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RSFeedback! ComponentModulePlugin

RSFeedback! is built for Joomla! 2.5/3.x

With RSFeedback! you can turn your visitors into active contributors to your project. Get them vote and express their ideas on the project.

RSFeedback! will give you a realistic picture of your project by involving your customers into it. Get them to vote the next features you want to implement or simply let them comment on your company.

RSFeedback! allows you to:

* Create categories where people can post suggestions
* Set permissions to groups of users
* Create unlimited number of statuses for the suggestions
* Create unlimited types of flags
* Set up auto-moderation rules that automatically mark ideas or move them

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Reviews: 9
I´ve been customer of RSJoomla for years, so I´ve bought RSFeedback as a testimonial component. I had a few problems (related to J!3.3.0), but it was fixed by the developers within a day. Also another problem (...OK, was a problem of my template, not of the component) was solved within a few hours.

So 5 stars for support!

But the component lacks a little bit of the ease compared to the other components of RSJoomla. It´s more suitable, if you want some automations, (little) workflow features and so on.

So you ask me, why I´m just ignore the features and use it in a more simple way?

OK, that´s possible, but on the other hand the in-build styling options and possibilites to customize fields are limited (in the actual release). You´ve to style the feedback just like an article (OK, unlimited possibilities), that´s my point. Could be more user-friendly.

But I´m convinced, that the component will be tuned in the future.

In this case, I´ll rate 5 stars.
Reviews: 2
A good component, easily accessible for users to give feedback on any kind of subject (categoies you specify) you want. I like the free form, users don't need to fill out a standard form with lots of fields, they can just write what they think. Also very nice that other users can see all feedbacks and give votes to them, so you can see very easy which feedback is relevant.
Because off the permission system, most maintenance can be done in the frontend.

This comonent is one of more RSjoomla components. You can see that the style and "maturity" of RSfeedback is not yet on the same level as other RS components. But the support is very good and quickly, requested adjustment instructions were very correct.