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The name jBolo has been derived from a Hindi word “Bolo” which means “talk”. jBolo is a messenger for Joomla.
jBolo! This is not just a simple messenger for Joomla. It has a lot of fun features like group chat, sharing files, emoticons to add emoticons to your chat and make them more interesting much more! As far as privacy and security are concerned we’ve added some awesome features like chat opt-out and user blocking. JBolo is heavily optimized keeping bandwidth utilization to min and many more features.
JBolo! integrates flawlessly with Joomla, CB, Jomsocial, JomWall and EasySocial as per your choice.
jBolo has Following features:
1.One-to-one Chat Or Group Chat
2.User Status and Status Messages
3. File Sending With Ajax Uploads and Previews
4.Conversation History
5. Chat Opt Out
6. User Blocking
7. Quick Searching On User Lists
8. Sound Notifications and Window Title Alerts
9. Chat As You Browse
10. Clean and Modern Chat Themes
11. Admin Chat Activity Dashboard
12. Show Online Status and Launch Chats From User Profile
13. Plain Joomla Or Social Extensions
-Plain Joomla
-Community Builder
- Easy Profile Community extension
14.User Avatars In Chats From Your Favourite Social Extension Or Gravatar
15.ACL Support
16.Live Chat With Helpdesk Component Integration
17.Optimised To Run On Shared Servers

To view all the features in detail and see more awesome extensions visit

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Reviews: 1
This component is excellent and very relevant technical department. My problem was solved in the day

I recommend Jbolo and Techjoomla
Reviews: 5
I bought a lot of Techjoomla products and their products are really well done and support is THE BEST of all joomla extensions I've bought !!

Fast, professional and they don't hesitate to help you even there are conflicts other extensions not like others !!!
Reviews: 2
Hi have installed this working with jomsocial. It is super nice and one support issue which was my fault was treated immediateley.

Aboluteley recommend it - design is also great
Reviews: 1
This chat works like a dream in all browsers and my site members haven't reported any problems at all but have posted on the forums that they love it.
I run Buzz50 which is a site for seniors over 50 and have tried other similar one to one chats before. This is the best.
The support from the Techjoomla team is fantastic, as others have mentioned on here. Take a look at their 'About Us' page and you will see a photo of the real people who will help you :)
Reviews: 1
I was trying for days to found a reliable chat extension for my Joomla! website.
I desided to buy JBolo (although there is not any kind of demo or trial, out there!?!)
because of this site (Joomla! Extensions Directory)
What I mean? I saw the reviews here and I felt safe because of JBolo owner's replies.
I realized that he was caring about his reputation.
So if JBolo was worthless I should "punished" him with a bad review.
And, unluckily, a wrong happened! I had to wait 24 hours to be able to download JBolo, after I purchased with my credit card!
I convinced myself to wait until the day after.
After I installed JBolo, I umderstood that my choice was excellent!
But that, that impressed me was the fantastic support!!!
Thank all of you guys (JBolo's team, people who did a review here and ofcourse Joomla! Extensions Directory).
Reviews: 1
The Jbolo chat plugin works excellent on website and adds life to site. Well worth the cheap price, and the customer service is very friendly and very prompt service. Only had 2 issues after installing which were minor and in one case gave me easy to do task and that solved problem. Next problem was a redirect conflict they fixed in a matter of minutes. Customer service that is good can be hard to find and I highly recommend these guys. You will love their friendly and professional customer service. ALso no conflicts with other plugins... This is very important if you have significant amount of modules on any joomla website.
Reviews: 14
I try several chat system on my page, but when i try Jbolo i love it. Is the best, simple and elegant chat system. I have some problem with javascript conflict but i solved on a few minutes. Is not a 5 minutes solution it take some hours. If you are looking for a good chat component this is the best.
Reviews: 6
I use on my site whith JBolo Activity (CB module Activity) and it work very well.
The team is very responsive if need adjusting!
Thank you and good luck ! :)
Reviews: 3
I am quite happy with this extension. There were some minor issues that I wanted to get fixed, but when I contacted support I was helped professionially until the issue was resolved!
Reviews: 3
Excellent component. Worked straight up. The only minor was a time zone issue (no fault) which i requested support on to change the config of and they contacted me in 3 hours with the answer!

