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Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
Create the surveys using web 2.0 survey component like never before. Community Surveys allow you to create the surveys with ease and comfort. And what's more? Unlike other components, Community Surveys allows your users to create surveys as well (surveys created from front-end and protected with strong permission system). So you can run your own survey business.

NEW: Restrict minimum and maximum number of answers that can be selected for a checkbox question.


♦ Fully Responsive: Not just looks but also behaves great on smartphones, tablets and desktops.

♦ Front-end & Back-end survey creation: You can create surveys from front-end as well as back-end. Fully control which user group will have permission to create, manage, respond from front-end.

♦ Creation of survey using our advanced Ajax framework

♦ 15 question types - Page header, Single selection radio buttons, multi selection check boxes, Single selection combo boxes, Multi row - Multi Column grid questions, Single row free text, Multi row text area, Password, rich text box, select one image (radio) and select multiple images (checkbox), Name, Email, Calendar, Address.

♦ Conditional Rules: Fully control the flow of response based on user input. When a user selected an answer or not selected an answer, or answered/not answered a question, redirect him to a page or finish survey

♦ PDF and CSV Download of reports

♦ Allow any user group (Registered through admins) to create and manage Surveys. Start your own survey business. Create and manage surveys from front-end.

♦ Multiple invitation types - select registered users, a Joomla user group, jomsocial usergroup, acymailing lists or custom contact groups. Or you can send unique survey urls manually through your favorite mail client.

♦ Contact Groups: Manage all your contacts by uploading through csv or enter manually. Add them to multiple contact groups and invite each group at once.

♦ Integrated multilevel category system to categorize all public surveys

♦ Restrict number of survey invitations using Points System. Integrated with CjBlog, Alpha User Points, EasySocial and JomSocial Points

♦ Advanced reports and charts - geo chart, daily responses chart, multi-search enabled responses list report, location report and device report

♦ Ability to take surveys with or without your Joomla template (full page mode).

♦ Avatars - Gravatar, CjBlog, JomSocial, EasySocial, Community Builder, Kunena & Alpha User Points

♦ Public Surveys and Private Surveys - Public Surveys allow anyone to take surveys. Private surveys allow you to track who does what.

♦ Redirection: You can redirect users to a custom url, consolidated report or even display custom message after user completes survey response.

♦ Survey Form Module & Results module: Display survey in any module position or article (using loadmodule p

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Reviews: 7
I recently purchased this extension for a Town Council website I launched a few months ago. In the need to have a more economical way to have surveys without paying monthly for a 3'd party service.

After installation and setting up our first Photo Competition, we discovered a shortcoming with the software; the images in the image form field were too small and didn’t have lightbox functionality. I contacted support through the forums and 24 hours later I was emailed an updated file containing this functionality. I am assuming it’s going to be part of the next release since they got me the files so quickly. Either way, we got what we needed, prompt support and a resolution.

I did have a minor CSS problem with the lightbox and IE and a template conflict. Again, support promptly addressed the problem and provided the needed resolution.

I spent a couple hours of tweaking the CSS and the /helpers/formfields.php to get things looking perfect in our website. My client is happy and I am happy.

This developer earned this review based upon the prompt support, accurate answers, and resolution to my concerns.
Reviews: 1
I had been looking around through several extensions an no one has demonstrated such a versatility as this one. Is robust enough to handle complex surveys and at the same time can be delicate, simple and elegant to be use in the R.S.V.P. section of a wedding website. But what really make the extension special is the fast and accurate support that you receive from the developer team (Specially Maverick). Different to some other developers their interest is not to get as much money from you as possible but to help you accomplish exactly what you want with their products so you are never dissapointed with the results.
Reviews: 3
Like many others, this is my first rating (I think). This product is SOOOO good that I had to speak up. I've been through several other polling products, including some paid, and they all had their shortcomings. This one is absolutely awesome!
Reviews: 5
This extension makes a good job, I had an issue with private survey and I got a first class support.
Thank you Maverick
Reviews: 1
I have been using other on line survey tools and wanted a solution to bring in house and Community Surveys fits that bill. Support is excellent and the quality of the reporting is superb. It provides a high level of confidence in the delivery of professional surveys to professional consultees. I can't recommend this product highly enough
Reviews: 2
After using Joomla for over 7 years and ashamed to say I've never submitted a review. I had to for these guys. This survey component is a real gem, great value for the price and the speedy replies to forum questions makes the whole experience a breeze. With admiration, you you!
Reviews: 1
I am not the most technical guy, but I know a little. I found the extension easy to use and almost exactly what I was looking for.

The support I received made the extension everything that I was looking for. I asked these guys a bunch of questions and they responded with answers and solutions to my technical questions quickly. I look forward to seeing how I can use their other extensions.
Reviews: 2
I have only built one website in my entire life. I built it using Joomla BECAUSE of one of CoreJoomla's other products (Community Polls.)

Because I think so highly of the Community Polls extension, I added Community Surveys to my site.

Please know that this extension is more complex than some other extensions simply because of the features it offers. Additionally, there are many more extensions that are even more complex and harder to install.

