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eorisis: jQuery Plugin

eorisis jQuery plugin loads the jQuery Library of your choice to your website, on both Front and/or Back End, with a range of options. Increase website performance by taking advantage of CDN Sources.
The main focus of the plugin, except the freedom of choice, is to increase website performance. Using CDN sources your website loads faster on both Front End & Back End.

Compatible with Joomla 1.6 to 3.3 Series
One Installation Package / Fresh Install or Upgrade.


- Includes all jQuery, Migrate, Easing, and Chosen available versions. See
- Replaces any loaded jQuery library and jQuery plug-ins by Joomla with the ones you will use (see Notes & Help for more info).
- You can choose any specific version, or load always the latest.
- You can choose from various CDN sources, or use a local copy (for each one separately).
- All CDN sources included in the plugin, do have SSL available, are tested and are trustworthy.
- You can choose where you want things loaded : Site Front End, Administrator, Both (or nowhere, for jQuery plugins) for each one separately.
- All local files are minified (stored in the 'media' directory). CDN requests point to the minified respectively.
- CDN Fallback (to local) option for each CDN request (uses cURL) plus an option to send a custom useragent with the requests.
- Uses Scheme Relative (protocol-less or protocol-relative) URLs for all CDN sources (no http/https conflicts).
- Migrate will Auto Load depending on the jQuery library version you use (and your settings).
- jQuery-noConflict will Auto Load with options and avoid conflicts with other JavaScript libraries such as MooTools when used alongside jQuery.
- You can set a Custom jQuery library version and type (usually for development purposes).
- You can set a Custom Domain (FQDN) for the website (more control over the domain that should be used).
- You can set all your local URLs (of this plugin) to be Scheme Relative, Absolute or Relative.
- When using Absolute Local URLs you can choose the Scheme to be the Current (Auto), http or https.
- You can enable Hotlinking Protection in the media directory (advanced users).
- Uses the native Joomla Update system (You can upgrade to the lastest version directly from your website).
- You can Check for update using the Joomla Update manager, or through the plugin.
- All fields are translatable through the Language Manager.


The following Joomla demo sites use eorisis jQuery.
View the source code and search for jquery,, etc.

Joomla 3.x:
Joomla 2.5:

More info and Changelog:

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Reviews: 9
I had a site with Joomla 3.2 and there was no Jquery issue , But after Joomla 3.3 update the issue started and in IE i saw that Jquery image slider stopped working . Then i started looking for all jquery plugins to solve it and it did not work . later i also tried mootools slider and that also was a time waste .

Then This was the extension that helped me. Thanks to dev for out of the box solution to the sad jquery issue .

Owner's reply

Thanks for your review ravee1010, I am indeed very glad you use it and it helps your site. As you probably already know, to keep being compatible with IE stay with the jQuery 1.x series.

Have a great summertime,

Reviews: 7
I know it is not magic!

But... I was not able to make my menu working right, even after hours searching the web. I found a post that was talking about eorisis jQuery plugin, just found and install the plugin, refresh my page, and magic!

Donation was easy too ;) Thank's a lot, and please go on! Some of us know how much magic means working hard.
Owner's reply

Franck, thank you so much ! Your words mean a lot to me be sure. Your donation is much much appreciated. It makes me happy to know your site operates well and clean.

Thanks again,

Reviews: 1
Thanks to developers I solved my problems with jquery conflict of severals moduls in my sites!

Great job!
Owner's reply

Hello Jan

Thanks for your review, very glad to hear all that.
Have an excellent day!

Reviews: 7
WOW, never expect to have all my problems solved, day figuring out my troubled calendar jquery and loading issues with the coders that could not fix there issues.... With a few emails the problem was spotted !!! George answered out kids club's prayer and we have a site that is functional and fast !!! can not say enough on the personal touch !!! George is what open source is all about ! Dean
Owner's reply

Thanks Dean, for all your kind words and support, it is appreciated. I am very glad I could help you on your issues, and feel free to get in touch any time in the future as well. I am very glad you use my extension.

As I have mentioned in the help section of this plugin on there are times that extensions load the jquery library without giving any control on that to the webmaster. The jQuery library must be loaded once and 'in the right order'. Otherwise a website either completely breaks, or loads slow even on the most modern web browsers. Especially on Joomla! 3.2 that you run, which loads jQuery, Migrate, Bootstrap and Mootools libraries by default.

Thanks again,

Reviews: 11
Wow awesome...this extension solved my problem..

Thank you for developing this extension..:)
Owner's reply


Special thanks for using and reviewing eorisis jQuery too, very glad it improves or helps your website(s).

If you have any questions, suggestions/requests, or want to let me know about the level of improvement you see, just contact me directly anytime, using the email provided within the extension, or the page.

My best wishes for Merry Christmas and a happy new year.