My only suggestion... give a free download to peeps to demo the module, maybe only one chat a time or something so people get to try it...
Great work guys
Reviews: 2
We have used several chat components and we have to say this chat component works fantastic and more then that, one has to consider what type of support will I get if I use this product? Speaking for our entire team at Lifsnetwork, The Techjoomla support staff is not ONE of the best, THEY ARE THE BEST!!!!. If you take the time to allow them to help, they will resolve any issue. All Components and variables are not without issues but This support team ROCKS!!!! and that makes the difference.
Reviews: 2
I've installed JBolo but I started having problems since day 1.
- We don't receive/sent some messages in the chat.
- Messages must be always visible even when a user closes/opens a window. Noone would guess that he has to go to history to see older chat conversations.
- History should display users chat logs with top messages being the older and bottom being the newest.
- Chat window of a user remains active, even if we close it.

So summary is that sometimes the chat works, and sometimes it doesn't. Your choice.
Owner's reply

Hi. Have you contacted our support to get these issues resolved ? From your description it seems there are some JS Conflicts on your site. JBolo's Heartbeat seems to be breaking on some pages due to which you might be having this issue. I suggest you contact support..

Reviews: 2
Having searched for a while for a chat extesnion at last we have found it! Totaly awesome component!...but what realy stands out is the support you get with it as this is what makes the difference. We initially had a conflict with one area of the site when we installed it but the support we received was excellent with the issue being resolved quickly. The best support we have received from a developer by far. Many thanks
Reviews: 5
We have installed latest JBolo on a J 2.5.4, K2 2.5.6, JS 2.6, custom template and other custom mods and plugins for Joomla and components and JBolo runs nearly out of the box after installation.
Some minor changes, that's it.
I think if there will be a bigger problem, their support could/should handle that.
We never need that so we cannot say anything about support speed and professionalism.
The 5 stars are a result of price, installation, configuration and ease of use.
- XLive
Reviews: 1
I have used this extension for education institute website, Tried Google like Chat and Facebook like chat option, for Google like chat option, The chat window opens, but when you enter chat text nothing will get displayed in chat window, in facebook like chat, nothing happens if you double clicks the user. This is scenario is on Windows XP machines with Chrome, Opera, Firefox, safari etc.

Earlier I thought it conflicts, with yootheme wrap6 framework, hence i installed it on plain joomla 2.5x, it is still does not work.

Then I contacted support, provided admin account details, This is third day, and still problem exists.
Support can not be more pathetic than this.

Wasted my Time and Money. I dont know if i will even get refund.
Owner's reply

Hello We have responded to your ticket as well as via email about offering a Resolution as well as a full refund in case you are not satisfied. But we haven't received a response from you. We strive to make sure every one of our customers is satisfied. Hope you reply back & we can make sure you are happy !

Reviews: 1
jbolo in joomla- works correctly. But, jbolo with jomsocial- bad. Who is Online showing correctly, but when i click "chat" - then the chat window does not open.
Owner's reply

If no windows open, its definitely a conflict. This can easily be solved.. Just contact our support with your site details & we'll sort it out for you ! Even if the issue is due to another extension!

Reviews: 1
Great Component that does what it should. The folks over at Techjoomla have a very good support, which solved me a problem i had in a matter of time.

I absolutely can recomend this extension
Reviews: 3
I like the extension, have set everything up as you said. Yet when I send a message to another person, they do not get the message. Is there something I should have installed to make this work? I am having all sorts of chat issues. Doesn't show up on Mozilla either. Please help!
Owner's reply

Please use our support ticket system to get support for the product. JED reviews arent a valid form of support !

Reviews: 11
JBolo has issues on my Joomla 1.7.2 site for 3 month now.

- Can't see any member online
- There is a language issue with the status

Same with previous 1.7 Joomla releases. I used my paid support, but no solution yet. I even set up a testsite to help support nail the issue.

I think this module is becoming outdated and as I mentioned: buggy on my site that has no other major issues.

Answer to my request if JBolo is Joomla 1.7 ready was yes when I purchased...checking on other solutions right now! Wouldn't go for it again...
Owner's reply


JBolo has been working on Joomla 1.7 since version 2.9.2. However since then, there were some issues reported on multi language sites when using Internet explorer.

These issues have been solved in the latest release 2.9.5. As of now there are no known problems with JBolo & Joomla 1.7 & its fully compatible with Joomla 1.7.X

The language issue with "status" is because you did not translate the 2 required files in other non-english language.
If you completely translate the 2 needed files , translation will work correctly with language filter plugin.

Reviews: 9
We have a complex website with lots of components and features... we had some initial compatibility issues (not surprising with the complexity). The issue was fixed within 30 minutes of opening a ticket. That was impressive.

Great product... great support...
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