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- Bootstrap Compatible
- GOOGLE MAPS and Directions
- HTML Emails & Templates
- CAPTCHA (reCaptcha & SecurImage)
- Newsletter integrations: Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, AcyMailing
- Google Docs Spreadsheet integration;
- Embed the form into articles
- With FULL Version you can also use modules and other plugins;

Contacts Enhanced is a contact component based on Joomla Core contacts component with a few advantages:

* Form Fields: Now you can have as many custom fields as you wish. You can request whichever information you need from the users that contact you; Available field types: Text, Multitext(textarea), SelectList, Checkbox, Radiobutton, Date, Date Range, Number, Number Range, Multiple File uploads (ATTACHMENTS), SQL* ;
* Free SecurImage Captcha plugin included;
* Google Maps integration: Now you can easily add a map to the contact page;
* If the user is logged in this script will get the name and email recorded in database, preventing the user to mistype his email
* It will get your users IP Address, Browser, Operating System and Screen resolution
* It uses jQuery (Joomla's default Javascript Library) to validate the form and for other scripts;
* You can set each form to redirect to a specific page when the message is successfully sent
* Integration with Newsletter system Campaign Monitor, MailChimp and AcyMailing;
* Feedback plugin;
* Compatible with Bootstrap

Form Fields Available
Text Field
Date range
Free text
Hidden input
Multi-text (textarea)
Multiple File Upload
Number Range Password
Radio Button
Select List
SQL (get data from your database)
Multiple SQL;
Campaign Monitor (newsletter integration);
AcyMailing Newsletter Integration;
MailChimp Newsletter Integration;
Advanced Custom Fields
Javascript (add js code to the page);
CSS (add css code to the page);
PHP (add php code to the page);

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Reviews: 1
A very great support, douglas solved all my problems very rapidly! The extension works pretty well.
Reviews: 7
great support. I only ask for a new feature, and Douglas did it for me (and for everybody who download the extension)
Reviews: 2
I use CE now for a few weeks and i think it is a great extension. You can adapt almost everything to your needs. And are you stuck... you will have an answer from support in a very short time. Not only an answer but also a solution!
Reviews: 3
After spending time trying other contact form extension (the top three paid extension) my conclusion is THIS is the best contact form extension ever! You wont regret it, every cent are well spent! The developer also very kind to support you. Very satisfied!
Reviews: 1
nice component, plenty of options and great support. Question about functionality was answered quickly with detailed response.
Reviews: 2
This is just the best Contact Component EVER.

Simple, fully customizable and with fantastic team support.

Allow a very different approach to contacts!

Reviews: 1
Contact enhanced is a must have in joomla. I think that should be in the joomla core. Douglas offers a great support to configure the component to your needs, and has helped to fix small problems or conflicts with another components or plugins
100% recommended!
Reviews: 1
We had some conflicts with Contact Enhanced and another plugin on our site and Douglas helped us sort it all out. Fantastic response times and a very useful plugin.
Reviews: 1
Hey guys. I've been working with joomla the last 4 years, and CE is one of the best, or maybe the best.
It's very complete and easy to use. It has multiple options, and integrations (with salesforce for example).
The developers are allways looking for more to do with this tool and constantly improoving it.
Besides all of this it has a GREAT support. They are allways there for you and usually they answer under 24h.
I hope i can help someone with this review because it wasn´t easy for me to find the component that has all this features with a quality support.
Reviews: 1
I've used CE form for many years now and I've never had any issues with it, but when I finally did the support was amazing. They provided customized solutions and didn't just give me the runaround.

They are fully accountable and have a great spirit of excellence! Thanks CE team!
Reviews: 1
I've tried a bunch of contact form extensions, but when found Contact Enhanced Component, I decided to use it on all of my websites. Paid version is worth every penny for both regular updates and high quality and lightning-fast support. 100% recommendation!
Reviews: 2
I had a problem that turned out to be my fault entirely. Douglas got back to me within a couple of hours and, within a few emails, he found the problem...again my fault. Thanks, Douglas!
Reviews: 1
Douglas is great and extremely responsive with any issues that may arise. A great product with great support -- you can't ask for much more.
Reviews: 2
The component works great and has so many possibilities that you can make the form you want. It can be used to create custom contact forms, or even to create user registration forms. You can also integrate the component with other scripts, which makes it even more versatile.

The development is continuous and the support is excellent!

Everyone MUST use this component.
Reviews: 1
This toolset definitely "does it all" (and way beyond you could ever think of..)

BUT it still is easy to use for "common purpose", due to its State-of-the-Art documentation (have never seen ANY plugin/component/module with such precise and in the same time easy-to-get-in documentation!) and the super-fast and helpful support by Douglas!

5 stars are not enough to rate this toolset, just GREAT! Btw: I'm not profiting from Douglas' sales (but wish I would :)
Reviews: 2
I have been using Contact Enhanced for a couple of years now and love it. The developer is always quick to reply if I have any questions or issues.
Reviews: 3
You've only got to take a look at the hundreds of other reviews for this component to know that this is going to be worth the small outlay. If you get a problem contact the developer, Douglas recognises that good customer support is what most of us non-programmers need. I asked him to completely change the way the component worked - OK, it was for a small cost, but I got exactly what I needed and he's thrown in a few bits and pieces for nothing. Superb!
Reviews: 1
Great and flexible extension made excellent by superb developer support. I had a small config issue after upgrading to the latest version and had a reply to my support ticket within minutes! Truly excellent.
Reviews: 2
This is a great contact app. I use it to provide a safe way for my users who need to have a way to be contacted. This lets me quickly create a contact form for any user in the system. This works really well for one volunteer site I manage because it allows the leaders a way to be contacted be other who want to help out. Great tool to have.
Reviews: 2
I use this on component on all my sites. It's very powerful for both non-techies and techies. If there's something you need done that's out of your expertise.. NO WORRIES!
The support and response time is out of this world. 5 million stars! Thanks
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