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Art Table Module

Art Table extension is a tool that shows sortable, filterable, customizable tables from SQL query, CSV file, HTML table. Charts can be shown as well.

- Supports 4 table types, each with its own functions and styles
- Tables are sortable, resizable, filterable. Pagination support
- Can show sortable grid from HTML table, CSV file, SQL query
- Multiple databases are supported: you can easy get any data from various database types and show it in a nice grid: MySQL, MS SQL, Sqlite, Postgres and may others
- Can display line, area, bar, column, pie charts from HTML table, CSV file or database. Charts are cross-browse and can be display in IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, etc.
- Can generate Excel/XLS files from SQL query, working as SQL 2 Excel
- Module comes with dozens of themes for Data Table
- Can recognize links and images and show them in a table
- No need in plugin codes or heavy configurations - user-friendly module will help you to set up the table you need
- Easy to apply external and internal styles
- Supports predefined parameters to passed to SQL query: USER_ID - currently user ID; ARTICLE_ID - current article ID

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Reviews: 7
I asked for a little changes in the extension, and Artetics team sent me a new file with the changes.
Reviews: 4
We have a variety of MySQL databases that registered users and admin of our web site need to access. ArtTable has been the quickest and easiest tool to make that data available is a viewable, searchable form. Artetics products are affordable and easy to install and use. Documentation is sparse, but most steps are intuitive or can be understood from the limited documentation. My only criticism would be that then need to integrate with the Joomla 2.x and up extension update mechanism so that when new version of ArtTable are available, current users get notified. Overall, we highly recommend ArtTable
Reviews: 4
Have a fairly simply but long set of records I wanted sorted and I wanted them to all display on one page. One email to support and they were ON IT. It took a couple more emails/tweaks to get it just right, but they were quick and very helpful. If you need to show data in a sortable table format, you will love this extension.
Reviews: 4
Art Table is a useful extension - in my case, I did use it to present a bunch of data of used parts which shall be sold. So the people, which are interested in finding a specific part can sort the table by any criteria and will find the wanted items immediately.
In addition I want to mention that the support is fast, competent and kind.
Many thanks for that great work to the team of Artetics.
Reviews: 1
When I searched for extension, I found that this module is suitable for my website. After I tried the lite version, I decided to buy art table full version. This module is great, easy to use. And the most important thing is the excellent support by artetics team. Two thumbs up for this guys!
Reviews: 1
I bought this module, installed it, and was up and running in a couple of minutes. It's amazing how easy and clean this module is. In addition it's a highly customizable and has(almost) every function you could wish for. In my case, my client wasn't quite happy with the layout and I asked for help at the Artetics forum. Artetics said that what I wanted was impossible to do, BUT that they would MAKE A CUSTOMIZED MODULE FOR ME. They did. For free. A whole new module, just as easy, just as clean as the original. With even more functionality. I can't stress enough how highly I recommend this module and the support at Artetics.I feel I made the best deal ever!
Reviews: 5
I'm very happy that I purchased this extension. I had intended to use it for only one purpose but can now see that it can be used in a number of ways on my site that will provide extra value to my customers. Art Table does exactly what it says plus more.

And thanks for the awesome support! I was not only explained how to use the many features, but was shown actual examples within my site.

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a simple and robust system for displaying data and charts.
Reviews: 1
This extension is really great. Easy to install and to use. I had my database records displayed on a web page in a matter of minutes. For more difficult output than the standard table I asked the support for examples (add hyperlinks to some of the fields and and other things). The support gave me very helpful suggestions and wrote the examples for me that allowed me to display my database records within an article. The answers came prompt, at the same day. First class!
Reviews: 1
When I got the module, I thought I would get some manual on how to use it. I think the provided module should contain some words on how to use the module. However, the support was quick on answering my questions and soon I got the module working as expected. Actually, it is easy to use it.

Moreover, I got the support I could not imagine. The thing is that if you work with csv files, you set the file path in the module settings. Thus, if you would like to use another file, you have to copy the module with a different name to assign it to a different csv files. Since I would have potentially a lot of different csv files, I thought it would be more convenient to have a single copy of the module and an option for choosing different files directly in the article editor. I informed Artetics about my idea and guess what - Artetics wrote a plug-in that does the work and gave me for free, and indeed it works as I wished. Great support.
Reviews: 1
I have just recently started using Joomla and required a searchable table for displaying a list of songs with links to audio files for a Gospel Choir website. team (Art Table support) helped me get my tables up and running and even emailed me a modified version to better suit my needs. I was able to set up the table using a .csv file for the data input by simply searching the support section of the extension for the information I needed and then emailing the support team for further assistance. Very impressive support.
Reviews: 1
I have just had three issues with Art Table (paid version) that were solved quickly and effeciently by Artetics support. They were most helpful up to and including sending me a new version of the module install file to solve one of the problems.
Reviews: 2
Art Table is well worth the money!!! I cannot say enough about the support. My company requested some modifications to the module and team delivered. They were quick to respond and very professional. The module is pretty easy to set up and configure. It looks good and is easy for the end user to navigate. Many thanks to artetics!
Reviews: 1
I faced a problem with SQL Query and a sqlite database. It was a sqlite3 one and this was somehow not working in the module. It's been fixed in a couple of days after I got to support (most of the delay was my doing as I was away from home). Another issue that raised when using JA T3 framework based template was solved with the same efficiency.
Efficient and fast support.
Reviews: 1
I bought this product couple of weeks back and initially had some issue using it, but the support was too good, the artetics team was always ready to help. Response to any questions I asked was quickly answered. This is a simple and nice product. Giving 4 star because it met most of my needs though not all, which I can understand is not possible.I plan to customize it partly as per my need.
Reviews: 1
The best way to show .csv or SQL tables in Joomla! portal. Easy to install and customize, and they have great support to solve my problems. It's a great bargain for $20!
Reviews: 1
I got the paid version of this extension in order to convert .csv files into a table output on a client website. The module does exactly as advertised with no problems.

The existing module uses the first line of the csv file as a header, which wasn't a good solution for me. However, when I brought this to their attention the developer added the ability to define the headers in the module itself, within just a day or two. Great support!
Reviews: 4
Bought Art Table recently, but I'm a newbie on Joomla. I contacted their support and without asking, they went the extra mile by requesting access to the backend of my website and actually solving the problem. Well worth the money.
Reviews: 1
I have found Art Table to meet my needs in displaying a variety of SQL data on our website. The lack of documentation is more than made for by the excellent support staff. They have been able to guide through getting started with their interface and understanding how the extension works. The ability to pass through the user id to filter data is a great feature.
Reviews: 1
Purchase the component, so easy to install and start working. Plus my customer can just upload a .csv file every week to update their own inventory. Had 1 issue with .js file, posted a question on the forum and within 15 minutes I had an email, a fix, and a fully functional component. Great work and unsurpassed service, worth every penny!!
Reviews: 1
I have been using this component with a very large data table on a real estate ads site ... with over 2000 table entries. Recently I wanted to add images, on click image redirects, email innvocation to the table and the Artetics Team have been very responsible and helpful, even when I have asked dump questions, not being a programmer, but a lay Joomla user.

If you want to display a table, that looks and has the standard behavior of an excel table I believe this is the best Joomla component on the market as I tried several.

What makes an excellent component is whether you receive the support you need, and whether that support is timely and userfriendly.

Thanks Artetics team, for your supportive help and I look forward to now updating my large table with pictures, email entries etc.

See to get an idea of the performance of this component with a very large table.
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