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With RSForm!Pro you can create Joomla! forms within minutes. In fact, anyone who tried it noticed how easy it is to create forms in Joomla!

» Compatible with Joomla! 2.5 & 3.x

» Seven HTML layouts to choose from: inline (xhtml), two lines (xhtml), responsive (css3), inline, two lines, two columns inline, two columns two lines
» Publish forms anywhere - inside Joomla! articles with the RSForm! Pro Content Plugin, in a template position by using the RSForm! Pro Module and anywhere else through the RSForm! Pro System Plugin
» Thank You Message - display a fully customizable HTML message after the form is submitted correctly.
» Multiple validations available - required fields, same value as other field (double check), alpha, numeric, alphanumeric, email address, unique field, USA ZIP code, phone no., credit card, custom accepted characters, IP address, URL, regex
» Placeholders: everything your visitor submits is available as a placeholder and can be used in emails and thank you messages.
» Multi-page forms
» Conditional fields (display or hide a field based on the user's selection)
» AJAX validation - validate the form without refreshing the page.
» Total control over the HTML layout
» Advanced areas - custom CSS, Javascript, PHP scripts
» SEO oriented - semantic code, meta description and meta keywords editable on the form.
» User Emails - configure an email to be sent automatically to the form submitter.
» Admin Emails - configure an email to be sent automatically to administrators.
» Additional Emails - define as many emails as you need!
» MySQL Mappings - insert submitted data into another database (local or remote)
» POST data to another location either silently or directly
» Calculations
» View submissions in the frontend by using the new Submissions Directory feature. Submissions are displayed in a tabular format, can be reordered by columns and filtered.
» Submissions can be edited in the frontend
» Extensive submissions management - export them into CSV, Excel, OpenOffice, XML.
» Built-in SEF support, no extra 3rd party extensions needed!

Available fields
» Textbox
» Textarea
» Dropdown
» Checkboxes
» Radios
» Buttons
» Password
» Upload
» Free Text (add your own HTML code)
» Calendar (popup or flat)
» Hidden
» Pagebreak (for multi-page forms)
» Birthday (d/m/y dropdowns)
» Google Map

» Collect payments through your form by using the Payment Package Plugins (PayPal and offline / wire transfer payments included).
» Fight spam with Akisment and ReCAPTCHA
» Collect leads in Salesforce and Vtiger
» Add subscribers (emails) to your ConstantContact and MailChimp lists
» Google Analytics
» Create a PDF file with the submitter's information and attach it to an outgoing email!
» Create event subscription forms (RSEvents! Pro)
» Create newsletter signup forms (RSMail!)
» Replace your standard Joomla! registration form with a customized RSForm! Pro form

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Reviews: 2
As it says , just simply the best form component out there. Set up a club membership form with paypal integration in next to no time.
Support are quick and very helpful even when it's something I should have spotted before contacting them it was no problem.
Help documentation is very good as it needs to be because there's a lot of flexibility in this software.
Would I use anything else? No I wouldn't.
Reviews: 1
Ever since I started using this form I have been pleased beyond belief.

I use it for both Information retrieval and paypal intergration.

It works great and if there is an issue their support was so very helpful in giving me options to correct this. I have used other forms in the past and this is so far superior to all of them.

Thank you for creating this form.
Reviews: 1
Even when I am at the other side of the world and I have a little knowledge of the matter. The helpdesk helped me within an hour in way that even I knew what I had to do to solve the problem.
Reviews: 4
RSForms is my go-to component to build forms with, especially with great support provided. I had an issue that wasn't directly caused by this extension but was related to a library used by another component that was affecting the functionality of RSForms and I got the assistance I needed and had the problem solved within 24 hours. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 9
This component is very flexible and easy to use, but you have to be very knowledgeable in CSS if you want to adjust it to your template.. I would give the component 4 stars, but the reason for 5 stars is the absolute outstanding support. What ever problem or question you have they respond in a very short time with a solution. (Consider the time difference for the countries).
Highly recommended because of the support.
Reviews: 2
Its the best Forms Extension for Joomla. I been using it for years!
Reviews: 7
We have tried many forms extensions over the years, but always come back to the very solid, well-written RSForms! It is part of our "go to kit" for Joomla sites. Thanks, RSJoomla!
Reviews: 3
RSFormsPRO is a must have for any form in Joomla.

