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RSComments! ComponentPlugin

This is RSJoomla!'s commenting system for Joomla! 2.5 and 3.x. User-friendly, customizable an packed with features like emoticons, BBCode, user permissions and importing from other commenting components among many others, RSComments! makes up for a complete solution for your website's commenting sections.

» Compatible with Joomla! 2.5 and 3.x
» PHP 5.x
» MySQL 5.x

» Integrates with Joomla! articles
» System Plugin allows placement of comments in 3rd party extensions
» Spam and flood protection
» Back-end editor button for enabling comments
» Integration with Akismet
» Built-in CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA integration
» Accepts avatars from Gravatar, CB, JomSocial and Kunena
» Custom layouts to display the comments
» E-mail notifications
» Voting on comments
» Smilies & BBcode
» Ajax validation when submitting comments
» Censor words
» Enable RSS on comments
» Groups with permissions
» Easy import from 3rd party commenting components
» Global mask for date and time
» Configurable comment messages: closed, denied, notification, subscription
» Subscribing to threads
» Terms and conditions
» File uploads
» Limit comment length
» Accordion effect

» Frontend Latest Comments module
» CPanel (backend) Latest Comments module

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Reviews: 2
I use a lot of extensions for my professional needs, and I'm brought in to test a lot, after a benchmark on my technical needs.
This one is by far the best comments and opinions component, in terms of implementation. Flexible and adaptive, it can insert an interactive space good in design, and intuitive features.
You can customize it exactly to your needs, to fit in the graphics and options provided.
There is no useless function, everything is planned and thought to be effective, even email notifications.
I would also like to thank the support team, which performs a great job ; in both pre-sales and after sales. This is the second RSJoomla! extension I've been using, and I must admit that I have rarely seen such a good quality service. Congrats !
Reviews: 2
So far i have 3 RSjoomla products on my site, RScomment is really a professional and good looking component, easy to install and configure, the tech support is amazing and you can count on this, i am new on the joomla world and this is really appreciated.

Thank you
Reviews: 5
I am using this extension directory for more then 5 years now, and just like the most users here, i pay for extensions sometimes. Memberships, donations? I've seen and used them all! Sadly enough not all developers are as professional as these guys! i tried several commenting extensions and even paid for them, unfortunately none of them seemed to work as i expected. Bugs, lack of support, messing up templates? Been there seen that. If i pay for an extension, i want to install it, set the options, and use it since i have a very poor knowledge of CSS, php and stuff like that.
I recommend RS Comments to all Joomla users. -Excellent support (within hours)
-Easy to use and setup
-User friendly website
-Works out of the box
-Need extra options witch are not integrated? u can ask them (ticket)
Worth every cent.
Reviews: 4
The extension is good, and they use a complex template system, which should make it easy to customize. But that's the point why I give 4 stars only: Customization is limited to the comments layout itself (each Comment that is posted), but within the template system it's almost impossible to customize the whole rest. Me, for example, would have needed to add some Titles and some div's and classes for form lables where it was not possible in a easy way. Better to say: The template system is well meant but unnessesary if not complete, in my opinion.
I asked the support, where I could add a div to put the whole comments-block in one Container (for some reason), but they said they wouldn't give support in that case, because even for them it's quite a bit work to do such a "small" change to the extension. But the Support responded very quickly anyway.

All in all a good extension, I would recommend, but not for someone who want's to customize form-layouts, xhtml-structure and so on... A trial version without license would be a good thing.

Reviews: 3
As with the other RS products I have licensed, this one is great. Simple, configurable, and effective. Heck of a great dollar value.

Support from RSJoomla is always EXCELLENT, and that makes ALL of their products even better.

PROS: Simple to configure, works as advertised. Excellent support - really excellent.

CONS: the list of Sections and Categories might make you think they are configuring the cat's to HAVE comments, while you are actually configuring the categories for NO comments. Having hilited all of them, I could not understand why I had no comments anywhere. Then I RTFM. Click Click, worked like a charm.

Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
Very fine component, worked immediately, except for a small tiny thing. So I added a service-ticket and they started solving it immediately. Thnx for a fine working component, great service and small price :D.

Reviews: 3
Super Efficient and easy to use. I had a functioning comments form on my site in minutes. Nice discreet styling, as well. I had to call for technical support on one issue, (which was my own problem), and my ticket was answered promptly.

I fully recommend this component to anyone!
Reviews: 1
I am using from rsjoomla other 2 products, so when I needed for my website a comment extension I just went with RSComments!. Their components and support are amazing.

I definitely recommend!
Reviews: 1
Very good comment system. I needed a small and smart comment system for a project and the RSjoomla team offer a wonderful product. Support is fast , I received answer in 4 hours.