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EasyDiscuss is a Joomla forum extension for Joomla! It allows you to build forums or a question and answer community on your site easily.

Sparking conversations of a certain topic or have an online discussion about a particular subject is now possible with EasyDiscuss. Best of all, these discussions are valuable source of content that search engines love.

Use EasyDiscuss to manage your customers inquiries, build closer customer loyalty, build credibility, engage in multiple conversations, gather valuable experience from users, or simply build a repository of information that grows over time. EasyDiscuss is as good as Yahoo! Answers!

- Display user profiles from EasyBlog, Gravatar, JomSocial, Community Builder, Anahita, and more.
- Built in conversation system.
- Private discussions
- Recognize users by rewarding them with interesting Badges.
- Best navigation interface in the user profile system.
- Advance access control in categories.
- Powerful points system to honor active users.
- Receive live notifications as they come in, real-time.
- User friendly toolbar to manage, sort and search discussions.
- Blends into your existing Joomla template!
- Auto share discussions in Facebook, Twitter, and more.

- Receive updates hourly, daily or weekly digests.
- Attach files, images and URLs into discussions.
- You can add polls into discussions.
- Users can report abuse for inappropriate discussions.
- Search engine friendly titles and topics.
- Voting system.
- Integrates with Joomla articles, Google Maps, K2 and EasyBlog
- Allows code syntax usage for advanced users
- Set password protection for private discussions

More feature listing at

EasyDiscuss also comes with free modules and plugins that works harder for you.

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Reviews: 1
I use Easydiscuss for my website along with community builder ; the integration is perfect between the 2 extensions. Easydiscuss can be highly personalized to fit your needs (css + back office). Support was able to answer any of my questions even for template customization and code implementation. Special thanks to Arlex support ;)
Reviews: 1
The product speaks for itself; a solid, intuitive, aesthetically appealing platform for group discussions (and more).

What is often difficult to ascertain before purchase is the level of support you'll receive afterwards. Well... let me tell you, these guys and gals know their stuff and are lighting fast on replying to your queries.

When you ask a beginner question in most forums you'll get a snarky comment telling you to read this or that (which is usually best practice if you want to learn), but the StackIdeas team are patient and polite.
Reviews: 1
I was finding a right component for 4 months. And finaly, I have found one. Easy Discuss is full of options, therefore it is almost imposible that it does not suits to your needs. Their support team is extremely quick - in forums and in ticket system also. Just one small problem - there is lack of information in docs for this component. But! on the other side, when you write about your problem with settings, they answer almost immediately and give you sophysticated answer. Thumbs up and 5 stars are not enought!
Reviews: 7
This is a must have extension. for its price, it does save you a million dollar.
Thumbs Up StackIdeas Team.
Reviews: 10
I love this forum extension! Its very clean and easy to use. Create a forum in just minutes!
Reviews: 1
I use multiple product of StackIdeas and can honestly say... i just LOVE them all. Service is great, products are very userfriendly and as a customer, you feel that your support is very much appreciated. The support on there products is just amazing!! They go in great lenght to help you out and always in a short time a have a respons.

I use the Easydiscuss & Easyblog. I like easydicuss extension very much, cause this is the new generation of Forums. Not a doll, complicated one... just plain, simply and very attractive to the eyes. Also it has a ton of awesome features, so you can customize it really easy to your needs. And please know that i am a noob regarding devellopment, but with products of Stackideas its a piece of cake to give your website a proffesional look with just a few clicks.

Love the products and will ALWAYS keep supporting them!
Reviews: 2
i have this extension. And 115000 question now my site.
Mark Lee best support.
Reviews: 4
A must have extension!

Recommended to every one! The support is fast and reliable.