Furthermore, it now allows you to easily integrate and Joomla registration process with a custome made form.

The newest release also features a directory feature.

Support goes overboard to assist you!

Have been using this product for years now.

Reviews: 16
RS Form Pro is very flexible and great for styling. Great solution for simple forms and superb for those that are very complex. Works perfect! Thank you.
Reviews: 1
This extension fit our forms needs and their support is outstanding. This is a powerful tool. I highly recommend it!
Reviews: 1
We are using RSForm Pro on all our Joomla-based websites with form requirements. Very flexible extension, which is easy to use and maintain by our clients. The customer support is also very good, quick response times and to-the-point solutions. Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 2
I was searching for a good form component. I tried about 6. This is the one I chose. It's simple to use, and has great possibilities if you know a bit of php or js code.
Some time ago, I had an issue with some php code, and support helped me fix it within 48 hours !
Perfect !
Reviews: 2
This is by far the best Form Builder i have used. I used it for more sites already, and am very enthousiastic. You get a lot for this price. With some medium PHP knowledge you can even extend functionality more. A lot of plugins and modules are available, and the have a very fast support service. I could recommend this to everyone!
Reviews: 9
This is the best form extension for me so far.

It has all common features that a form component should have, but also it calculates from fields, creates a pdf from form and it has conditional fields gives you flexibility. Also it can give you ability to preview form before submission.

Brilliant folks, absolutely brilliant.
Reviews: 4
We manage multiple sites and wanted something that allowed better multi-site licensing management of forms than what we had.

We tried a few others, but this ability to backup and restore allows us to create a basic form and instantly install/setup for each site within minutes. That alone is a huge time saver.

When I had questions, I quickly found the answers by searching the documentation or the forum (without having to login - thank you).

I will be transitioning most of our sites over to this and already done several without issue. I doubt users will even noticed anything changed.

I do wish we could use the system-wide ReCAPTCHA or SecureImage plugins vs. it own plugins but that is pretty minor. That would just allow for a more consistent user experience and management.

One feature I would to see eventually is in the GUI layout control. It would be nice to mix in two column without going to the manual customization.
Reviews: 1
Joomla was made intentionally to be vastly amendable and customizable depending upon your necessity. Myriad of extensions are presented in the Joomla Extensions Directory, in which generally are free of charge. There are numerous of resources available online if you want to write your own extensions.I
Joomla offered exceptional and outstanding obreaks for users to share concepts and einvolvements with the help of Joomla.
Reviews: 1
I have used RSForm Pro for years and I love it as an extension. It is so logical and straight forward for someone like myself who is not a programmer. I would recommend it to everyone.
But I particularly want to praise the support of the team. Over the years I have needed to call on their support several times. Once again I have had an issue after a Joomla reeinstall and the support to get me up and running again with this and RSMedia Gallery was superb, fast and professional.
Worth their weight in gold.
Reviews: 2
I really like how this extension works and helps anyone in creating contact/feedback forms for their sites. Whether you are an expert programmer or not, you can easily manage it. It offers a lot of cool features. This extension is really helpful!
Reviews: 2
This is one of the best form of module. the support is equally promising. I have not faced any issues with this module. Recommended!
Reviews: 3
I used many of the Form Building components for Joomla but it is RSForms Pro is the best Pro.
I understand & learn it is very easily. It is also very flexible, and well coded. I am using RSFormsPro for a number of years.
It helped me greatly.
I recommend everyone to try RSForms.
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