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MightySites ComponentPlugin

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  • This extension requires registration to download.
MightySites allows you to run multiply sites on same Joomla installation and share database data between different Joomla sites.

No hacks of core files are required and no Joomla! core files are patched.*

Ability to use content, users (with Community Builder and JomSocial support) from other sites.

You can have many Joomla! websites using a single hosting account, with same users and JomSocial contents but with different template etc.

Single login and logout feature is implemented for your websites. Session sharing is possible if sites have same top-level domain.


- Using parked domains (also known as domain aliases) as separate websites hosted on same Joomla! installation.
- Ability to create virtual sites in subfolders ( hosted on same Joomla! installation.
- Cloning databases for new sites from existing sites.
- Sharing database data of default Joomla! components for Extensions, Permissions, Users, Templates, Categories, Content, Languages, Menus, Modules, Newsfeeds, Weblinks, Banners, Contacts, Smart Search.
- Single frontend login/logout in specified Joomla! websites if login/logout on website with the extension installed (requires installation of plugins to all sites).
- Single frontend login/logout in domains with same top-level domain ( and via session sharing.
- No hacks to Joomla! are required*.
- Overrides for sites running with single database and files: custom CSS files, custom homepage menu item selection, custom frontend template style selection, ability to hide menu items and modules, custom Favicon image, custom language file loading, custom 'File Path' and 'Image Path' settings of Media Manager, 'New User Registration Group' of Users Manager.
- Sharing database data of 3rd-party extensions from different websites. We can add the desired extension if you wish, please contact Support for checking the availability of using the 3rd-party extension before purchase.
- Free installation on request.

Please read about all features and find case studies on our site!

* Only configuration.php file is auto-changed by the component.

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Reviews: 5
I was surprised when Joomla don't have multisites feature as core. Since I'm not a developer, create subdomain is a big challenge for me. I tried some other solution and couldn't get good result until I find Mightysites.
I was a bit lost as the beginning since this is a new thing for me. However, the developer answerd me carefully and guide me step by step to achieve what I need.
Strongly recommend for multisite solution! This extensions indeed should be put as core in next Joomla big release.
Reviews: 5
I am using this component for multiple sites sharing data and users login. This is (in my way of view) the only component that actually enables data share over multiple websites in Joomla. Especially for sharing jreviews data it's great. It's easy to setup and manage. Great job!
Reviews: 1
We are migrating our current Web infrastructure to Joomla. This software was one major of the reason to do it, because we had several troubles with our current software environment.

we are newbies in joomla, so therefore liked as well the support from this team, quite responsive and quick solutions
Reviews: 1
We have a J3.0 site sharing data from a J2.5 site. We've had a couple issues but the support staff response has been fast and detail oriented. Kudos!
Reviews: 2
This is a wonderful extension. I was able to link all my sub domains to a set of users so that they all have a universal login to all sites. It was so simple that out of excitement i made some mistakes I found difficult to correct.
I created a support ticket (as it was during the weekend) only hoping to get a response maybe by midday on monday. To my surprise, the support team attended to my problems in a short while despite it being sunday afternoon! Kudos
Reviews: 4
Wow! Let me tell you this extension was even more powerful than I expected. Well worth the price and fairly easy with the supplied documentation to setup.

I had no issues getting it going and works well for me to share selected contents from my main site with 5 other satellite sites.

Using several different templates and sharing selected contents among the sites. Works well with the various other components and extensions I have installed in the various installation. Absolutely top notch!
Reviews: 6
This is a handy tool for Joomla Multi Sites and I recommend this product every one who builds a Multi-Domain Site.
Reviews: 4
I recently started building a Jomsocial site knowing at one point I wanted to add a Virtuemart Multivendor store. To my surprise (although when I did more research I realized that it shouldn't have been) Virtuemart wasn't available for Joomla 3x. These guys found everything I needed to share to make what I needed to work just work. They are miracle workers!
Reviews: 7
We have a handful of web sites which we wanted to share several components and user data between. Which our not very good experiences which Joomla Multi Sites for two years ago in our back head, we were sure that we would have problems achieving our plans and requirement.

Spending some time researching and a pre-sales email to AlterBrains, we found the key to all our plans; “MightySites”.

We bought it and agreed a date for the support for AlterBrains to install it for us. We were set for a session of two to three hours, and we found it hard to believe that it only took 20 min. to get everything going. We were therefore, skeptic about if it would work but our worries were proven wrong.

MightySites does make it possible to share everything we wanted and more too.

I highly recommend MightySites and I am grateful for the great support we have had even on questions, which have been beyond MightySites.
Reviews: 1
I can not say enough about the fantastic support , very high standard..and super fast.

What would have taken me weeks if not months to accomplish , the support team help me zip through it . Now have 4 fully functioning sites. Well Done guys keep up the great work, and service !! 5 STARS !!!
Reviews: 1
Very good extension, but I guess you already know about it
very easy to use and flexible
Unlimited domains, websites, on one Joomla!
Just match your component whit database with a domain..... EASY !!!!!!!!
What in particular turn attention to you, is a support!!
Never meet in my live a That fast working developer
Very helpful and honest
I wish you luck with other Joomla users
Reviews: 1
This extension has helped me create a portal with subdomains on the same database! Everything works perfectly, quickly and easily. Even at version 3.2. Responsive customer support. They help quickly. Also I discovered for myself Direct Alias ​​- a very necessary and useful plugin! All the best to the developers!
Reviews: 1
This is a very functional extension! Customer support was the best I ever had, 5 star!
Reviews: 1
I just bought this extension to manage multiple sites on my server, installed it and configured everything. It's very simple and effective - a great extension!
Reviews: 3
This is the best thing that ever happened to my site! Customer support was the best I ever received. It took a couple weeks to get the hang of things, but my website is better than ever. THANK YOU!
Reviews: 6
This software does everything it says it does and will be a great tool for anyone managing multiple Joomla sites.

Installation was frustrating as documentation is a bit on the thin side, but support is prompt, polite, and knowledgeable, so it's hard to hold it against them.

The publisher seems like a young company. I hope they get plenty of business because I am really looking forward to working with them and with future versions of the software.
Reviews: 3
I love this component! I'm still busy with it, but I love the idea to exchange all the users. Otherwise, I had to keep 4 websites up-to-date with the users. Right now, it's only one.

It was easy to install. It look me a while to find out how I should get it to work (with the different databases, but the support was fast and helped me.
Reviews: 3
I needed to set up a few sites that would share users and let them be logged into all the sites with one login. This component does that and more, and it does it from one Joomla installation.

Easy to use, and quick replies to my support tickets for a few queries I had. This is a much needed extension that Joomla needs to make it competitive with other content management systems.

There are loads of combinations you could have. You can share components and database tables with other domains registered in MightySites. It's given me new ideas for greater flexibility in the development of my sites.

And best of all, it just works.
Reviews: 7
Installed to try it out and set up a sub-domain to see how it would behave.

A ticket question was answered in good time - very happy with the support.

What a great extension!
Reviews: 11
Not only is the support from these guys second to none the mightysites software is possibly one of the most powerful tools at the disposal of joomla developers.

Thought mightysites not only am i able to share membership data across multiple websites i am able to manage DOZENS of websites with one joomla installation.

The developers of mightysites respond to support tickets SWIFTLY and work with you no matter how complex the problem.

I use ALOT of paid extenstions and these guys customer service stands out as one of the joomla developer leaders.
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