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Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
AJAX Contact allows visitors to contact your site administrator by e-mail very fast and secure.

Using AJAX technology, the whole process is performed without need for page refresh, making it very quick and user friendly.

Special Features:
* AJAX form powered (no need to reload the page) by MooTools for Joomla 1.5- 2.5 and using jQuery for Joomla 3.x;
* CUSTOM FIELDS (checkbox, radio button, select list, text, and multiple text (textarea));
* Can send to several emails at the same time;
* CAPTCHA verification system, powered by MathGuard;
* It uses Joomla's default Javascript Library to validate the form (jquery OR MooTools, depending on your Joomla version);
* It will get your users IP Address, Browser, Operating System and Screen resolution
* If the user is logged in this script will get the name and email recorded in database, preventing the user to mistype his email
* Fast and reliable;
* Ability to limit the quantity of characters in the message field;

Please do not get confused with our other product Contact Enhanced , which is a much more complete extension:

It is compatible with Joom!Fish and languages that requires non-English characters; We have tested some languages and other users have reported that it works with Latin languages (Spanish, Portuguese, French,...), RTL (Right To Left) languages (Arabic and Hebrew), Greek, Chinese, Japanese and many more;
Ajax Contact is also compatible with the ISO Latin Alphabet No. 1 table; See the complete table:

-- Version 3.0.3
+ Added SecurImage Captcha to the source.

-- Version 3.0
+ Added Joomla 3.0 Compatibility

-- Version
# Fixed problem when running under IIS
# Fixed problem when message had characters like &,",\
+ Added clear form effect
+ Added option to always send a copy to the user

-- Version
# Fixed a couple small bugs

-- Version
# Fixed a couple small bugs

-- Version
+ Add "Carbon Copy" custom field;
+ Better user interface

-- Version
+ Added option do not use AJAX;

-- Version 1.5.6
+ Added option to redirect after email is sent

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Reviews: 1
Had some problem with my contact form and contacted support, they replied quit and fixed my problem in no time!
Reviews: 3
I had tried a few different contact extensions but wasn't happy with how they looked or they lacked the options i wanted. Then i tried Ajax Contact - PERFECT. Easy to configure and lots of options. I needed some basic support when i was updating my site, and Douglas replied to my email within an hour and i had my requests answered instantly. Thank you again Douglas
Reviews: 12
I needed an Ajax form to work inside a modal window, and Ajax Contact is perfect. Easy to install, easy to use and it does exactly what I need.
After some initial confusion - entirely down to user error - Douglas responded instantly to my query and had it sorted in minutes. Great stuff!
Reviews: 1
I have used this extremely useful extension on several sites, and unlike some extensions it does exactly as it says on the tin! If support is required it is fast and efficient. Top marks!
Reviews: 8
I have been very happy with this extension. It works right out the box, and is very customisable.

Fantastic value too - well worth paying for as I've used it on every single site I've made since I bought it! This includes personal websites and small businesses.

Thank you!
Reviews: 5
Five star extension for: functionality, simplicity, and fantastic support!
Reviews: 5
It looks nice and is easy adjustable. I had some problems at first, but than I managed to solved them. Not perfect, but certainly good, so 4 stars.

It is a pity there is no upload function.
Reviews: 4
There are are a very small number of extensions that I use on every site I build, but this is certainly one of them. I haven't even looked at another contact extension for years as this does everything I ever need. Extremely flexible, easily customisable, very slick and on the rare occasions when I've needed support, replies are received almost instantly and resolved in no time. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 1
Don't think you could ever love a form? This one, you can. It is simple, beautiful fully customizable, allows multiple instances -- and support is the best I have encountered anywhere!

For the price, this is a steal.
Reviews: 1
This Module is flexible, allowing up to 20 custom fields in one form. You can choose from several captcha methods and send a E-Mail copy to the person who filled out the form. It has build in Validation for E-Mail and allows to set required fields. The whole set-up is extremly easy, so even laymen can create forms.

Initially I had some problems to make it run (because of my server configuration), but support was great and helped me to fix it literally within minutes.
Reviews: 3
I tried several Contact Form extensions and none worked as I wanted them to, or were overly complex to set up. But Ajax Contact works beautifully, is easy to configure, and is highly customizable - everything I was looking for!

I did have a weird problem with the form displaying on pages I didn't want it to, but a quick email to the developer got me a solution right away. It turned out that it wasn't even a problem with the extension - it was a problem with the way I was creating links within the site. Douglas found my own problem for me and showed me how to fix it. You can't ask for better service than that!
Reviews: 1
This extension is great (as is MooFAQ, another great one from Ideal), and safe. Douglas knows what he is doing and his support is prompt and thorough...
Reviews: 1
Great module! Very easy to use! I never really take the time out to write a review unless its a really good or really bad one! Ok so we all know with websites theres always some sort of problem that comes up but the worst thing is usually when theyve got your money developers dont value you much. I'm not great with programming of any sort! I had a few issues with my contact form and was very impressed with the support Douglas gave me! If there is any module im buying i will check if Douglas has made one first! Fixed my issue even though it wasnt an error with the module but my template causing it! I dont mind having the odd issue to deal with when you know the developer has got your back! :)
Reviews: 3
When I needed a form solution that didn't require a steep learning curve and actually worked well, I tried out the AJAX Contact extension. It worked very well with little setup and effort.

Most importantly, the level of support that Douglas provides is some of the best I've ever encountered with any developer, and the best among any Joomla extension developers. He has always answered any and all questions almost immediately and I highly recommend his solutions for Joomla.
Reviews: 8
I've tried a growing number of contact type mods, with a recent re-design of my site I really was looking for an Ajax driven form to stop page loads.

This one read quite well with it's feature list and I was NOT disappointed in what it could do.

A few issues popped up and Douglas was just brilliant in solving the issues I was having, making this an even better mod.

I'll be using this in all the sites that I do from now on rather than any free mods, it's just that good!!
Reviews: 2
I am a new user of Joomla and this was super easy to install and make work in the sidebar of my site. You can see it in use on our site at (for example)

More importantly, I had some issues getting the boxes to line up on the left and the support I got was amazing - I was answered within 40 minutes and we went back and forth until the problem was solved.

Highly recommended for my use which was as a simple contact form that worked without a page refresh and fit nicely into a sidebar (with some nice, small graphical touches).

Reviews: 1
This extension is awsome, the support is even better. Quick reponses and all help I needed to customize the contact form into my own language. I can only say I am 100% satisfied!
Reviews: 2
I have long sought the expansion of this type. How can I be happy when I found AJAX Contact. The first positive aspect is the ease of setup and installation. The second positive aspect is the support service. When I'm having trouble, I turned to the support. I did not expect a quick reply, but me responded within 3 minutes! Douglas helped me solve the problem as soon as possible. It should be noted that the support is very polite and tolerant. Would recommend expanding AJAX Contact!
Reviews: 1
I bought this product because it is perfect for my site. The module contains precisely those functions that are wants to have everyone. This thing is beautiful and very functional! Also, when I ran into some difficulty, I wrote in support, and has already received a response within 10 minutes! Support was kindly for me. I recommend this extension to all!
Reviews: 1
I had a little trouble getting my module to work but that was only because I had a setting wrong.
Got a hold of support and they dialed me in right away. All is working now. Could not ask for anything better!
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