... Its worth every penny you spend on this and I highly recommend this!!
Reviews: 6
I was looking at merging my forum with Joomla and looked at different solutions, and this one is by far the best and the support is second to none, they went above and beyond to help me!!
Easy to install but knowing you have such excellent support makes this extension a must for all phpBB3 forum and Joomla website owners!!
Well worth the money, which is nothing for what it does!!
Reviews: 9
1.Easy to install.
2.Clear instructions.
3.Includes ready styles for the forum compatible with joomla.
4.G-R-E-A-T Support!

This extension is so nice that it's hard to realize that there is a phpbb forum inside joomla. Maybe there will be some conflicts with css files but trust me, their support will help you.

A BIG thanks from me!
Reviews: 4
I am running Joomla and phpbb on one of my sites and i have to say that this bridge the best solution to integrate both, an excellent example of how to code an extension to work perfectly. i had some issues and they have been resolved right away so support is 5 stars!!!, you are in good hands with these guys.
Only thing that can be small problem is it doesn't have a plugin for sh404sef if you are running this extension. since it is popular by many joomla site owners i would suggest to make one.
Reviews: 2
If you want an easy to integrate bridge for phpBB with excellent support, I thoroughly recommend p8pBB. This component does exactly what it promises.
Thank you Alterbrains for the best support I've gotten by far.
Reviews: 1
I truly recommend this bridge. It is the best in the market, the support is awesome, installation is extremely easy and it's very simple to do.
Reviews: 3
There is simply no comparison to the open source alternative for PHPBB3 integrations, p8pbb bridge is the only way to go. Out of the box the product works well and the support of the team is very fast and knowledgeable. They were even receptive to some feature suggestions.

The price may seem high to some, but you get what you pay for. The bridge is very feature-rich and integrates with Jomsocial, which was the clincher for me.
Reviews: 7
This bridge give you exactly what offer! Perfect, easy, working on few clicks. I was afraid from beginning, but phpBB is so professional compare other forum solution for Joomla.
...and be sure, that if you will use it, support will help you quickly. I can not add less then Excellent!
Reviews: 1
I used this together with the phpBB3 forum and I had issues with getting the forum to show correctly while integrated in my website.

After having installed I ran into some issues which I contacted the support and within short time I had gotten my issues resolved and fixed, the support are top notch and very helpfull.

Not only is the support top notch but the product does exactly what it promises and it does this in a nice way. It's easy to use and easy to install.

Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
When J1.5 was in existence, I used the free RokBridge component to link my Joomla site and phpBB forum. I realized that RokBridge was no longer being supported, so I turned to p8pBB Bridge.

This bridge is easy to install and comes with well written and understandable instructions in a PDF file.

I've had to use support a couple times and 2 out of 3 times, the support needed was received promptly. Upon me suggesting a feature to add, they took the idea a immediately started trying to implement it, and kept me up to date during the process.

Since I've been using p8pBB bridge, the free RokBridge has come back out and is compatible with Joomla 2.5 and 3. I've tried using RokBridge with another site of mine and RokBridge doesn't cover a lot of things. For example: when a user registers, it sends the activation email but the link provided in the email sends the user to a URL that uses the unbridged version of phpBB, hence causing usability issues. The install with RokBridge wasn't straightforward-- just to get it installed I had to get help from support and I wasn't satisfied with the results.

p8pBB Bridge comes with JomSocial and Community Builder integration and works great! Can't find this with FREE Bridges!

p8pBB Bridge has built-in SEO options for displaying URLs the way you want. Can't find this in FREE Bridges either!

I'm really satisfied with AlterBrains' Bridge component and will use them in the future...

Thanks to the AlterBrain's staff and support team. You are all great and I appreciate your help!
Reviews: 2
P8pbb bridge is a wonderful component.
Easy to install, and the synchronization is really good (users, groupes, profil...).
The component offers a SEO engine for the forum, and many parameters on backend to custom the bridge.
And more : the support is really awsome ! I have a little problem with a phpbb mod that doesn't work after I install the bridge, and the developper make it to function in a few days.
To conclude : buy this component with close eyes ! It is really wonderful !
Reviews: 2
I am running phpBB3 forums since ages and now I wanted to connect them with a Joomla 3.0 site, especially since Kunena is not 3.0 ready yet and there are no alternatives out there, if you want a feature-rich board for your J3.0 website. Since I am a real noob when it gets to programming I started with this bridge rightaway and I am truly greatful for it. The support was beyond my expectations but I must admit that I needed that. So the admin kind of made my website possible. Joomla and phpBB3 now merge wonderfully. No mess, clean paths, good for SEO. Stick with phpBB, buy this bridge & love it!