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Art Data is a collection of user interface solutions.
It contains several plugins to work with tables, images and photo, data presentation, translation, charts and pies, menu and bookmarking. Each of effects is displayed on the page using simple plugin tag. Support several database types to get data from and display in appropriate format.

Simple how-to with demos:

* 34 plugins that come as a single package to work with and show:
- tables - sortable tables with paging, resizing and filtering support, ability to retrieve data from various databases and show in a configurable grids
- charts and graphs - several line, bar, pie, tristate, discrete, bullet, box charts, 3D graphs
- images - image slideshow, image lightbox and popup, image zoom, image reflection, Flickr support, etc.
- translation - tools to translate part of the page of full page
- data presentation - flip, notifications, items arrange
- many others - clock, iframe, bookmark, context menu, Google maps, query database, embed file, etc.

* More information and demo:

Included plugins:
Art Flexigrid - Feature rich data grid
Art SQL Table - Easy way to display database content in the table. Can connect to various types of databases
Art CSV 2 Table - Plugin to generate tables and charts from CSV file
Art Data Table - Easy accessible data in tabular view
Art Table Sorter - Sortable table
Art Table 2 Tree - Tree table
Art Moo Table - Sortable table

Charts and graphs:
Art Visualize - Easy way to visualize data
Art Sparkline - Small highly customizable inline charts
Art 3D Graph - 3D Graph
Art Table 2 Pie - Easy Pies
Art Bar - Nice bar

Images, galleries, popups:
Art Image Slider - Fancy image slider
Art Magnify - Easy image zoom
Art Reflection - Easy image reflection
Art Fullsize - Image popup
Art Colorbox - lightbox extension that can display photos, photo groups, slideshow, external pages, Flickr photos in highly customizable popup window
Art Draggable - large draggable images

Data presentation:
Art Quick Flip - Flipping content
Art Moo Data - Data presentation
Art Notification - Customizable notifications

Art Text Translate - Tool to translate any text on the page in popup
Art Translate - Translate any page content
Art Translate Page - Page translation

Art Clock - Customizable Clock
Art IFrame - embed external pages
Art Bookmark - Bookmarking functionality
Art Context menu - Customizable context menu

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Reviews: 1
I needed a plugin in order to build a gallery with a magnifier on the enlarged image. Te Artdata component was the one that was close to what I wanted. I bought te component an implemented te code into another plugin.
When I didn't get it completely right the team responded on my questions swiftly. When it was finished it seemed that in certain browsers the loading had some hickups. After sending my question the team updated the component and it worked perfectly afterwards. In addition, they even sended the updated files as a zipped component, ready for install. brilliant.
Reviews: 2
We have been using this set of plugins for 3 years now and it has been great. Very clean, efficient and easy to install and use.

We just had a jQuery conflict and the support team has been extremely responsive. They spent 2 days with us to try to figure out the issue and resolve it. We got it done. Very awesome and probs to the team.

Low cost, high quality. Thank you guys.
Reviews: 2
Purchased the ArtData extension and had issues running it on my site - these guys went in and fixed it within hours. Then I was suggesting some formatting attributes, they immediately followed up with a full set of configuration options through the plugin attributes!

