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J!MailAlerts is a automated periodic Email Alerts system. Have you seen mail alerts that networks like Facebook & Linked in send to their users periodically ?
Using J!MailAlerts you too can send your users periodic email alerts of whats happening on your site. Users can select if they want to receive daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly updates. J!MailAlerts is great for Intranets, Social Networks, News Portals & for any kind of site that regularly generates content.

J!MailAlerts is completely extensible using plugins which means you can virtually add an update about activities in any extension on your Joomla website.

Its a great way to keep your users in touch with whats going on on your website & keep them coming back. Get J!MailAlerts today & Engage your community!


* Completely automated. Just configure & setup the cron.
* Integrates Seamlessly with Plain Joomla, Community Builder, JomSocial
* Content of the alerts is completely plugin driven & hence extensible to virtually any Joomla extension !
* Users can select email alert frequency to be daily/weekly/fortnightly or monthly
* Users can chose which updates to receive.
* Users can configure each update & select various parameters for example what categories to receive content updates about
* You can style each plugin as well as the overall newsletter. Each plugin has a tmpl file & css that can be edited or overridden.
* Many free as well as paid plugins available
* Paid support option available.

More than 17 Alert Plugins available for various Joomla Extensions !
( Note that Plugins have their own listings on the JED. This list is to give you an idea of the integrations available)
Free Plugins available -

* Joomla Latest Content Plugin
* Phoca Gallery Latest Photos Plugin
* Eventlist Latest Events plugin
* Kunena Latest Forum Posts plugin
* Latest users plugin ( Support for CB, JomSocial & Joomla)
* K2 Content Plugin
* SOBI2 listings plugin

Paid Plugins Available
* Mosets Tree Listings Plugin
* EasyBlog Plugin
* Docman Plugin

JomSocial plugins for J!MailAlerts
* JomSocial People you may know plugin
* JomSocial Network Suggestions plugin
* Latest Photos in JomSocial
* Latest Videos in JomSocial
* Latest Groups in JomSocial
* JomSocial Latest Events
* JomSocial Pending Connections

The code & UI has been completely revamped since ver 2.X to make it easy to use & manage..
Note : Please make sure you read the Documentation & Forum posts before adding negative reviews.

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Reviews: 1
Great extension, adds a helpfull extra functionality to any site. Thanks to the developers for providing it free of charge.

The developer makes custom plugins and has good support.
Reviews: 13
Great extension, adds that little bit of extra functionality to any site. Thanks to the developers for providing it free of charge.
Reviews: 2
I have worked with Joomla for many years(I started with Mambo!) and have built several websites. One of the things I learned was to find good and committed developers. TechJoomla is one of them.

I got two components and both of them work 100%. I had a little issue with J!MAILALERTS but it was my fault and TechJoomla provided a great support in helping me solve the problem.
Reviews: 3
Fantastic extension... works great and doesn't disappoint. Paid for techjoomla support to iron some bugs. All the issues were dealt with in a timely and courteous manner.
Reviews: 6
We were looking for something to keep our content pushed out to our members. We purchased the jomsocial plugins for this component and have been very happy. We found a few quirks along the way and we got responses to our trouble tickets within a day each time. The component is easily styled to match the look and feel of your site. Its fairly easy to configure as well.
Reviews: 1
It does exactly what it has been said and integrated both community builder news and K2 very easily. it is simple to set up. Thumbs up to the developers
Reviews: 1
I was so glad when I found this extension that not only includes news in a newsletter, but also info from the components Kunena forum and Eventlist. It is brilliant. It took me some time to get into, and I also needed some help from the support team. I payed for support, and they were very helpful. It is definetly worth it!
Reviews: 4
I was sad nothing to replace VEMOD in J 1.6, the only one free extension to push content. And I was happy to find this, very simple and more : you can push Kunena forum to for free !
It works every day and its fine !

Just somethong to improve, script is very slow, but perhaprs it's came from send mail ???

I will by jomsocial extensions in a few weeks

Tnak you
Reviews: 1
This software was exactly what my client needed for a website I was working on.

On top of the great software, I needed to make some customisations which Ashwin and the great team at techjoomla did for me. This support was way over and beyond anything I expected and I must say I was VERY impressed.

I cant recomend them highly enough and if you are thinking about this product.. think no more and trust me its the best.

Keep up the good work guys!!
Reviews: 26
Unlike to the few haters, I have had nothing but success with this extension. I had some issues at first and a quick posting in their forums directed me to find out the source of my issue (I'm using a dark theme, and it was putting white text on a white background, this has happened for various other modules as well).

