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  • This extension requires registration to download.
JMS Multisites extend joomla with Multi Sites and user sharing. This allows multiple domain names or sites to have their own joomla configuration file using the same joomla installation. Possibility to share the users, and extensions like VirtueMart, Community Builder, JomSocial, ...
With this new feature you can share the joomla files and folders to create totally independent web sites.
This simply the maintenance of Joomla as you have only one instance to update for all the websites.
With JMS you can create website based on website template to create new slave site.
A "maintenance" functionality is also provided to help supervising the extension installed in each website with their datamodel and help you fix the potential datamodel errors.
As each website has its own joomla configuration.
You can decide to use:
- One database for all the websites. In this case, you must specify different database table prefix for each websites.
- Two databases (One master database and One slave database). This architecture is advised when you want to install JMS on an existing website and you are limited in the number of databases you can create (or disk space).
- As many databases than there are websites. This is the most flexible architecture where each websites works with its own database. This is generally the architecture adopted by joomla when you create multiple websites.
The content of each website is totally independent. This means that the content (articles, news, forum, users, ...) are NOT shared.

The setup of each configuration site consists in using the standard joomla installation mechanism.
In the administration of a 'Slave' site, you can re-install/uninstall extension previously installed on the 'Master' site.
The 'Master' site is the one where you have installed the Joomla MultiSite component and where you manage the 'Slave' sites.
Additional controls are performed during the installation/uninstallation of an extension in a 'slave' site.
Before executing the standard joomla installation, it is verified that the extension you request to install has exactly the same name and same version number to avoid inconsistency between all sites.
This additional control is performed to ensure that you will overwrite the current installation with identical files that you originally installed.
On 'slave' site, uninstalling an extension consists in a joomla standard cleanup of the database. The files present on disk for this extension is not deleted to avoid disturb the other sites.

You can also replicate a website into the same database or in different DB to avoid re-installing the extension in each slave site.
On Unix platform, it is also possible to deploy a slave site into a specific folder.

You can also share user and share the content of a limited number of extensions.

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Reviews: 1
The programmer is a genius! Jms2win is for me one of his best achievements. I will conclude by saying that the support is excellent. No fault .. I recommend this product which is a safe bet. Jean-Pierre DIAZ
Reviews: 9
Very disapointed by this extension which was what I need. Very complicated to built, documentation not enough effective, no posibility to try with localhost and at the end a big bug on no template in frontend
Reviews: 1
The possibilities are nearly endless with this extension.
Definitely pays to spend some time watching the tutorials to get the concept. But if you get stuck the support is excellent and very quick.
Would definitely recommend this extension.
Edwin your a star.
Reviews: 1
I have used this extension for a number of years. In that time I have needed support twice. Their team has been very responsive and fixed my problems quickly and easily.

MultiSites allows for a ton of flexibility and I have never once had an issue with its features or its usability!

Excellent Product!
Reviews: 2
This is a very powerful extension. It worked great for me in trying to create different websites for consulates in Atlanta, Orlando, Miami, New York, etc. different cities but needed to be similar but unique in some respects.
The websites are able to share content that I choose by category and can have their unique layouts and images, administration as you wish.
Support and training is always available. I haven't had trouble reaching Edwin in the case of help and he doesn't just explain how to do things, you get a conceptual understanding and hands on guidance in accomplishing whatever task you need.
I recommend this as a professional grade extension and a great experience I have had with it.
Reviews: 3
I purchased JMS MultiSites along with the 3 hours of installation/support time and I am so thankful I did. Edwin did in 3 hours what I'm not sure I could ever do. I've never seen a developer work so thoroughly and quickly before. His grasp of what we needed and what had to be done to accomplish it was amazing. I would highly recommend this component and the support.

A month later when we had an issue with another component he helped us to sort out the issue that ended up being related to the other component and not JMS.

Purchase the support, it's well with your time and money and he'll teach you more than you can imagine in such a quick amount of time.

Great job Edwin and Thanks!
Reviews: 7
If you plan to have multiple sites running on the same domain, then you really really need this extension to make your life easier!

Granted - this extension is not a "install and forget" kinda thing - but neither is having 50+ sites running on the same shared Joomla code. But if you make the effort, and read the manual to know how to use it correctly, you will find it is really worth it and save yourself a lot of time.

Support is excellent - both in the forums and the paid assistance.

