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CComment Core ComponentPlugin

Editor's Note
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You have a comment to make? Make it today!

CComment Core is very simple, flexible & easy to use comment system for Joomla created by compojoom.


- Top of the line Documentation!

- Ajax-based
-- Comments are added on the fly without reloading the web page saving your server bandwidth and making you look cool cutting edge with the latest technology.

- Spam protection
-- captcha, banIP & censorship

- Integrates with the standard joomla article component, K2 & Hotspots

- THREADED / Nested comments

- Multilingual support
-- We use UTF-8 to store all comments & a lot of translations are already available

- Ability to import comments from any joomla table just by mapping the fields

- UBB code support, image support, emoticon support, quote support

- Clean and professional template based on the bootstrap markup

- Gravatar support.

- Allow comments per category

- Front-end comment moderation
-- You don't have to go to the backend for every operation. Comments can be deleted and edited in frontend!
-- comments can be published/unpublished by clicking a link in the email

- RSS-feed
-- Readers will be able to subscribe to the discussion via RSS.

- E-Mail subscribe
-- Do you hate RSS? Then you can subscribe to an article through e-mail option.

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Reviews: 1
very good comment component .
but just one thing i meet,if i use Slideshow CK module (Version 1.4.5 ,my joomla version 3.3.6),the comment not show.
if can slove it, i give it 6 Stars!
Reviews: 2
This was the perfect comments plugin for my Joomla Development site. As others have said it's lightweight, easy to manage and has a very slick look and feel to it. Integrates well with other extensions. I was looking for a decent robust module to save the time of writing my own custom component and Ccomment not only fit, it delivered more than expected.

I did have a small compatibility issue with my Bootstrap 3 template because if the inclusion of mootools-more, but was able to correct the problem so that my nav-bar drop-downs would stop disappearing. All in all I would much rather have a solution that did not include mootools at all, but I am very happy with this extension all the same.
Owner's reply

Hey there! Thanks for the review! The next version will drop mootools and will use backbone, marionette & jquery.

Reviews: 4
This could be a very helpful component: it does all I want and more, but some features are buggy, e.g. the submission date of a comment is reset upon editing. Maybe it would be better to drop a few features and make sure the 'core' comment system works OK?
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review, but I think that it is misleading for the JED users. The component is not buggy & there is no reason to drop any features in order to get the so called "core" comment system working.
Instead of writing a bad review, it would have been way better to report the bug as this user did:

Please note: we don't offer any configuration support for the core version, but if someone reports an obvious bug with steps to reproduce it - we will fix it!

So, if you let us know what else is "buggy" in your eyes and if it is a real bug, we will fix it!


Reviews: 7
Very nice... super light weight and simple.. yet has all the features I need. After installing, fighting with and subsequently uninstalling 2 much larger components, I had CComments up and running CORRECTLY in a matter of minutes. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
Very nice extension, I had a problem on the side of my templetes. Very, very fast and everything whizzes help znakomicie.Thank you very much
Reviews: 11
This could be the best one, but it is not ready yet with all of its bugs. Support is good, but oftenly has no solutions to the problems. I will wait for this very interesting extension in the future when the bug- problems are solved.
Owner's reply

Hey there,
Thank you for the review, but unfortunately I'm not sure what you are talking about. What bugs have you encountered that we didn't want to fix or offer a solution? When I look at our forum all questions are answered...

Reviews: 3
Very good extension and very efficient support. A must have !
Reviews: 4
Easy to install and to configure. What i like is that one can disable the E-Mail field. Many People don't want to reveal their E-Mail adress. So they rather don't comment.

Also important for me - it looks good on the page.
5 Stars from me. Thanks for this Extension.
Reviews: 3
This comment component is really good: Installation is easy, setting it up is easy and you can adjust its look easily via css. The integration of a Captcha is absolutely salient nowadays and it works fine in every browser. Moreover, the comment is shown rightaway, when I hit enter... but: if I go to another site in my homepage and return to the one in which I made the comment it is not there anymore - only by reloading the page via F5 it appears again. Why's that?

Another point is that the Captcha-image of the free version does not work in mobile-browsers (neither in the standard browser of my galaxy s3 nor in google chrome for android). It only shows an empty field with a question mark in it. If that would work too (or maybe there is a way which i haven't discovered yet..) then i'd totally rate it with 5 stars.

But all in all for the use in desktop browsers: really, really great!
Reviews: 5
there is no email config to be notified when new comments are submitted. Otherwise, appears all works well. But notification to me before publishing is critical.
Owner's reply

Hey Craig,
Thank you for the review, but the 4 stars are undeserved. Actually you had to give us 5 and I'll tell you why :)

There is actually a notification system in place. The comments can be queued for approval, the moderators will get a mail telling them that there is a new comment & they can either go on the site and publish the comment, or approve it right from the email :)

When you are in the settings go to the security settings -> there you can see everything :)


Reviews: 7
Beginning with the core component, I have just updatet to Pro Version. I am very satisfied. Daniel gives quick and great support. I am lucky to use it!
Reviews: 1
This plugin is great, very nice on the front-end, and with many options and info on the back-end.

The only thing that I am missing compared to the previous plugin I was using (which is not compatible with Joomla 3 and made me change) is that the people who comment cannot enter their own website address if they have one.

And thank you to Daniel for helping me to import my old comment database to the new Joomla3 website! His advices are very valuable and fast.
Reviews: 1
This is a great product with a good solid set of features and well thought out design. It simply does what it does really well and it looks good on your website. Installing and set-up is quick and easy. The support is fantastic and fast. I've been testing the Joomla 3.0 version and has found it very stable.

I've tried a few other commenting products and this is up there with the best. You should seriously give it a try.
Reviews: 106
Version 4 was pretty good. But the latest version that Daniel has made has a modern feel to it. The comments are posted without reloading the page. A great comment extension overall.