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Mootools Enabler/Disabler Plugin

Mootools is loaded by default in Joomla! 2.5.x. This plugin gives you the control of when is loaded Mootools. Disable Mootools for all your website except for specified items or just enable for all except for specified items.


- Save up to 600KB per page load
- Choose the default Mootools mode between enabled or disabled
- Add exceptions directly from menú entries
- Allows the user to add scripts to disable.
- Nulls any window.addEvent calls.
- Removes JCaption calls
- Autoenable mode for content edition.
- Autoenable mode by component ( thanks Hans Kuijpers!).
- Autoenable mode for frontend com_users.
- Joomla! 3.0 compatible.

Install / Configure:

1. Download the ZIP file on the right panel
2. Install it in your Joomla! through Extension Manager
3. Go to Extensions > Plug-in manager and search a plugin called "System - Mootools Enabler/Disabler". Click it to enable / configure the plugin and select the desired default mode.
4. In your menu entries you will see now a new panel called: Mootools enable/disable. Use it to specify if Mootools has to be enabled/disabled in this item.

Available Languages:

- Dutch. Thanks to Rene Kreijveld!
- English
- German. Thanks to Johannes Hock!
- Polish. Thanks to Pawel Frankowski!
- Portuguese (Brasil). Gracias a Mary Mar Alejo!
- Spanish

This extension is free. If you like it please write a review.

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Reviews: 10
I've tried another plugin and editing the index.php and head.php but these did not remove the js error showing up in the console. But this plugin did, straight-off. Enough said. If you need to disable mootools or, at least, control their application this will do it.
Reviews: 3
Great, handy plugin.
I was trying to unset(...); mootools on my template, but it was being added again buy some extension's helper.
Tried the plugin and job was done.
Maybe a feature request would be the ability to also disable the system's jquery-migrate and system's jquery.min.

Perfect so far.
Thanks for the work
Reviews: 5
comparison method of unsetting mootools in index.php, this is much, much better. Because it is more than likely, that once you realize, that you need mootools on some site. And then you can allow it only for that particular site with Enabler/Disabler.
Reviews: 3
Great plugin, fast and easy. Install, enable and the mootools libraries disappeared


Thanks to developer!!!
Reviews: 7
This plugin is great. It resolved a scripting error and provided a significant improvement in performance.

I highly recommend using this for Joomla 3.x websites that rely on jQuery over Mootools.
Reviews: 31
it does what it promises ,,,excellent little plugin,,thank you so much for this excellent free plugin,,i wish you more success :) best regards
Reviews: 1
This plugin solves one of the serious problems of Joomla, the coexistence of mootools and jQuery. Until disappears from the core, this plugin is for my mandatory installation.
Besides the care of the code, ease of installation and its noncommercial character are super!
Reviews: 4
I was having issues with Mootools causing Disqus problems.. installed and activated no more problems.. easy and smooth, that's the way I like it!
Reviews: 10
My pages averaged roughly 600 or 700k. Just on a lark I installed this plug in. There was a menu that needed mootools but after switching back to the default Joomla menu, now my pages average around 200k or so.
Reviews: 11
In my case I was integrating Bootstrap, in my Joomla! 2.5, and was making use of the script that provides me this excellent Framework. However to do this, and use Jquery, quickly came into conflict with MooTools.

But thanks has this excellent plugin, all this dissipated and gave way to my site will work 100%.

Thank you for everything.
Reviews: 1
Good and easy plug-in that facilitates the work on the environment,

many thanks
Reviews: 3
It's a great extension, simple and get the work done. The Mootools library is not that useful for most of the users and this plugin do what must have done, rip it out of your pages - when it's not used.
And it even works with Joomla 3.0!!!
Reviews: 13
I'm building a site on twitter's bootstrap w/ gantry on J2.5.7 and bootstrap pretty much conflicts with anything and everything all the time -- making it close to impossible for someone like me to leverage a lot of the neat built in framework. The template came with a Clean JS plugin, that gutted mootools and more out of the site which pretty much broke jomsocial and lots of other elements.

I downloaded this plugin, followed crystal clear instructions (nice PDF!), and next thing I know, there's an option in every single menu to disable or enable mootools. Additionally, the author allows a general override to allow mootools to load during edits + it nullifies window.addevent and jcaption calls .

This is a really well implemented plugin - Thank you!
Owner's reply

Thank you for this great and full of information review! :)

Reviews: 4
Many thanks for this.

Just installed it on a new site I am developing in Joomla! 3.0.1. It was easy to install and works like a charm. I really like the option to enable Mootools for specific pages. I can see that being very useful for migrations.

Thanks again.
Owner's reply

Thanks for wasting some time writing a review telling us your experience!

Reviews: 1
It is remove mootools links but i just realize it also makes rss system not working.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review bligus.

The plugin only disables Javascript and CSS files. The RSS system uses XML files and works even with Javascript disabled.

I'll be happy to dig into your issue to ensure that your it isn't related with the plugin. Feel free to contact me.

Reviews: 2
This extension works like a charm. MooTools and Caption are completely gone

The extension unsets the following js and css files.
Owner's reply

Actually it also nulls window.addEvent JS calls and removes every "new JCaption()" JS calls.

Thanks for the review!