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Visforms is a native form generator for Joomla! 2.5.x and Joomla! 3.
It allows you to generate forms without programmation and makes a point of protecting your forms against spambots.
It provides you with an adapted form of our Joomla! plugin spambotCheck.
Just install plg_visforms_spamcheck, that is attached in the installation zip file, enable the plugin and set up it's configuration.
Visforms provides you with captchas which you can use alternatively or additionally.

Visforms gives you further on the option to save form data in database and to export saved data into csv format.

Visforms works fundamentally similar to the Joomla 1.5 extension CK Forms from Cookex Developpment Team so that you may even be able to import your CK Forms data from your Joomla 1.5 website (see below).

Visforms has good security features such as php validation of submitted data (in case JavaScript is disabled or doesn't work properly with the mootools version used by Joomla 2.5 as is the case for Firefox 2.0). It uses a token to prevent from CSRF (Cross-site request forgery). It allows you to restrict uploads via file extension and file size.

Visforms provides you with substantial description for every single parameter, that helps you configure your form.

Visforms supports Joomla! multi language websites natively and has complete language support in backend and frontend.

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Reviews: 1
Having just spent a couple of days installing and then uninstalling many forms components, I finally gave visiforms a try.
It's great. It's flexible enough to achieve what I want, yet simple enough to customize easily.
Within an hour I'd created new Bootstrap 3 templates.
If you've been struggling with overly complex solutions such as Fabrik, ZOO, Cobalt etc. -- give Visiforms a try, you won't be disappointed.
Reviews: 1
This is an amazing plugin. I used it for a J2.5 website and was absolutely in love with it. I used this plugin for a consultant's website. It was very easy to install and get running. When I installed it for J3.2 I ran into a problem. The support team helped me resolve it. The issue stemmed from a slideshow plugin that imported an older version of jQuery. My dialogue with the team helped increase my knowledge of Joomla as I do wish to develop my skills. Thank you so much!
Reviews: 1
After using several form extensions for Joomla over the years - now I found the right one! Easy to learn and a wonderful result after the 1st trial. Und ein schönes Schamnkerl obendrein: default ist meine Sprache. Gur gemacht, Jungs und Mädels.
Reviews: 3
This extension is simply great. Very easy to use, highly functional with excellent features.

What makes this product outstanding is the level of service received when requesting support.

Should you need a form module then this module is a no-brainer.
Reviews: 1
The functionality and customizability of this extension are phenomenal. I had a question about one feature, emailed the dev, and received a response within 24 hours. Fantastic!
Reviews: 2
On the following counts compared with many paid extension
1 Reset button
2 CaptCha button
3 Removable PowerBy

Perhaps because it came from VV country, great work by Dr Aicha Vack.
Reviews: 1
Works great with with Joomla 3.2.3, very easy to use yet so powerful. Excellent response time from the developer.
Reviews: 1
After switching to Joomla 3 again all the forms need to test.
For me it was important that the e-mails are stored inside Joomla, which make only a few forms.
But was also very important the possibility of adapting to its own layout with CSS files.
The programmer will be a first on technical issues and provides a solution.
Reviews: 1
Hi I have downloaded it for Joomla 3.2 and it works fine. It is very easy to use, and you can program your form to send email with the contents selected by user in few step.
The only thing that I was not able to understand how to do, is how insert in the received email from the form also the address who generate it. It is usefull, because am using the form to request info related to article. So I have the same form on a lot of article, and it would be nice to have in the received email also the indication of the source article. In any cases, very good
Reviews: 3
What a fantastic, fun and EASY module to use. I absolutely LOVE it! I think the author's option to drop the 'powered by' link at the bottom of the form is commendable. However, I am going to proudly leave it in and give this author full credit. Thank you!
Reviews: 3
VIS form is good. It is very easy creating forms but there is no option for editing stored information. The link back is annoying.
Owner's reply

thank you for the review.
visForms is a Form Generator. It's purpose is to allow you to create forms easily and without knowledge of HTML or CSS and to allow users of your website to send information to you.

It's neither designed as nor ment to be a data management system (which would include editing data submitted by your user). You can delete recordssets of submitted data and you can export data into a csv file where you may edit and change them for your further use.


Reviews: 1
After several attempts, finally the real deal.
Best for me.
Reviews: 1
Thank you for making this extension available. I found this very helpful and so easy to manage. Much more that being free it is backed up by professional friendly people. It takes a big heart to give big things for free, congratulations!
Reviews: 1
As I say, excelent and easy to use, the only thing i was unable to do is to show the tooltips and other text fields in other languajes
Owner's reply

Hi Donleo, thank you so much for your review. Visforms works natively with Joomla! 2.5 language implementation. You would have to create a different form for every language (you can just copy the whole form with all fields with the duplicate button), link it to an menu specific for that language and translate the texts (Tooltips, Custom Error Text and so on). Regards, Aicha

Reviews: 2
This is actually a great form extension.
Easy to use and versatile and I am greatful that someone has kept CK alive. The bad it is not Joomla 3 ready.
Pls make it Joomla 3 compatible.
Owner's reply

Hi, thank you so much for your review. I will make this work with Joomla! 3 but it will take me some more time. It will be available before the long term support for Joomla! 2.5 ends (which will be in the second half of 2014). Regards, Aicha

Reviews: 1
Great extension! Simple to use, flexible, customizable great graphics, equipped with everything you need and that sometimes is not even in commercial products. The support is really good! A non-commercial product highly recommended!
Reviews: 3
I love this form, it's work for me and good form for non commercial version.
Easy to use and like CK form and form can make me easy to use and easy to create
Reviews: 5
I needed a simple form with a few questions and a comments box, and was surprised at how hard it was to find a free form extension that would actually work on a multi-lingual site. And since we are watching expenses closely right now, I needed something free.

Visforms does that and much more, giving you lots of options and making your forms intuitive for users, yet the admin interface keeps things straightforward. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to use it.

It also works in ways that give you plenty of flexibility. Instead of having it attached to a menu, I created a module and used Joomla 2.5's {loadmodule} tag to have the form show in a normal article.

You can also copy the language files and add as many as you like.

There is only one tiny downside: Although it has it's own css file for styling, some templates will override your settings anyway. When I viewed the page source, I found that Visforms' css file was loading first, so my template overrode my desire to remove the background from the text fields.

This is fairly trivial, however, and I don't want to dimish what is a great extension!
Owner's reply

Hi Dave,
thanks so much for that detailed response!

In my opinion any extension should fit into the template layout as best as it could. If your template overrides your desire to remove backgrounds, that is the layout of your template and I think the form you create with visforms should look the same way in the first place.

Nevertheless you could make the css selector in visforms css-file stronger than the one in the template css-file and that would override your template style regardless of where the files are included in your template.

Kind regards,

Reviews: 1
a great form for its own page and also great form to position where you like on any page works great with both email and save to database
Reviews: 1
I have long searched for a form component, which has an upload function, and here I found it! ...
By the way, a great support, keep it up!