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Head CSS Script Module

--- FEATURES ---
★ Both 1.5, 2.5 and 3.X in the package.
1. Insert CSS, JavaScript code to the Head.
2. Show any HTML to Front-end.
3. you can link any extra .css and .js file to head.
3. Put favicon.ico to head.

★ So Insert Google Analytics at Head.
★ Show facebook like box or other facebook plugins.
★ By inserting CSS style in a particular page, you can alter the theme of that page. So you don't need to make different profile for that page.
★ So by inserting scrpt at head, you can add Google Analytics, Facebook Plugins or any other script, CSS to your site .
★ It's a very Basic tool for every Joomla Users.
★ You can add suffix to module ID.
★ Free Installation support.
★ Very tiny and easy to setup.
★ Unlimited usage with unlimited Domains.
★ You will love to use it.

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Reviews: 1
This was just what I needed. Being new to Joomla it took me a little bit to figure out how to get unique instances of this module added to separate pages (install, then duplicate, display on the specific page and be sure it's displaying in a position that is in the right place on the template).

In a perfect world, it would be nice if you could add more than one js and css include file to the head, but I can make this work.
Reviews: 1
Having used Head CSS Scripts from Contona, I can honestly say that the script works perfectly in Chrome, Firefox and Safari. I am having a problem with IE9 and Opera but the support I am getting is excellent. Rajesh has been very prompt and efficient and is continuing to resolve this problem. I will not hesitate to download extensions from Contona in the future.