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  • This extension requires registration to download.
Community polls is the one and only polls extension that allows your community members to submit the polls. Good bye to the process of admins create and publish polls. Community Polls allow you to review the polls submitted by the users and lot more features available out of the box.

* Fully Responsive: Not just looks but also behaves great on smartphones, tablets and desktops.

* Poll creation from front-end and back-end, restrict with advanced ACL.

* Multiple Polls on same page: Display and vote multiple polls on same page using Random Poll module.

* Content Polls: Display polls on your Joomla articles with provided content polls plugin.

* Private Polls: Let only few users whom you want see the poll

* Color Pallets: Choose from predefined color pallets to make your poll charts look different.

* Ajax Voting: Vote on polls without refreshing the page.

* Images and Url attachments: You can attach images to the answers and link answers with urls as well.

* Polls Anywhere - Allow your users to share polls on their websites/blogs just like Youtube videos.

* Multiple chart types: Simple bar chart, Image bar chart, Image Pie chart, Google Pie chart

* Multi Row-Multi Column Grid Polls, Single Selection Radio buttons and Multi-selection Checkboxes

* Permission Settings: Keep control of what each user group can do.

* Multiple Charts: Choose from Bar Charts or an Advanced Pie-cum-Bar chart or Interactive Pie Chart powered by Google Charts.

* Statistics: Daily voting charts, timeline, full votes list management etc.

* Anonymous Polls: Record votes without tracking user details, if you wish.

* WYSIWYG Editor support - Add description to poll along with the title. Include whatever the content you want in description.

* Categories: Organize your polls into multi-level unlimited categories with ACL.

* Community Support: JomSocial, Community Builder and EasySocial

* Social Networks: Tweet the poll activity to Twitter.

* User Points Support: Reward your users for creating and voting on polls with the user points support. CjBlog, AUP, EasySocial and JomSocial User Points are supported.

* Avatar Support: CjBlog, JomSocial, EasySocial, Community Builder, Kunena, Alpha User Points are supported as of now.

* Comments Support: Search engines loves daily updating pages. Make your polls search engine friendly using the comments support. Facebook comments, Disqus comments, IntenseDebate comments, JComments and JomComments are supported.

* Featured Polls: Mark your favourite polls as featured

* Poll Suggestions: Display your favorite and most useful polls in easy to navigate tabs. Recent polls, Author Polls, Related Polls, Featured Polls, Most Voted Polls are available as of now.

* Polls Moderation: Moderate polls submitted by your users. Review and approve the polls right inside your

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Reviews: 3
I highly recommend Corejoomla extensions! I tried several polling apps (free & paid) & found this to be the best by far. Not only does the app do more than most polling apps, it also has a great support team.

I had a few issues with my Joomla install & had hands on support & follow up on every detail.
Reviews: 7
I have been using several poll web systems and at the Joomla community, I find that the Community Polls are the most user-friendly. It provides you with a range of features, which make it a good poll service for a web sites' members and visitors.

It is responsive and it integrates with Komento, which was important requirements for our web development.

Upgrading from Community Polls version 3.x.x to version 4.x.x was not a simple task. We had some issues between Community Poll, our template and Font Awesome icons. The support provided by Maverick was excellent so the upgrade issue was solved.

Our positive experience with Community Polls and the way Maverick are handling the support, even on Saturdays and Sundays, was also the final reason for why we now have decided to give the Community Surveys from CoreJoomla a try as soon our present ongoing web development for our new company web site is finalised.

If you are looking for a Poll Joomla extension, I recommend Community Polls.
Reviews: 1

I bought this extension before weeks!
This is great extension!
The most important thing is that I have questions about modifying some functions and there is a great support that help me with everything!
Once again the support is great!

Kind Regards
Reviews: 8
The best component for Joomla polls. Simple to set up and with many features that make it an important work tool. The support is great, always helpful and fast. The component is in constant development, and is updated with new features, thanks to the great work of the developer.
Reviews: 1
Nice plgu in on the fonctionality side but totally bad on the design side. You got one page layout, no interaction whatsoever with puicture size , alignment or any design improvment.
So if you are not a coder, be prepare to pay some extra to have your page look decent because out of the box, looks really bad
Owner's reply

I am sorry that you did not like the default design but it is what the most users suggested liked. I know one design does not suite to everyone and liked by everyone but unfortunately it is just the software. All you need is a little html and CSS knowledge to customize the way you want. I did helped many people (which you can see on forum) with the design/css without any charge, but a complete overhaul of the design that you want cannot be explained on forum or can be done in a couple of hours which will need special development time and money. Hope you understand.