Can't say enough good about the extension and the developer, and feel sorry for those who do not bother to check out the requirements before buying and complaining.
Reviews: 1
the component is too hard to use, and also very very buggy, hard to config. Very bad support as well. They never excuse their bad coding styles, and won't refund you once purchase..... think over before you purchase, this is definitely a scam component, not worth your penny.
Reviews: 2
Purchased this product for joomla 2.5 and installed on my site. Came to find out that it doesn't work for joomla 2.5.11 after the fact. No warnings til I decided to ask paypal to investigate. They quickly put a text at the very top that says it doesn't work with all joomla 2.5 version..Then seller wants me to upgrade for an additional amount. Total scam!
Owner's reply

This is false.
The latest JMS 1.3.x works on all Joomla 2.5 and 3.x version.
This person purchased the old JMS 1.2.x that is working on Joomla 1.5 till 2.5.9 and a red warning message clearly show that.
This red message exists for april 2013 when joomla 2.5.10 changed the functionality of the Joomla installer and introduced a regression bug that make joomla installer incompatible with older installer.
We reported this regression bug into the joomla bug tracker 30206 and we can just hope that joomla will fix this change of functionality to be compatible with older installer.
The solution is to rollback the joomla installer and discard the change of functionality present in J2.5.10 that is a result of a change request from RedComponent for their Red Shop extension version 2
This person never contact us and never replied to our email but complain at paypal to which we have replied and now in joomla where you can read this reply

Reviews: 2
Running multiple sites can definitely be tedious, which is the reason why I have been looking long and hard for an extension that can help make life easier in this department.

Multi Sites definitely delivers. It was easy to install, the support was great in helping me tweak a few small niggles, and the overall concept works like a charm!
Reviews: 2
1) Excellent Product!
2) Excellent Service!
No one will match Edwins skill level. (Do not be afraid to pay for support. You will find that every dollar you spend is well worth it!)
3) Product performs and works as advertised!
I am a beginner and had a vision of multiple websites. After spending 1.5 years trying different products, developers, carts, etc. I was very discouraged and lost. Once I found and purchased this product my vision slowly came to life. Edwin, not only gave me guidance, he helped me save a lot of time, money and trouble in the future. Now I must say I have a system that is no different if not better than any large company on the web. So, if you are reading this you have finally arrived at where you need to be. Go for it!
Reviews: 2
Edwin has gone over and above for our launch. Our site will ultimately have 950 subdomains - I am not technical enough to sort out how to use his product - but he has stuck with me.. designed it in a way to support the diversity I was looking for, and the darn thing just works! Some things he has pointed out, and helped with the setup, has saved our project from certain disaster as it scales.. What a great find. SIDE NOTE - you get what you pay for - and if you want excellent support - pay him for it! His free boards are fine - but this guy works hard - and the money I have spent on support has literally saved the entire project. Support your Joomla developers.
Reviews: 1
This Program is amazing and can do so much. You will need to have patience and a good understand of how joomla works, database setup, and file structure on your server. There is many tutorials of how to do things and also support is available. We can't put links but if you search MrJameZtown on youtube I did a video on my whole experience with ordering the paid support.

The paid support was worth every penny. If you are frustrated or if you can not get it to work get the support and everything will come together. I explain the whole process in my video.

I was able to get more done in 3 hours then I have all year. He is the expert and let him setup your configuration before you get users and content and have to redo it and possibly loose users.

