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Javascript Async and Defer Plugin

If async is not present and defer is present: The script is executed when the page has finished parsingIf async is present: The script is executed asynchronously with the rest of the page (the script will be executed while the page continues the parsing)

Improve your page loading time by allowing javascript loading asynchronously
You will see the difference with YSlow and Google Page speed ranking but your visitors will thank you for providing a speedy website.

When a browser loads a webpage, it will start by loading external Javascript and CSS ressources before loading the html and render it's content.

- If neither async or defer is present: The script is fetched and executed immediately, before the browser continues parsing the page

This will improve your global page loading time

However, this is not applicable to all scripts as you want to make sure the script is loaded while some other script or inline script will call it.

Usually, if your jQuery inline scripts are called within a jQuery(document).ready() declaration, you can safely load the javascript file asynchronously.

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Reviews: 3
I've been having problems with defer parsin of JavaScript for some times and once installed this plugin and included the JS files, the problem disappeared instantly and without breaking the site! Thank you for this great extension and for making it FREE!
Reviews: 5
So I had the most annoying issue a white flash on page load, this looked worse because the background was black. I tried using so many of the top rated jquery and optimzation plugins, but none of them worked. Then I came across this plugin, it worked on every page. I set the plugin to defer loading and took the time to find all the urls of my javascript files and hey presto, no flash!!!! I was able to user relative paths for locally hosted scripts and absolute paths for offsite scripts, being able to use relative paths for local scripts was essential as I am working on a dev version of the site and will be migrating it shortly. Thank you so much for creating a plugin that is really simple to use and does the job!
Reviews: 11
My Experience. Downloaded plugin from site. Did not notice any change in loading time. Decided to uninstall. Could not open the plugin. Tried to get support help from website. Did not provide support for non-purchasing people. (This add-on is free), so was not able to request help at their website. I am now stuck with a plugin that doesn't work and that cannot be uninstalled from Joomla 3.
Perhaps your experience will be different.....I hope so.
Owner's reply

I'm sorry to read you experienced issues.
The gain in loading time depends on many parameters and javascript files is one of them only.
This plugin requires some extensive understanding on the page rendering process to get significant improvements.

However if it does not fit your needs. You can safely uninstall it from the Joomla component manager.

Feel free to contact me directly by email at info - at -

Reviews: 7
Definitely feels much fast and test site showed overall improved. Just load plugin and go. I havnt fine tuned bt straight out the box its worth it.

Well done Developer
Reviews: 1
i installed the extension and set the js's to async and test with google speed and work. my site is load faster

nothing more to say!! work!