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RSMail! ComponentModulePlugin

RSMail! is built on Joomla! MVC .

With RSMail! you can organize your visitors into lists and send them newsletters and e-mails. RSMail! is the ideal extension for sending customized e-mails. Each list can have an unlimited number of custom fields that you can use when sending the e-mails.

RSMail! allows you to import subscribers by csv, create e-mail templates and track send results. You can also start the send session and pause it at any time. The sending session uses the Ajax technology that enables you to send e-mails to unlimited numbers of subscribers.

Users can subscribe to lists in various ways, directly from a subscribe module, or integrating with 3rd party extensions.

Now you can create auto-responder messages and create newsletters from Joomla! articles!

Seamless integration with:

* RSMembership!
* RSForm!Pro
* Joomla! User Registration
* K2

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Reviews: 9
The perfect solution to get a mailing list integrated with Joomla! Definately worth the money.

If you use other extensions by RSJoomla! (like RSMembership! or RSForm!Pro) it integrates perfectly with these to get even more functionality.

And last but not least: the support is amazing and answering in less than 24 hours!
Reviews: 5
I use rsmail and other products from RSJoomla since one year and the support is very fast and effective.
The extension works fine and I can install it easy and fast. After that if I have problems, the support team is very effective. Thank you very much for all your work.
Reviews: 11
I've been using this extension for one year now. It's never been so easy to make newsletter. I also combine RSMail with RSForm. Like it very much!!!
Reviews: 11
It's a good component, good functionalities and superb customer service. I do recommend it.
Reviews: 1
This is a good component. It's great that he is
Reviews: 1
RSMail! is already the 4th RSJoomla! component that I use and I'm very pleased with it. It works perfectly! Very stable.

Just as pleased I am with the support of RSJoomla! I had some special wishes and problems regarding the combination with RSForm! Pro. My questions were answerred fast and every time with the right solution. I'm a happy customer.
Reviews: 1
Our special template don't support this component, but the excellent support of RS team solved my problems'

Excellent support, excellent communication, and of course very fast!
Reviews: 5
Easy to installl and customize. Does what I need and no less.
And in case you need support: also excellent!
Reviews: 2
This tool does more than I needed for a very reasonable price and is very easy to use.

After initial installation issues, due to my faulty Joomla setup (my own fault), the RS-Team got it to run smoothly. So we're very happy with the very friendly and professional support.

5 Star from a happy, returning customer - RSForm! Pro is the Forms-extension I use for all my customers.
Reviews: 3
I really enjoy this component. I literally had a list imported and a message sent within an hour.

Highly recommended!
Reviews: 4
Great Component... had a few teething issues with trying to save my messages... turned out to be a problem with my editor, logged a fault, fixed within a day - thank you very much.
It's always great to see a product well supported!
Reviews: 2
So far it's been pretty easy to install this component and it works as it should. I did encounter a problem with how to change labels and buttons to my own language, but contact with their tech support gave me a fast and easy to follow solution. So all in all good value for money and great customer support!
Reviews: 1
Does exactly what you would expect. A simple and clean design of database, backend and frontend. Customisable where it is necessary. Took me a couple of days to get a full grasp on all aspect of the component. Can only congratulate the development team. No bugs worth mentioning so far. And quick and friendly support. Worth every euro I paid and more !
Reviews: 2
After frustrating trys with other componenents we took rsmail. For a book company we needed a easy to use interface with the possibility to have different templates and send a newsletter to multiple, different lists.
Because rsmail differs between lists, templates and newsletter, it is was flexible enough.
"Clean and Lean" is maybe the right description. Even if it is a 1.0 version there are very few things i would like to improve.
Reviews: 9
The Mail component itself offers almost all you can think of you need for a simple newsletter.
But, since it offers different subscriber lists it does not offer that a subscriber can choose in what list he/she will subscribing in. He/she can choose a list but the subscription goes in the list the admin has choosen as a default.
Maybe in one of the next versions a subscriber really does have the choice of subscribing to the list of his/her choice.
Reviews: 1
I writing this article because i had some problems with the layout of the unsubscribe part.
With a few mails with support, they give me the solution.
Reviews: 1
I was surprised on how good this component works. It provides all that you need for a newsletter component. The fact that you can integrate it with Rsform!Pro an create your own custom subscriber forms is even better. Support was fast an efficient! I totally recommend it.
Reviews: 1
Easy to use and works really well. The support answers really fast and with responses of great quality. I use it with RS Form PRO. Both together makes a powerfull tool to manage subcriptions and mailing lists.