Reviews: 2
Background: I wanted to create my very first website with the ability to 'poll' customers. After a lot of research, I saw that corejoomla offered this ability.

Bottomline: I learned how to build a site using Joomla just so that I could use this extension and haven't regretted the time and effort it took to learn Joomla and build the site.

Finally AND MOST IMPORTANTLY..the customer service is OUTSTANDING! Thanks, Maverick.
Reviews: 6
Biggest sites in the world wouldn't be shy of this extension. It's so rich and powerful, unbelievable. 5++
Reviews: 1
I'm using it and it is a great extension with an excellent support.
Reviews: 3
I've been using Joomla from the very beginning on. There are thousands of components, but many have one big problem: bad support. NOT at Core Joomla's. Maverick is the fastest and best supporter in the whole Joomla world.

I am using Commmunity Answers, Polls and Quiz on my site. The latest versions look very nice and the features are unbeatable. All 3 components are the best in their categeory. No need to look further or to be affraid spending money on. You can be sure that these components will work out of the box, do what they are described to be able to and will enhance your community with great user activity.

I am really thankful to Core Joomla realizing these components.
Reviews: 1
Community Polls is the best component I've ever used. It is so cool, that I even registered here solely to write this review.
The code is excelent. Almost every file has precise description of every function so customization of its functions is extremly simple - even for somebody like me, without great knowledge in php/css.
The component itself is flawless. It does what it says and is ready to work with third party components what makes it even better.
The jewel in the crown of this software is support. I was amazed when Maverick replied within few minutes to my questions. His answers contained detailed tips and resolutions to my problems. I heve never met so superb support!!!
Reviews: 3
If you need a poll site, this one should be the best one, because it supports mobile/tablets so well and also the flexible features and very good looking of the results. Especially I'm very appreciated with the developer's rapid & expert support, he solved dozens of my questions and requests!

It really worth the price and I think I get much more!

Thank you!
Reviews: 38
Best polls component I ever seen!
Very flexible. It support jomsocial avatars and activity stream. It finally support komento component. Very fast support.
Component looks professional and have tons admin options. I highly recommend it!
Reviews: 1
Very best component. And the best technical support. Thanks!
Reviews: 5
Have a politics oriented website where the polls components is one of key features. Using CP since 2010, I can tell the component is very well supported. One example of how developer responds to customers is this: I asked (in 2012 Christmas holiday season) as a Feature Request some type of support for Multi-Lingual sites. In 8 days, my request was fulfilled. In CP (and other CJ components) you find that rare combination of excellent development and excellent support. One of the best in my experience with Joomla.
Reviews: 3
I`m using this component for long time, and I can say is the perfect polls component, the look is very nice and as about the support is simply all what you`re expecting, good job guys and keep going!
Reviews: 3
Component is excellent as well as the support. My queries were resolved in quick time. Impressed.

Reviews: 1
Very best component. And the best technical support. Thanks!
Reviews: 3
I asked Maverick for some modifications of Community Polls to use as a form of electronic voting for our non-profit. Maverick was spot on with providing some customization of his software and now we have election software that is of the highest quality and accountability. No where else was I able to find election software that could be directly integrated into our website.

Maverick is a TRUSTED SOURCE and his software (both Surveys and Polls) is OUTSTANDING! Highly recommended to all Joomla website developers.
Reviews: 7
As a user of Community Polls for at least two years -- first on 1.5, now on 2.5 -- I want to say how happy I am with the component. In addition, when I have trouble with something, I find Maverick provides great support. I thank him for his patience.
Bob Sprague
Reviews: 5
I use this component for over a year, starting with the version for Joomla 1.5. Many of the proposed features have been implemented at the request of users on the forum.
At the moment, it seems to me the most complete in its features component for voting. Errors in new versions fairly quickly corrected by the developer.