For those who say support is not good remember if you are in the USA he is in Europe there will be a time difference and delay for him to get back to you.
Reviews: 1
Very Powerful tool.
We tried to deploy ourselves in December. Looked at the great video library and this is very different than the brute force / database setup / Joomla duplication we have done in the past. Multi Sites can specifically share some files and information and not other data. After drawing plans from previous knowledge and a support call, A new plan was designed, we sent the expectations for the second support call. We now can enter the new site name and press save, this results in a complete new site that is a slave to our master. a support call will save you hours in transferring your site. Just 2 minutes and your done. Great tool after you understand it. Edwin did a great job breaking down the process and making it understandable.
Reviews: 1
I purchased this component month ago, and doesn't work. The supporting is bad as well....
Reviews: 1
With this extension Joomla's rich features become so much more possible.
It works out of the box, obviously when you follow Edwin's recommendations and instructions.
I am a commercial user, I have no idea when it comes to coding but I have put a multi structured site together. Thanks to JMS Multisites. I have been experimenting with Joomla for a while now.
But I ran into a problem that could not be solved by me or a 3rd party developer.
Then I realized I needed Edwin's help because the problem was manifesting on a slave site.
At first he helped me via the forum as much as what he could. It became technical and I knew I needed paid support.
We started at a certain hour with Skype and Teamviewer, it was amazing. He scanned everything with the most advanced skill, knowledge and software. We went way over the time, 4.5 hours, not once taking a break.
Edwin had an appointment he was running late for. He persisted to correct the problem even after we discovered it was never a JMS problem but another component.
I have so much respect for him and his component. JMS
Thank you very much Edwin.
When anybody wants to extend Joomla beyond its borders this is the extension to have.
Anyone may skype me for a reference and also if you want to find out more about this extension, from a layman.
Tiaan Viljoen
Reviews: 1
The positive reviews here must either be fakes or people who are programmers and worked out the issues. I spent over $100 on this software and it's junk. Doesn't work. Watched and mimic'd all the "tutorials" on the site and followed them to the T and it still doesn't work. Don't expect support either, it's a ONE MAN SHOW. And the guy's over in the UK so don't expect replies during US standard time. Oh, and if you want support, he'll make you pay another $100 or so for it! The software is supposed to work out of the box like all the other quality Joomla plugins here. JMS Multisite is junk! Lost $100 and no chance of him refunding it. Live and learn I guess.
Reviews: 2
This component has presented a solution to my quest for a true multisite feature for my Joomla-based website. I am a web designer and use Joomla for all my clients' websites. I have been working on a special, personal project for some time now and the multisite feature was the piece that has been missing. JMS Multisites is the answer I have been seeking. JMS Multisites does exactly what is supposed to do, and it presents ENDLESS possibilities. If you are unsure of how to configure your cPanel, WHM, or other advanced server-side configurations (for an advanced installation), Edwin will help you, and let me tell you...his support and knowledge is awesome.

JMS Multisites works right "out of the box", but you must be familiar Joomla and it's configuration. If you do not know how to configure JMS or a particular feature, there is a very informative FAQ and forum on the JMS website. Edwin consistently monitors this forum and answers all questions for free.

If you need advanced support or an advanced installation of JMS, then there is a paid-support feature that Edwin offers his customers. This support is well worth the money and time if you want to create an advanced multisite-capable website.

I was able to create "slave sites" on my own without support from Edwin, but the features I wanted on my website required advanced skills with server-side scripts and code. I was not familiar with this code language, so I paid for Edwin's support. Again, this support was well worth the money and my site is now set up the way I have envisioned for a long time.

The people who have posted negative reviews of this component obviously don't have any basic knowledge of Joomla; otherwise they would have been able to successfully implement and use JMS. Even if you do not have basic knowledge of Joomla, simple investigation into the JMS forum will help you get things up and running.

Edwin, thank you, thank you, thank you. You have gained a long-time customer with me! JMS Multisites is great, and I highly recommend it for any website needing multiple instances of a Joomla installation!

Great component!
Reviews: 1
I purchased this product in hopes that I could manager 3 websites on the sample template and share jomsocial and a few other components.
My attempt to make this happen became a quick nightmare right away. To avoid breaking something without being able to fix it, I hired a professional web designer and programer and asked if he could do this work for me.
He said sure and a few days later he reported that the component was giving him many issues right from the start. He had to manually go in and "hack" the component to get it to work my website the correct way.
This continued for weeks and for about 2 months the site never worked correctly. Maybe this would have been easier had we stated with multi sites but from our experience, multi sites with 1 existing site is just not possible.

Eventually we had to throw away the component, TRY and fix the site (not an easy task once things have been hacked and reprogrammed to try and get this lousy component to work).

The support was terrible. I know the owner cannot answer every little question thrown his way but a bone once in a while would be nice when you're buying such an expensive component for a hobby website. Instead he refuses to answer any questions unless we pay him the $99 for 1 hour of support.

My site now has bugs and issues we are still sorting through trying to get it back to normal.. who knows, maybe we'll have to remake the whole website (i jump for joy at this thought).

I did not expect a full refund after the product failed but I did ask the owner if he'd be willing to give us at least a percentage back since the component never worked as advertised and we wasted months trying to get it to work... his reply was no surprise.... No can do.

Lost money in the component, labor and time. Now back to square one.
Reviews: 1
I have been using joomla CMS since mambo times and I can tell you if you are serious about making your business expand to limitless capabilities and use joomla as main platform jms2win multiwebsite has to be included. I have been using this component for years now and never had any issues with executing any functions. Solid component, well written, backed up with amazing support. You are getting what you paid for and much more. Worth every penny. Thank you Edwin for helping me by business expand.
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