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PopFeed Plugin

PopFeed is a FREE and REALLY SIMPLE plugin that does quite a job!

It provides a feedback / report link in articles, that pops out a form.

Do you want a Comment Form with just 12kb code? Simliar functionality has been found in the JED, but never done in such a simplistic 12kb way of thinking!

To add it in an article (if not in auto popfeed mode) you add:
{popfeed}Your Link Text Here{/popfeed}
To optionally change the mail recipient in an article, you write:

Many thanks to my friend Ivan for suggesting and communicating with me throughout the whole process of creating this very useful plugin!

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Reviews: 3
My business is offering Kiss simple website solutions to my clients and I love the simplicity of this Plugin, and the simplicity of its support documentation. Everything about this plugin is simple! Thankyou for your hard work :)
Reviews: 10
I was looking for a simple, unobtrusive feedback popup. And that's exactly what this plugin provides. Perfect for my requirements and a 1 minute installation/configuration. Just the way I like it. Excellent job.
Reviews: 9
It works fine, but notice that is not a comment from, it is a Contact Us type of form.
Owner's reply

Hello. Thank you for your review.
If you read the description, the second line says: "It provides a feedback / report link in articles, that pops out a form."

No one said PopFeed is a comments form. The JED renamed this category from "Article Comments & Feedback" to "Article Comments" (if I'm not mistaken).
PopFeed, as also shown by its very name, is a Feedback form.
Thank you again.

Reviews: 6
Just expecting an update for J3.0, else everything works fine, and yeah a little bit of javascript popup option wouldn't hurt.
Reviews: 18
I found this under comment extensions. It's not really a comment tool. However, for what it is, it's great. Does EXACTLY what it promised. Adds a link for feedback at bottom article automatically, pops up form and sends data to admin via email. Nice. Well done. Thanks.
Reviews: 15
I was searching for something that would let users send pings of laments rather than page long mails and i thank you for the cool tool.P.S. other extensions on your site are simple but effective like this one. Recommend others to give them a try!
Reviews: 8
Man, this extension was so easy to install and start using! Had a small problem but got the fix in their forum in 15 seconds. Also developer is very open to getting emails requesting assistance. This is one of those few non-commercial plug-ins that takes 50 times longer to find than to use LOL! Worth leaving a few bucks donation for too - this guy is good and he has other very useful extensions that I'll be testing out. THANK YOU Christopher
Reviews: 1
Very useful and simple. Thank you very much.
Reviews: 4
A very easy and simple way of getting feed back. Set it to automatic you will get pop up feed back form on all your articles, if you don't want it all around, set the automatic off and add the form to your articles individually. Full rating for doing what is on the tin in a simple and a nice way.
Reviews: 1
Configuration is a little confusing at first, but once you get used to it, it turns out pretty good
Owner's reply

You could have contacted me from the first moment - I support my free products.
Thanks for the review.

Reviews: 2
I was looking for a form to allow users to ask for product details. PopFeed did the job, even i missed a field for a phone-number. I pimped the code and now it does. The default-email is a bit poor formatted, but can simply be modified with a little php knowledge. Thanks for that nice (and free!) plugin!
Reviews: 8
Does exactly what he said it would do. Nice. Just wish I could use an image with it instead of a text link for visibility. Thanks.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review!
You can use an image instead of text, by writing {popfeed}{/popfeed}

Thank you again!

Reviews: 10
Does what it says on the tin, very clever plugin and support from developer is excellent giving support within 24 hours.

Highly recommended.
Reviews: 2
I really wanted a plugin that could report links. I've tried several until I found PopFeed.

I'm very glad with this plugin. I needed a link that could pop out a form so that my members could submit the reason without going to another page.

PopFeed does that really well:
1. Very light and fast when opening the form
2. FULLY customizable - you can customize the form so that it appears like you want
3. The developer is extremely receptive and helped me integrating POPFEED with DOCman.
4. Does it need more? IT'S THE BEST REPORT PLUGIN BY FAR!
Reviews: 9
Must have for those who need something very simple for user give a feedback. Maybe you can add CSS file for more star... anyway, this is very useful plug-in and just what i need! Tq :)
Reviews: 2
Great plugin...
Very easy to use, thank's to developper!
Reviews: 4
thank You so much for PopFeed is great work & its fit with my requirement very well.
i want to display thank you & error text on top of thepopup form without closing it when error or after send the message.only empty in fields.
please help me to archive this task.becoz i loved this
Thanks regards
Reviews: 5
This is an excellent addition to any J! website and in particular to any site where user interactivity is encouraged. It installs quickly and works first time out. There's a great auto mode that will just insert the feedback link in all content articles without any hassle.

Two tips:
1. The field for the title of the autolink accepts html and is not stripped; you can use this like I did to make a graphical button rather than just a text link. (e.g. )

2. If you don't want the program to render the feedback links on the front page in autolink mode, you can alter line 41 in the program to remove the frontpage rendering.

But I wouldn't be surprised if the developer added this in as a feature at some point. I worked with him on a couple of bugs and he was extremely receptive to addressing any issues and trying to make the plugin work even better.

A really friendly guy, a great program and it's FREE! What more could you ask for, download it already!
Owner's reply

Thank you so much.
I really appreciate this review.