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JooDatabase is simple and fast way to include and display external tables (collections, databases) into Joomla. It automatically generates pages containing the table data using editable templates for catalog and single entry views.

Special elements like print-icons and pagination-links are displayed at the desired position in the templates. JooDatabase handles the linking, routing between the pages automatically. The search plug-in provides search in your databases using the Joomla sitesearch component.

Some examples:
* {joodb printbutton} will insert a popup link to the print view of a dataset
* {joodb pagenav} insert a pagination object in the database list
* {joodb field|FIELDNAME} prints out the FIELD content at this position in the template

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Reviews: 1
Hi there
really good component, I recommend this
The developers of JooDB even gave me an extra programmed extension!
Reviews: 1
Though I've been a Joomla administrator for years (think Mambo), I finally registered for the sole purpose of giving this component a fair review. My Joomla needs recently required a tool for sorting multiple lists of people with attributes across as many tables. I searched the extensions for something that might work and JooDB stood out as holding the most promise. I have not been disappointed. I understand that some people are put off by having to understand how databases work, perform some administrative duties outside the Joomla admin console or modify frontend templates. However, JooDB provides a great balance of versatility vs. integration that has been essential for the success of my site. Unless you're designing your own extensions, you're left with offerings that guess at what your exact needs are or make a toolbox available to serve your purpose. I purchased the Pro version of this software and have since submitted suggestions for additional features.
Reviews: 10
I like the look and I like the frontend simplicity. That's a fiver. But for the rest...? Sorry, guys.

I use joomla because it's a tool to make nice sites without being a code wizard. I use it on an "IKEA level". That is, I'm not a carpenter who can or want to make my own furniture. Metaforically, you need to be both carpenter (html savvy), blacksmith (SQL savvy) and tailor (CSS savvy) to make this extension work at all.

It actually feels as if the whole point in using joomla - not needing to be code savvy - is totally evaded in this extension.

Joomla is a tool dependent on and created by other tools such as php, html, js and css. These tools work on a level below the complexity and ease of use of Joomla. Together they make something more complex and beautiful than themselves - Joomla. If I want to use Joomla as intended, I don't want to learn all the tools for making Joomla in the first place, in order to use it.

The first stumble block is creating a new database to actually do something. Pressing the usual New button to create a new database, you are asked to select the table you want to use from your MySQL database. There is no way to put in a new table as in ChronoForms or any of the other similar extensions. You have to create it through phpMyAdmin first, to be able to select it as New database, and that is sooo Not Joomla.

So, even though the looks are great in the demo, I cannot give you anything but a "very poor" rating, because as an average Joomla user, this extension is useless. If, on the other hand, this were a ful-fledged joomla extension, I would gladly pay the 50 euros to use the pro version, cause I somehow sense potential here.
Owner's reply

Sorry but your comment is unfair and highly unobjective as some of your other posts.

Instead of writing "I don't understand it" or "Its to complicate for normal users" you are flaming us. No word about the forum or the Documentation Database.

JooDB has a programmable Template engine. Of course it is not only "point and click". We never said this!

Some text from the about page:
"Wherever is light there is darkness also. JooDatabase was designed to be used as easy and flexible as possible. For you as administrator it means, that you have to know what your doing, as soon as you want to customize your database.

You should know the basics of CSS and HTML if you want to customize the design. You should understand SQL and how data is organized efficiently if you want to enhance your table. Also customizing templates can be frustrating without knowledge about the limitations of online editors."

Reviews: 1
Not an extension for a newbie, but a really valuable extension that does exactely what it promises! Very good for me. Little lack of documentation, but easy to use anyway. Even in this free version there is a lot of functionality. Definitely recommended for easy database table displaying.
Reviews: 1
As many others Joomla! users we have searched and tested many CCK before Joodb.

Very easy to understand, and start, you'll get good performance and stability even with quit big table.
If you are able to define your own table with phpMyadmin you have done half of the job!

We use Joodb for a 25.000 caps collection of sparkling wines, without any problem with the free extension.
We are so satisfied that we have purchased the pro version.

This extension should be better known. If you have this kind of needs, our advice is try it, before!
Reviews: 2
My problem was the attractive display of the data of an imported spreadsheet. I tested several components extensively. Most were overcharged on unnecessary features and hard to use. With Joodatabase I managed to present my data in a short time in an attractive design.
Support is excellent. Thanks to Berlin
Joodatabase is a real CCK!

* (Sorry for my "Google English")