My only wish would be for some more plugins for it.
Reviews: 2
This truly is a great extension that adds life to your site. I operate a social network on JomSocial and this extension integrates seamlessly with it as well as other extensions, i.e. EasyBlog, and Kunena (both of which I use as well).

Concerning the support, their support team will work until the extension and the add-on plugins are functioning properly on your site. I have had some issues with some plugins, and they were quick to provide support by working in my site's backend and even my SQL database. The last issue that I had was with the EasyBlog plugin (due to EasyBlog upgrade) and they were quick to re-write a new plugin to reflect the new EasyBlog code.
Reviews: 9
It's a great idea. But after hours of mucking about I'm no wiser. It just didn't work.

The plugins are confusing and there is no explanation that I can see as to the need to match a plug in versions against the core version.

Simulation didn't work. It insisted that the (valid) user ID entered wasn't valid. So there seems no way to test anything.

I'd pay for the "pro" version if I could get an absolute guarantee that it'd work. Alas, the "free" version isn't an encouraging introduction.

My head hurts. I'm going to stop now...
Owner's reply

Hi Fred,

Infact there is a commercial support subscription available if you need it ! You can buy it at the website & our support team can easily set it up for you.

Have you read the detailed documentation here :

We understand the extension can be confusing due to its great versatility & we have tried to make it as easy as possible to understand & use. If you read the docs throughly , you should not have any issues.

Regarding Plugins, its simple. The 1.X version of the component & plugins are depreciated. use the latest version in the 2.X series. Since we have over 20 plugins for the extension we are working out a better way to maintain them on the site to present them to uses in a better way.

Do reconsider your review & give it a shot again or contact us to let us help you set it up.


Reviews: 1
J!MailAlerts is a powerful communication tool that I use for my community site. The installation is easy and strait forward for any Joomla User. The set up does have some speed bumps, but the documentation and forums have plenty of info to get you going. I have had to contact support for a few issues, and they have gone above and beyond what I was expecting. We are sure to see great things come out of this component in future versions.
Reviews: 5
After spending a couple of hours trying to get this to work, i had to give up. It is so badly put together, badly documents and lacks structure. I have to agree with the comments of the first critical review below that says it is best to stick with joomla's email.
Owner's reply

I dont know how you can compare it to Joomla's Email ! this Is a completely different solution. Also there are hundreds of users who are successfully using this. I would suggest you read the documentation or use our Forum for Community for support.. If you need professional Support get a Support subscription..

Reviews: 3
There were some showstoppers in earlier versions, but the developer has been active in the forums and addressed all my concerns.

I'm using this component along with EventList to send announcements about new events to users.

I have some issues with setup using Firefox 4, but with production browsers the component and plugin work fine.

There were some initial issues with the cron job but that is also working fine now (version 2.01).

If you use Eventlist, this is a great addition. You can also create a Joomla menu item for users to edit their subscription preferences, using the standard Joomla menu tools.

The component has many other plugins too - for Kunena Forum (latest posts etc), Phoca Gallery, Community Builder...

Now that 2.01 is out this is highly recommended.
Reviews: 3
Really pleased to find an automatic email component - perfect for young forums and community sites where you have to work at getting users to return regularly.
The Component was easy to install and set up - documentation was straight forward. Based on Cron jobs which people seem to have problems with but the component delivers.
Reviews: 2
They have a good idea and could be a great product for jomsocial and community builder but sadly its half baked. They should have finished developing it before releasing it.

If they fix the problems with it, this could be a 5 star product.
Owner's reply

Hi Trance,

What are the issues you have been having with the extension ? Note that this is a little more complicated to configure than your average newsletter system & also understand how it works..I suggest you post on the community forums to get your issues solved as we have several users who are using it without an issue.

Reviews: 4
J!mailAlerts could be the coolest product for Joomla! in a long time. But no support, and no flexibility makes the product useless.

There is no developer documentation, so if you are looking to add support for you favorite joomla extension just forget about it.

You will honestly be better off just spending the hour or two a week it will take to make a fully custom News Letter and using Joomla's built in mass email features.
Owner's reply

Dear jthm0138,

We have provided great flexibility already in the product by providing plugin support. Adequate user documentation has also been provided. As said in our Release , we shall be providing developer documentation only after a month from release since we are refining it.

The requirements you had posted on the forum need custom development of additional plugins.. This you can do once the developer doc is out.

That plugins cant be copied is a Joomla Architectural constraint. To overcome this future versions will have support for modules as well.

As for support , if you need fast support via tickets, we have as support subscription available. We have made this product free & community supported via forums so that more people can benefit from it. But fast support is available commercially if you need it.