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Custom HTML Advanced Module

Easily add custom HTML code within a module position with Custom HTML Advanced module for Joomla!

Compared to standard mod_custom it has the following features:

* No filtering (even for script tags);
* Override module position chrome to remove unwanted wrapping HTML code around the module;
* Add custom CSS code into HTML header for pages where the module is enabled.

Especially useful for:

* Advertisement code (such as AdSense or adBrite);
* Placing custom Javascript code within the page.

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Reviews: 1
I use this to place rss feeds, photo slideshows from Picasa, videos, Amazon book links and ads, etc. Just about everything works. Sorry, I don't remember the one or two times it didn't, but those were likely permissions from the link I was trying to place.
Great add-on.
Reviews: 47
Worked as a piece of cake. Thank to developer who made life easy with this great piece of tool.
Reviews: 5
I am new to joomla, and was able to get this installed and working well with only one support contact.

The download .zip file needs to be extracted before uploading, and there are two different .zip files inside the package.

The first one worked, but I had an error message across the top of the module. I contacted support, which returned my email within 24 hours, and got it working perfectly.

Super happy, thanks for the module. Would be even nicer as a plugin, but for a free add-on, it works fabulous :D
Reviews: 7
Works every bit as well in 3.2 as it did on 2.5. I'd be lost without this module.
Reviews: 1
Have been hitting a brick wall with trying to find a work around regarding custom HTML code. This module solved all my problems. It's simple and very easy/straight forward to use. Within 5 minutes I had the module up and running with my issues gone.
Reviews: 5
Easy to install, perfect for adding third party widgets to a website. Top marks!
Reviews: 2
Super module extension. Had to give it only a good as I did have problems with it - see reports - but problems were easily overcome.
Owner's reply

Php 5.4 fix now included in version 2.2

Reviews: 1
Thank you very much for such simple but excellent working model in Joomla 2.5. Without any problems.
Reviews: 4
I was afraid of installing this module because it hasnt been updated long time ago and it stil at version 1.0 but it does the trick. :) Other modules I tried could not separate the template css from mine in the module. This has this option and you can input your custom css independently. It wont broke the module. I would give a 5 star but the "HTML Header Options" doesnt work for me. When I saved the stylesheet link rel in the HTML Header Options area the area becomes always empty after saving. :(
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your feedback!

The parameter you mention wasn't designed to accept file names or link tag, it was accepting style information.

Since you and other people might need to reference an already existing .css file, additional parameter was added for that in 2.0.

Reviews: 7
I was looking to embed a Wufoo form on my site... this module worked perfectly without any configuration what so ever. Install it, add your code, done.

Well done, thank you!
Reviews: 1
i many extensions for adbride,but this one worked for me
Reviews: 12
Took minutes to set up, very easy to configure. I'll be using this on all my sites! Thanks for this simple must-have tool!
Reviews: 31
this is the best so far,,i did try some other modules ,,, but nothing comparing to this module,,,,i tried it for facebook box,,,man,,it works as welll,,,thank u again
Reviews: 5
I've used a few extensions for inserting code, some of which were very good but this one is by far the simplest. It is a module only but you can also use it for inserting scripts into content using the standard Loadposition plugin so I can't think of anything else I would want it to do.
Reviews: 3
Love jumi and jce but couldn't get a simple mailchimp script to embed with either. Found this extension and it worked first time. Nothing fancy, just a simple module that does exactly what you need with no problems. Thanks for the great extension.
Reviews: 1
I was really scratching my head because all I had was the TinyMCE editor and it was stripping off HTML I pasted in. I installed this baby and, a few minutes later, had the widget I was trying to install working perfectly. Just remember to open the Zip file and pull the embedded Zip out - that's what will work with the Upload and Install for the new module.

Thanks so much!
Reviews: 71
There are many times when it's handy to drop some Javascript inside a module, and this extension makes it incredibly easy. Install, copy and paste your script into the module, and you're done :)
Reviews: 1
I could not find out a way of inserting the twitter widget onto my joomla! 2.5.1 site, no matter what I did, it removed the iframes. This module worked a treat. Full credit to the developer. Thanks!
Reviews: 4
Tried to get another extension to work for 2 days. Had this going in 10 minutes. Thank You
Reviews: 2
Do note that you have to unpack the zip file it comes in to get the Mod with the XML loader. Worked first time; works as advertised. Very simple to use.
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