Awesome, best service I've had so far...definitely worth it!
Reviews: 51
There are so many possibilities in this product, that it's mindboggling, the difficulties in implementation is no so much how to get it working, but more a question of which solution you want.
There's not much that this thing can't do, extraction directly from sql, into tables, graphs, csv files to nice figures and a lot of other stuff. Very versatile, and nice.
Support is in a league of its own, very responsive, and very helpfull.
Reviews: 1
Can't recommend this product highly enough and the support has been second to none. The issue I had wasn't even with the product it was with my template. Support re-configured there component to work in my template - 1st class support!!!
Reviews: 2
Thanks support and thumbs up for this product. With my historical website I have many data to show and make it in one view understandable. With Art Data I can do that easily. At the beginning as blond and old as I am I struggled with the codes. But with the great support of Art Data I could solve it in not time. So thumbs op for Art Data
Reviews: 1
Using art data got a problem in embedding the plugin in rsform component. Excellent support
Reviews: 1
I am running complex SQL functions to interogate my user database and display into tables. The art data package has lots of options to display it.
I would not hesitate to recommend it.
Big Pros:
support is fast and helpful (before and after purchase), I used email but forum is active too.
easy to install and use
Small Cons:
Be better if forum had more worked examples to help resolve problems yourself,
Reviews: 1
I bought this component to enrich data representation on my website. But I was struggling with JQuery conflict problem, which was not their product problem.
But after contacting the support they provided me the solution and even went to backend and modified the source code.
Now All Set.
Many thanks for excellent product and Excellent support. Looking forward to use their other extensions.
Reviews: 1
This is the sort of product that is so flexible you start looking for more and more ways to use it! I've been using it for over 2 years now and recently one of the articles on my website that makes use of an Art Data function (artmootable) stopped working. I contacted support who offered some suggestions for things to check, but nothing panned out so they had a look at my site and within a very short time they came back with the solution - even though the problem was not with their product! Brilliant. Oh, did I say it's really good value for money, too?
Reviews: 1
This extension is really excellent, its support has been out of the box for me, I appreciate it so much. I recomend this extension to anyone even with my eyes closed!!!
Reviews: 1
I brought this component a few months ago, and since then I have found more and more uses for it. It is simply excellent, however the documentation could be a little clearer but if you get stuck the forum/support is the best I have experienced.

Last week I could not get the plugin to work within another third party component and contacted support.
Not only did they fix my issue (which wasn't to do with there product I must add) but also sent me customized file for the component I was using. Wow

For the money, can you afford NOT to have this product. Thanks again for the excellent product and the ongoing support.
Reviews: 1
This is the core of our Joomla site now.

The ability to consolidate management information to one place is fantastic, and for such a low price point. Also from multiple sources.

I have had a few issues with getting the product up and running but the support from the guys has been first class. The issues that I had were environmental and not actually with this product. The Artetics team helped me reconfigure my server (way above and beyond expectations) to get me working.

This should be on every one's list of must have plugins !
Reviews: 40
I have only been using this extension for a couple of days, but I am already so impressed I had to write a review. I tried other extensions on the JED, all claiming to be powerful tools to present data. NONE of them can match the power and simplicity of the ArtData.

Within minutes of installing, I was generating sortable tables, bar charts, pie charts, and progress bars based on my stored data. The Artetics website is absolutely LOADED with real-world examples of uses for this product. I was able to easily locate the code for exactly what I needed to do, and it worked flawlessly! No matter what I threw at the extension it simply worked as I expected.

However, like any piece of software, what really makes or breaks an extension is the support. I have to say that after 5 years working in Joomla, I have rarely found support as good as provided by Artetics. First of all, their forum is constantly monitored. The admins give answers which are thorough, and offer complete solutions for the question. I had a question about use of the ArtBar plugin for ArtData, and in less than 40 minutes I had a complete workable solution. To me, that is extraordinary support!! Just take a look at their forum and see how many unanswered posts there are. You will not find many, and they won't last long. These guys are on the ball!

This is the first extension I have purchased from Artetics, and I have decided it will certainly NOT be the last. Support like this is invaluable to me, and I have become a believer in ArtData and Artetics. Great work, guys!!

Reviews: 1
I have been using Art Data for my company since 1.5 and it has worked great. It is very full-featured and looks great. When I was upgrading to 1.7, I wasn't sure what to do, but the support team at Artetics were very helpful and clear. I am very happy with the extension and I'd definitely recommend it if any of the effects are what you're looking for.
Reviews: 16
ArtData has enabled me to quickly and easily incorporate SQL reports, graphs, and much more for my clients needs. The support via the Forum is top notch.

Sort of the Swiss Army Knife of Joomla! extensions. Very cool.
Reviews: 1
It's a really great support and service I have received. It beats all other places where I have also received support. Can be highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
The extensions of Artetics (I bought ArtData) are really useful for shaping the layout of tables (for example tables copied from Excel).

But what is really stunning is the speed of the support guys: I received a working solution for my problem within half an hour!
Reviews: 1
Very usefull and top premium service support!
Reviews: 1
A very useful extension. Simple to install and to use. Flexible and with a good support service.
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