Thank you guys!
Reviews: 2
I am a fan of easydiscuss since the beginning while it is still buggy. Since late 2012 trusted this company to hold my 2 sites. This year i have a client with 250k members and is an active forum with 500k plus visits everyday. We use Joomla just to hold our forum because we like easydicuss and have all the features we need. We look at this company as professional developers but we are all shocked when we look at the code. It is not designed for big website like ours. The design of the structure itself is terrible and you can see the person coded it is good on the look and feel but not on the structure. We have experienced developers in our it department and they laugh when they saw the code.
Reviews: 1
This is my first review on Joomla extension. But I really want to start this with EasyDiscuss component.
First of all, I have to say, that the component works fine itself.
Then, it has an excellent support. My new hosting provider forbade standard cronjob command 'wget'. So the notifications about new questions ceased to work. But support team successfully and fast (!) resolved this problem by adding of new codes to component files in order to be compatible with the 'curl' command.
I think, that this fact speaks a lot of good about the product and its creators.
Reviews: 32
there's no other solution that is simpler and cleaner better than this, this is the most suitable component for all your needs , simple installation , no code to hack or anything, integrate flawlessly with all other popular extensions , highly recommended specially the price is handy for everyone
Best Regards
Reviews: 7
I have been looking for a solution for a chat room-forum type extension for my MembersOnly website. After much research, trail and error of other similar extensions this one proves to be closest and very much what I was looking for. The support staff have been respectful and to the point with their assistance when I required it, a lesson in customer service any one in business could well take on board.
Reviews: 14
Easydiscuss is a very good extension fo q&A and forum and give you a good support!
Reviews: 1
Great product, super responsive support. Not sure where else you can get this kind of value. The support forum is excellent and the documentation allows you to make minor customizations (even for a novice). If you do run into problems, the support team gets an answer out quickly. Added bonus, I think the support team actually enjoys what they do! And why not, the product is excellent.
Reviews: 5
It tried EasyBlog first and I was really happy with it. Then I try EasyDiscuss, it more than I can image. Excellent working and deep integration with EasyBlog, Jomsocial.
Their customer service is the best one I've ever used for a joomla extension. It should be 10 starts!
Reviews: 2
This is not a 5 stars extension, it a real 7 stars one.
Despite its great costumability, you'll never get ignored from the great support team.
In one word: AWESOME!
Reviews: 1
Best support ever, best Question & Answers extension on joomla.
I love it, and using on many web sites...
Reviews: 3
I have several large client forums that used another (free) forum. When I switched one of my clients to EasyDiscuss, I suddenly had access to REAL support.

When I migrated the largest forum from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 3.0, the entire process was a nightmare. BUT THIS TEAM went beyond the call of duty to make sure that the forum was migrated from an unsupported free forum in Joomla 1.5 version to the EasyDiscuss forum in Joomla 3.0. They did not give up until the process was successful. Many support teams would have.

The forum is the lifeblood of the website. I will not be using a free, unsupported forum again. The community is too valuable to risk losing posts, data and conflict. This product is MORE than worth the subscription rate in terms of peace of mind and the ability to ask a question and get an answer in a very reasonable time. Not so with the free forums.

My highest recommendation goes to this team ... they are excellent!
Reviews: 2
I have to say this is my second exposure to StackIdeas and EasyBlog.

I'm a seasoned web professional. I've worked in times past as a internet technology director for a Fortune 50 corporation and I have been a product manager for SaaS and cloud services software that supported regulatory compliance needs for big banks and credit unions as well as the internet security space.

I've reviewed and purchased a lot of high end proprietary systems in my day and I have to say that everything I have seen from Stack Ideas is top notch.

I can see why they put "Easy" in front of all of their product names. EasyDiscuss is an outstanding discussion board solution. It is flexible as a forum as well as support tool.

I have used many stand alone forum software in the past but the effort to bridge those products is not worth the time when EasyDiscuss does it all AND is installed directly into Joomla.

As I mentioned in another product review of their blogging software... for any small bumps in the road that anyone may encounter StackIdeas support team is the best support I have ever seen in any Joomla related product as well as compared to even expensive proprietary software support I have had to purchase in large corporate environments.

StackIdeas has made me a big fan.
Reviews: 7
- Beautiful.
- Runs exactly like it should.
- Even better under the hood.

If Google Chrome or the iPhone where a Joomla Extension, this would be it.
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