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Invite-Refer Friends Component

Component to allow your users to invite or refer their friends to visit your website. **NOW WITH DETAILED DATABASE LOGGING OF ALL INVITE-REFERRALS SENT**!!

With over **75** configuration options, this native Joomla! 3.x component will send multiple emails including a copy to the Administrator and/or the User. All the invite/referals can be logged into the database - can be very useful for a referal program, contests, track your users usage and more! Front end appearance is completely configurable including form field background and text colors! It incorporates Captcha Security to help prevent spam! All emails are sent with text/html MIME format so HTML is allowed! ALL text for the entire component, front end and back, can be edited on-line in the Admin area of the site!

Detailed logging of all invite-referals into the database - including an 'export' feature!
Email Templating System allows you to have COMPLETE control over the look and feel for ALL emails that are sent out - even include your site LOGO!
The Administrator can set how many 'Friends Fields' are displayed on the Front End including how many are 'required' and whether the friends 'names' are also required.
Customize the Site Name and Site URL that can be included in all the emails.
Set both the 'From' and 'Reply To' names and addresses.
It is possible to set whether the site Administrator and/or user should receive a copy of emails sent.
You can also set a customized 'subject' and introduction message for the emails sent to Friends.
Form field validation through Javascript - including field focus, detailed error messages and customizable highlight formatting for fields that need attention
Using custom color selectors, you can change the form field background, text colors and the form field validation alert background and text colors.
D-Mack Invite-Refer also includes Captcha Security! *NEW* TWO Captcha options - Built-in code or use the native Joomla! Re-Captcha Plugin. *NOTE* Your server *MUST* have GD Library and True Type Fonts for the built-in code!
There is also an option to enable email 'domain name' checking which will verify the domain exists before sending the email(s) - this could also help to cut down on spam.
Be sure to visit our download page to read more details and view more screens

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Reviews: 2
Installation and setup was easy and worked without Problems - until captcha is turned on.

Captcha indicated no picture.
On a request the support response fast and I received a file to replace. After that, everything was perfect.

I recommend this tool without restrictions.
Reviews: 1
I purchased the extension and went about setting it up on one of our sites, however we couldn't see the frontend so I sent a support email, just seconds after I realised what was wrong and corrected the issue, works like a charm, however thought I would send an email to let Don know everything was AOK, it was on a Sunday so didn't expect a reply until Monday/Tuesday, Sunday night I get an email from don just checking if everything was ok, now that's customer service I would definetely recommend
Reviews: 9
I have been a user of the Joomal 2.5 version of this component for years and was hoping D-Mack would create a Joomla 3.0 version, and just when I was about to buy another component something told me to just check before buying the other product I had in mind. And to my surprise D-Mack came through with a version for Joomla 3!

Since buy this version it has been a pleasant use this component! The best thing I like about it, is the Captcha Security feature and the control it give me to shape my invite form, and set the number of invites a user can send out. What I like the most about this product and was missing in the earlier version is the way this component stores the email address that it send out in the database, which allows me to remind my users friends about my site or offline events.

I have seen a 10% increase in traffic directly from this form and can't wait for what D Mack intends to add in the next version!