Finally, the customer service is OUTSTANDING. Maverick is very responsive, respectful, and, most importantly, helpful.
Reviews: 2
This does exactly what it says on the box!

I am happy with the extension as it is easy to setup and very functional.

I like that it can be controlled from the front side or the admin panel.

But the best thing about it is the support from the creator.

I wanted to tweak some areas in the reporting side and the support I got was excellent.

Highly recommended.
Reviews: 5
I am amazed by how advanced, yet easy to use, this component is. Great support as well.
Reviews: 5
Great extension, right out of the box. I've seen in here it's not for the newbie, maybe, but it's still quite intuitive. Support is great and fast. That's great! So if you looking for survey system quite advanced, ready to work out of the box, it's what you looking for!
Reviews: 2
I downloaded this component a month ago and played with it until I have what I wanted. During this time a dozen (!) of new features were added. I had complex install and functional problems, but support answers arrived in hours (!) at least ten times.
If you want to have a survey component with reasonable price, great support and flexible team, CommunitySurveys is the best choice.
Reviews: 1
Unfortunately I allready have payed........
For a Newbee into Joomla - this Extension is too difficult to manage.

The service/support is Okay - but my English isn´t the Best :-)

Keep it simple - and make a Manual, which is understable for a Foreinger as me, who maybe not is so technical.
Owner's reply

Every extension has its own drawbacks, here power and outstanding features comes with little time you spent in understanding it. That's why we prepared complete documentation for you to get start with including a video tutorial. Most people find it really easy to do than it looks after playing with it for five minutes. Unfortunately you find it not the peace of cake for you. Please feel free to contact me on forum or email, I will help you setting up the complete software for you.

Reviews: 1
Good survey extension, support from the developer is really outstanding. I have been mailing back and forth a bunch of questions, all solved to my satisfaction. Clear explanation from the developer on how to further customize the extension to my needs. If you need a survey extension for your website you should really give this one a go!
Reviews: 4
first, its very hard to configure to start out with... not obvious how you creat a survey from the back end... WAY too focused on creating surveys from the front end at the expense of the back end... this makes no sense...

the documentation on their site is VERY little and more Q & A rather than anything that tells you how to do it... they have no videos which would help.... so far not impressed at alll.... makes me wonder where all these positive reviews are coming from ? hmmmmm
Owner's reply

It would have been helpful to everyone if you could have contacted us before posting the review. Here are clarifications:

1. No backend survey creation: Its really unfortunate that you posted negative review based on this on the same day we added this feature. And I couldn't believe the review published after 2 days of the feature addition. Again, a simple forum post could have helped you and others.

2. No documentation: I am sorry but I am not sure why you can find only couple of q&a when we have full set of documentation available here:

I have helped hundreds of users in setting up the perfect survey software on their websites and glad to help you if you post any query on the forum. If you believe videos are only tool that helps you, don't worry, that is also taken care and will be published in a couple of days.

Reviews: 5
This is a excellent component, it has loads of features and so far I have found it really easy to use.

I had a small issue where CSS was causing problems, support identified it and fixed it straight away.

There is also an excellent forum where questions are answered quickly by the team.

This is the level of support I look for when purchasing components. This component is worth every penny and I would definitely purchase from CoreJoomla again.
Reviews: 3
This is a superb component. I spent some considerable time looking around at various survey solutions for my Joomla! community based site, and this offered everything i was looking for and more. The interface and front-end design is really nice, beautiful and modern, and makes it feel very slick and well developed. I had some issues after installing the component into my Joomla website, support responded almost immediately and resolved my issues. Everything about this product is first class, i love the new updated version with the Bootsrap UI design , looks lovely, and the reporting data graphs and charts make it look like a highly professional and enterprise level application. Thumbs up to CoreJoomla and thank you for delivering such a quality product.
Reviews: 4
I've been looking for a while for a survey component to use with my very active JomSocial site. I've bought and tried a number of them, and none are exactly what I need. This one isn't exactly what I need either, but the HUGE difference is that the development team was immediately willing to consider modifications. I needed a JomSocial plugin, and they had one created in a matter of days! It's still a work in progress, but the existing functionality is perfect for a social site, and I can't wait to see what comes as this product continues to be developed! I'll definitely be looking to CoreJoomla for more components in the future.
Reviews: 1
Easy, good interface, visually appealing, great support. Everything I need in a survey tool. Bugs were fixed literally within hours of reporting.
Reviews: 9
I needed a native component like this for running surveys in schools having made do with the phpESP script running in an iframe within Joomla for some years. It's perfect, with a modern interface, loads of skins to suit virtually any site design, front end survey management (essential for less savvy users), decent reporting and even the ability to use a WYSIWY editor to simply embed MP3 files so that questions can be 'read' to younger children. The question piping function is useful (once you've worked out the logic!). I had an issue with looping re-directs when a user tried to access a survey already taken but this was swiftly resolved by the developer within hours of reporting and a patch created. Stellar support for such a reasonably priced component. Highly recommended.
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