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Multisites Single Sign In for domains Plugin

This plugin allow the users remain logged when they change from one domain to another one.
This extends the apache or IIS http server with the facility to share the session information betwee different domains.

This is a plugin must be installed in each websites in which you want to share the login.

It can also work with and without Jms Multi Sites.
When the extension is installed without Jms Multi Sites, it is required to share the Joomla MySQL tables for the sessions and users between the websites.

It is also recommended that you use the same joomla "secret" configuration value in the different websites as it is used to check the data exchanged between the different domains.

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Reviews: 3
Just wanted to let you all know that it's working fine for me. I have one Joomla installation, working with several domain names for different sections.
Frontend editing was complicated, because you had to login each time you changed section and thus changing domains.
With this plugin I log in once, and I'm logged in on all domains.
Reviews: 1
I use this product after my site was hacked so I decided I will use all vulnerable extensions on different and my core main site will remain as pure joomla site & I will interlink sub domains to main site. Finally this product solved the problem. Well done excellent job.
Reviews: 2
I couldn't agree more with the post below. The programmers behind these products are poor. The code if full of bugs. And the costs way to high for what you get. Save yourself a headache and find another product.
Reviews: 33
I very seldom write a negative review and before I wrote this review I believe I exhausted any potential for resolving the issues described with the developer who categorically declines to support it without prior payment - even though he has already been paid...

I bought this extension to provide a single sign-in for a group of websites with different domains. Having followed the less-than-adequate instructions provided with the extension and having tried various combinations of settings as described therein, it quickly became clear that this extension is not what it claims to be.

The documentation advises that it is necessary to share the jos_user and jos_sessions database fields in the respective databases and also the same 'secret' word in the configuration.php file. It explains that the table prefixes must be the same and having carefully done exactly as instructed, nothing happens. Even Firebug showed nothing to suggest what was wrong - which leads me to believe that the extension actually does nothing useful.

I am not quite a Joomla novice so I understand that the jos_core_acl_aro and jos_core_acl_groups_aro_map tables are also essential when manipulating user data - something not mentioned in the documentation and a very serious oversight which means that it is not possible to make this extension work by following the instructions.

I asked for support and was advised that my very detailed query was 'ambiguous' and thatI should consult the forum or register for paid support.

Being unable to find anything relating directly to my problem in the forum I once more asked for some advice by submitting full details of the procedures and settings I used when using the extension with a request for suggestions as to what might be the problem, especially if I had overlooked something - I am not inclined to blame an extension for my own shortcomings so this seemed a reasonable request in view of having paid £20+ to the developer already.

The dismissive response was to the effect that if I wanted the extension installed for me I must order paid support.

That is not what I wanted - what I wanted was to get the extension working, know how I did it, then write a glowing review here.

I have tried to use it with separate TLDs, subdomains and even different servers - it doesn't work and I am beginning to suspect that this is little more than a device to sell paid support and/or other extensions from which it appears this utility was extracted.

Reading the 'small print' the developer also claims that the payment is NOT for the extension - that is free - but for the facility to download it. Does this mean that Belgium is outside the scope of EU regulations for fair trade? I think not!

I am not impressed with the extension or the developer and would advise extreme caution when considering this particular plugin. It is not what it claims to be!
Owner's reply

First, the objective of this extension is to allow remaining logged between website that have different domain. The objective is to share the apache session ID between the website.

This customer try sharing the apache session between websites on the same domain like

In this case, apache (or IIS) already share the session ID and that this extension is not required.

Second, we told to the customers that he probably didn't share correctly the MySQL tables of his websites because the session information present in the DB is probably not shared.

Finally, any support that would request to access the environment of the customer to help him configure or setup his environment is available via the billable support.
The installation, setup of the customer environment is not included in the price to download the extension.

We also remember that this extension is delivered in application of GNU/GPL

Reviews: 1
Just had to say thanks to Edwin for the work that went into the development of the SSI plugin and a special thanks for making it work with SSL https:// properly.

Kind regards
FX Pro Design Team!
Reviews: 7
My main domain has an alias, and, when users logged on the main domain, they were considered as not logged under the alias, and vice versa.

Multisites Single Sign In for domains solved this problem in no time! The package you download includes a detailed PDF file with all the instructions needed to get the plugin to work in less than 5 minutes.

Highly recommended!