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Newsletter Subscriber ModulePlugin

Newsletter Subscriber is a free Joomla! Plugin and Module..!
It is a simple form to subscribe to a newsletter.

When the user clicks the button, it sends an email to the recipient specified.
To use it you add {newsletter_subscriber} into your article(s) for the plugin, or just enable it as a module.

Very simple to use, all user text is customizable.
After installing, you need to enable the extension to use it.

Additional Options:

* Anti-spam question-answer!
* Unique module ID for multiple NS in the same page
* Thank you page Redirect
* Custom Pre-Text

Please UPDATE IMMEDIATELY to the newest version, which is a SECURITY UPDATE.

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Reviews: 2
just what i was looking for..!!!
a simple module doing exactly what it promises!!
i needed only one field and it was quite easy to modify it and make it suit my needs!! well done...!!
Reviews: 4
Worked straight out of the box. Very simple. Very effective. Thank you for this great little tool.
Reviews: 3
I installed the module and it worked perfectly! Love it. Thanks Christopher, you're awesome!
Reviews: 1
This is extension is really useful i just have some issue with the plugin , im writting in my articles this code for the plugin {newsletter_subscriber} but its not working if anyone can help me that would be great
Reviews: 3
I needed a simple and effective newsletter subscriber module and NS fit the bill perfectly. Installation was as easy as it gets, and it performs exactly as promised. Further more, I wrote Christopher (the developer) and asked how to remove the name field to make it email only... it was above my skill-level so he did it for me free of charge and had it to me within a week! If you need a simple & clean newsletter module with top-rate support look no further.
Reviews: 4
Nice job - installed perfectly in 1.7 and does exactly what I needed.
Reviews: 6
Perfect! A great feature not advertized is that the module works flawlessly with Joomfish for multilingual sites.
Reviews: 20
Simple, fast, efficient, customizable. Thanks so much to the developer/s of this simple but great module. I would LOVE to see an ajax-powered version of it!
Reviews: 4
Thank you so much for helping out a newbie in joomla. I got it up and running in no time. So simple yet so powerful.
Reviews: 9
I installed NS when I had no sendmail available under IIS. I was able to get it running in an iframe within an HTML holding page, customised exactly to my needs, and writing subscriptions to a text file - all within minutes.

First I thought it wasn't sending mail but I was wrong! It was working perfectly - my client checked the wrong mailbox! It picks up Joomla's setting and even works with SMTP.

I contacted Christopher to assist on this, and he was back to me in a few hours to check it was all ok, which of course it was. His communication is excellent, as is his coding, I cannot fault him. I will be checking his other paid products in future, I recommend you do too!

Highly recommended if you want to save yourself a headache. Thanks Christopher!
Reviews: 2
Just what I was looking for, really easy to setup and does exactly what I want. The only thing I would worry about would be having the mailing lists saved to a text file on a web server - is this very secure? Doesn’t matter though, because you can turn this on or off as you like.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review.

Good point, yes. It's not very secure, if you leave it as it is. But only for those who know the extension.
Although, it is created with the ability to save to an absolute or relative path, which means you can save the file even out of your public_html directory, which is totally secure.

Moreover, you can save the file in a custom directory or wherever you want. Another user saved the file as the mailing list file of an external program, with a custom file extension (instead of txt).
You can do stuff to make it quite secure, quite easily.
Thanks again.

Reviews: 1
This is WONDERFUL! I am VERY new to Joomla and website creating in general. I had some extremely basic questions that I was sure would make the developer roll his eyes. But no - he was extremely supportive and answered my questions quickly and effectively. The newsletter subscriber module was so easy to install that I didn't even know it had worked until I opened my site and to my surprise there it was! GREAT JOB!
Reviews: 3
The is an easy to install and easy to use extension. I had some questions and tech support responded immediately.

Can't say enough good about this free Joomla extension.
Reviews: 2
simple and clean.bravo file mou.
it will be nice to add some styling in this.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your good words! Bravo File Mou means bravo my friend in Greek.
Just thought I'd mention, since it is forbidden to write in other languages in the JED reviews.

You can add all the styling you want by CSS, and I'm open to help on that!
Thank you again.

Reviews: 1
Simple to install and works beautiful! Thank you so much for you continued support to the community!!!
Reviews: 3
Excellent component. Exactly what I was looking for newsletter subscriptions. Thank you very much!!!
Reviews: 1
This module is awesome! I installed it, set the settings and put it where I want it. It's so small and simple I included it in my footer of the page. It fits your style without ruining your page and just works.
It just works. Great Job! Keep up the good work. More of these modules needed!
Reviews: 2
This is a wonderful extension. Support is also TOP notch. I had an issue during configuration and had a helpful response within the same day. Thank You for this kick butt module!
Reviews: 1
You can use this to send subscription requests to a MailMan list - simply enter listname-join@listdomain.tld as the destination address and set it to use the user's entered name/address as the from address. User then gets standard mailman confirmation email (and optional moderator approval). Picks up the realname too. Ideal, many thanks.
Reviews: 1
Simple, Good Params

Do what somebody needs not more not less !
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