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ARI Data Tables ModulePlugin

New version of mighty Joomla! tables module is available. "ARI GChart" widget is responsive now.

ARI Data Tables module converts HTML tables into powerful and functional tables with possibilities to sort, filter and paging data. It can also create different charts based on data from tables. The extension can load data from SQL databases and CSV files.

Main features:

* User friendly interface;
* Can load data from Joomla! database or from external database. Many different database types is supported;
* Can load data from CSV files (can load remote CSV files, provides ability to use "contains" and "equals" data filters);
* Provides a variety of widgets to display data: ARI Data Table, ARI Table Sorter, ARI Data Visualiser, ARI MooTable, ARI GChart, ARI Tiny Table;
* Can show loading icon until the data are loaded;
* Can add vertical and/or horizontal scrolling to large table (This ability provides "ARI Data Tables" widget);
* Provide possibility to render plain HTML table based on data from CSV file or database. Display of this table can be customized with help CSS;
* Adds filter, sorting, paging functionality to table;
* Can recognize links and converts them to HTML representation. Target attribute of a link can be specified;
* Creates charts based on data from table;
* Multiple instances of the module can be used on one page with different settings;
* Provides possibility to configure different columns parameters;
* "ARI Data Table" widget supports server side pagination for "SQL" source type;
* Highly customizable;
* Works in all modern browsers;
* Can display module in Joomla! articles with help ARI Data Tables plugin.

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Reviews: 7
One of the most useful extensions I have used. The ability to wrap a JQuery based table around an SQL query, with endless formatting options and css overrides makes presenting structured data a matter of a few minutes work. This powerful collection of plugins and modules has saved me days of custom work. It would benefit from some decent documentation, the notes you get with it don't begin to reveal all of the things it can do, but the support on Ari Soft's forum is instant. If they can't work out the answer, they are happy to go onto your site and help out.
Reviews: 3
This is a really great product and even better support!

Ari Data Tables did exactly what I needed it to do, show my client specific information within the the Joomla database.

I, however, would not have been able to script the SQL queries correctly with out the help of the support team at ARI. They were responsive, thorough and very fast. Just amazing

Yes, it would be better if there were more documentation available, but in lieu of that, they have top notch support.
Reviews: 4
This product is very useful. ARI team help me to solve some problems. Many thanks indeed !
Reviews: 3
I am a complete novice and had never written a sql query in my life. But Ari Support walked me through the entire process step by step and it was remarkably easy! Not only that, but they respond almost immediately to every request. 100% satisfaction!!
Reviews: 1
One of the best joomla extension out there. I can't think of a situation where it will not benefit you.
Reviews: 3
The Plugin does exactly what i expected. After installation and small setup issues, the Support helped me really fast with individual fixes, strong!
Reviews: 1
I love this app and it worked great right out of the box to convert my .CSV files to HTML tables in joomla. The built in styles are very nice and I was easily able to customize them to match my website. When I wanted to put the .CSV files on so that my client could easily update them, the customer support was awesome when I needed help getting that to work. This is a really good extension and well worth the price.
Reviews: 3
I bought this extension in order to use tables to display query results. It worked right out of the box and I had data displayed in under three minutes.

I look forward to trying the graphing functions.
Reviews: 1
I find the module excellent. I had a little problem due to my server configuration. The support has found a solution. Thanks for the help !
Reviews: 4
I needed an extension for two of my customers with e-commerce sites that would query the products and sales tables and display them in a readable format from the front end. This product does exactly what they say it will do. I am not a SQL guy and needed help with queries. Their support went beyond my expectations and have helped me produce a usable report that saves me time and money.

The only thing that would make this better is to have the ability to filter the query.

Thank You!
Reviews: 1
I am really surprised how easy I installed and configured my first data table, extracting data out from a MySQL DB.
But, the most important thing, is the outstanding support I received this weekend. In a couple of hours, I asked three questions and received immediate support with the correct answers.
Thanks a lot ARI. Excellent job.
Reviews: 4
Is is Really an Excellent Module with a very low cost.
with an extraordinarily excellent and quick support.
Reviews: 1
ARI Data Tables is an excellent extension which flawlessly does what it says it would do. Support is amazing -I wanted some special features and they answered my question and helped me with the code right away. Really great!
Reviews: 1
This product is easy to set up and
works great! I am also impressed with their support, ask a question and get an answer right away.
Reviews: 2
This module can do everything we asked it to do - and there is much more available that we have not asked it to do yet!
The support is ultra-quick and very helpful, from the helpless newbie to things that are possibly not a problemm with this tool but due to clashes with other tools etc - help has always been very quick and has solved every problem so far.
Reviews: 4
This is an amazing joomla tool. I truly don't know how I survived this long without it! You can run any SQL query and have the database display on your website, download, csv,pdf,print. The options are really endless and only seem limited by your imaginations.

I also must say Ari has the best support I have ever dealt with. We are talking minutes - never hours for responses! They are incredible! So knowledgeable! Responses to fixes within minutes (the only hold up was my lack of speed in implementing their responses).

This is a must have query tool for every website!!!
Reviews: 1
If you require data to be displayed seamlessly on your website then ARI Data Tables is what you want, nothing else comes close on matching the features of ARI Data Tables and the functionality.

We use it daily to display analysed stock market data. What makes it so useful are the sortable columns and search function.

Don't be put off by the cost effective price of the module, it is extremely powerful.

The support we have received is just amazing and second to none. All questions are answered quickly and problems always solved.

Asking support on how to do something will help you get the full benefits from the Data Table module

ARI are the first people we now go to now when looking for a Joomla extension.

Well done guys, its great to experience good software and incredible support.
Reviews: 12
My needs were simple (smile), a 100,000 record CSV file that I needed to build a website around, using the coolest paginated display, that was able to match my style sheets, had graph capabilities, could use server-side pagination to provide instant response & fast loads, was extremely easy for a novice to program (that would be me), and had some of the finest support, support that was so good you actually felt that had team members with you, and had a ridiculously low price for a world-class extension.

This is the only option.. Run to place this, and any other ARI Soft extension into your cart! You will be glad you did. Thank you ARI Soft, you are amazing...
Reviews: 1
This extension addressed an issue that I thought was impossible. Simple to use, if you understand sql query's and if you don't...the support is the best I have ever seen. You absolutely do NOT get left hanging.
Reviews: 4
I'm so happy that I found this extension.

I was tasked with outputting information kept in a database. I had to worry about pagination, search, visual appeal, etc.

I started to think about how to proceed and quickly realized that it's better to look for an extension.

I sent my boss the link to purchase ARI Data Tables and like a good boss, he listened to me and didn't ask questions.

He made the purchase and within 45 minutes, I had the extension installed and outputting data!

I then tinkered with it as the week went on and now the output looks just how we want it.

The cost for this extension has been the best money spent developing our website.
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