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SWFobject module Module

With this module you can use the syntax of the SWFObject script to insert a Flash object inside a module in Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and 3.x. leaving the HTML code clean and validated.

SWFObject is an easy-to-use and standards-friendly method to embed Flash content, which utilizes one small JavaScript file.
This module includes version 2.2 of SWFobject.
It's compatible with all browsers, so you no longer have to go crazy distinguishing code for each one.

If you want help with the translation into your language just send me the en-GB.mod_swfobject.ini file translated, indicating the language. I'll add it to the next update.
Donations are welcome!

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Reviews: 9
...great Module ..... but the Alternative content area does not work ...

its fast and flexible .. but with lack of documentation .. even though you do not really need that ..but how to place a picture alternatively is a wonder ;-)

thanx and support would be great if there would be any
Reviews: 2
U+I was trying to add some flash objects on my joomla site. thanks to SWFobject programmers team for building this extension. Now i can embed any flash components by this extension's help.
Reviews: 1
Must say I had some initial concerns but the support team behind this little fabulous piece of kit got it working and I have to say it was my ignorance that caused it to fail in the first place...Thanks so much are very clever and I love this little module now...I am off to create
Reviews: 1
Excellent extension. I struggled for hours trying to embed a swf file in my site and thankfully found this!!! Thanks so much. Is there a way to loop a file?
Owner's reply

of course, you can use:
parameter name 1: loop
parameter value 1: true


Reviews: 35
This worked quickly and out of the box. I'm having difficulty with one aspect of a complext flash application - xml-driven imageloaders aren't working for me and so far no answer on the support forum. But all other aspects of the application (including xml menus) work perfectly.
Reviews: 1
Very easy install. I'm no web wizard - it's all jargon to me so it has to be simple! A simple yet so useful extension. I searched for ages for a 2.5 compatible flash player and it came down to two products. This one won out on every level. I've now got my two animations for my wife's website running very nicely. I can't take all the credit though with an almost instant response from technical support on a simple (as it turned out) configuration question. Many thanks Wal!d.
Reviews: 1
really a fine piece of programming. for a joomla!admin easy to apply.
works great with no problems.
Owner's reply

thanks for your rating!
it's a pleasure to read words like yours! next thing I'll do is check compatibility with joomla 3.0

best regards!

Reviews: 16
Works as advertised. No fuss, no problems.
Well done. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
I have tried using the Flash module extension before without success then I tried with this one and everything goes very good for me... it´s totally compatible with joomla 2.5 version.
Reviews: 4
Great extension! I had a few problems making my flash banner to go under the menu and this module solved it in no time.

I was able to see the menu in Safari and FF (mac) but not in IE, Chrome or FF (PC).

With this I just set the window mode to transparent and it started to work like it should in all browsers.
Reviews: 4
Download, install, configure - done!

It's so easy, no tutorial and no explanation is required.

Thank you very much!
Reviews: 6
Decided to try it in a development site in joomla 2.5 - works fine, had the swf file in correct place in template in about five minutes.
Reviews: 7
This extension works great! It did what it said, and also it taught me to implement something in joomla that I didn't know how to do it. Just pay attention to the parameter's info and it will guide you (with a little knowledge of your part) to what should be done to make it work. Thank you for the good job and I hope you will keep update it later on!
Reviews: 3
Easy to install, pointed right to the path where my flash file was stored at it was perfect. I noticed there is no setting (or at least I couldn't find it) to center the image, so I just figured out to set the width of the flash movie to the entire width of the page and it centered it automatically. Thank you for the extension!
Reviews: 1
it works as promised. I actually tried another .swf module before but got disappointed. This one delivers
Reviews: 1
Thanks to developer of this module, it solved my confusion.
Reviews: 36
I use this with Joomla 1.7 and it works. Thanks to developer!
Reviews: 1

Can you please specify how to define the variables and make the appropriate calls? Where do I exactly write this? Thank you !!
Reviews: 2
it does the job would like it to let me browse to the file I wanted to use though...
Reviews: 3
i have tried lot of extensions.for my website banner. but i did not find them user fiendly. but this extensions is very easy user friendly.
i love this app. it saved my time
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