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ScriptsDown Plugin

Increase your YSlow and PageSpeed scores by moving Javascript files to the bottom of your page. ScriptsDown can do that, and more!!

You can make changes to your template, but the scripts automatically added by components will always end up at the top! ScriptsDown moves ALL of your scripts to the bottom of the page just before the closing body tag (even IE conditionals). It doesn't matter where they came from, the bottom is where they'll end up unless you configure the plugin to leave them in place.

Many extensions insert javascript into the body and head. This isn't a set-and-forget plugin. It will require tuning. Some sites cannot function without javascripts in the head, and these sites may as well not run ScriptsDown. Remember to set the plugin order for ScriptDown to run LAST.

ScriptsDown requires properly formatted markup! Before implementing this plugin, test your site against the W3C validator. If your page doesn't validate for your chosen doctype, then ScriptsDown will not work.

Update 1.16 - performance enhancement
Update 1.17 - additional options to remove whitespace, strip comments, and minify output.

4/26/2012 - Joomla 1.5/1.6/1.7 availability and support withdrawn.

Thanks for the bug reports!

All of my extensions are free and none of my extensions display advertisements or links to my sites or services. If you feel that I have blessed you, then you can bless me by making a contribution to fund future development. Visit the "Website" link to make a contribution.

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Reviews: 1
Thanks for this plugin, works neat most of time. However there's a bug when I add HTML strings via javascript (AJAX) and is that closing tags, like are trimmed at the time of adding the code to the page, which obviously, breaks the page. I know this isn't the right place for bug reports, but I couldn't find a place on your site to do it.
Owner's reply

The contact link would be a good place to start (envelope at the top of every page).

HTML strings in javascript must be properly escaped. If they aren't, it's invalid code and the plugin will attempt to repair it (usually with bad results)

If your page can't pass w3c validation, this plugin will do unpredictable things.

Reviews: 6
A big THANK YOU Michael Richey.
Thank you for this awesome and simple plugin. It does exactly what it says. Even a newbie can use it!
Another thank you for your support and politeness that you can't find even in paid extensions.

Best regards
Vasili Theodoropoulos
Reviews: 6
So, I was looking for a solution to fix "Eliminate external render-blocking Javascript" issue in Google PageSpeed test.
And I found this excellent plugin and fixed my problem, thanks
Reviews: 5
Thank you very much for sharing this awesome plugin. Yslow rates me A thanks to this plugin (C before). Great job!
Reviews: 5
In the process of optimizing your joomla site for performance this plug-in comes pretty handy.

You'll simply can't control every plug-in,component or module manually.

With ScriptsDown its taken care off, and if you have a script which needs to be at the top simply add it to the excludes.

A must have!
Reviews: 1
Brilliant extension - does what it promises.
Before, I had enabled in my template for scripts to be at the bottom, but unfortunately not all the scripts responded and Yslow rated me poorly (43). Now with this extension enabled all my scripts are at the bottom and Yslow rated me A(100).
Like I said, brilliant!
Owner's reply

With some experimentation, and well selected extensions - these results are possible!

This is exactly why I wrote this extension!

I'm glad you like it.

Reviews: 9
Great plugin, Joomla can get very heavy with all the JS added by default and JS added by extra addons. This plugin should really be a must for any Joomla website. We need more plugins like this!!
Reviews: 1
I could not get this to work at all!! I tried disabling my other system addons & caching, but had no luck. I'm running Jm 1.7.3 with current versions of jFinalizer, Asychronous Google Analytics, sh404sef and JotCache - though I disabled all of these, but still ScriptsDown doesn't work.

Now after confirming my installed version, I see that ScriptsDown is 1.8, so maybe the link to the current version 1.9 is bad & needs to be updated. When I can download the current version, which is compatible with Joomla 1.7, I will update my review.
Owner's reply

It would have been nice to have heard from you regarding your issues. I just checked, and the Joomla 1.6 version available from my site is the current version 1.9 - I haven't updated that file since July.

The Joomla 1.5 version didn't need the same modifications as the Joomla 1.6/1.7 version, so it is still at version 1.8. The install files are named and to designate which systems they're intended for.

So, try the correct version.

Reviews: 7
it's great but doesn't work with RocketTheme Templates!!
I'm Sad...
For another Templates, I recommend using the plugin.
Owner's reply

I'd like to support the template frameworks, but I don't buy commercial extensions.

Reviews: 19
why is this plugin not standard on joomla? also the compatible 1.6 extension is only available on with other - should not be free but are - extensions for joomla. thank you! you are an exceptional developer!
Owner's reply

My extensions are free because of all the other great free extensions for Joomla, and because Joomla itself is free. It's a "thank you" of sorts to all the other great developers out there.

And thank you for your kind words and great review!

Reviews: 2
Easy installation, great results. Worth to mention the outstanding support, the best I ever got, even compared with commercial extensions.
Reviews: 41

I usually read all the reviews of an extension and when the first written one (i.e. the bottom one in this list) is 5 stars from the brilliant Carsten Engel, author of Frontend-User-Access and Admin-User-Access, I knew ScriptsDown had to be good. The double-page bug is fixed and the extension works perfectly. Yes, there could be better documentation and an indication that the ScriptsDown plugin should be run last. Also, if the author could create a list of scripts that need to be omitted (e.g. I use AVReloaded and so swfobject.js had to be omitted) that would help a lot. Don't expect it to just work perfectly first time... it depends on the extensions you've got installed and the scripts you have to omit. Persevere though and the speed increase is definitely worth it!
Owner's reply

I couldn't have said it better myself... I've tried...

There are so many possibilities and combination of extensions out there, it's impossible for me to test them all. This extension definitely requires testing and experimentation. Some extensions require the scripts to be at the top in order to load libraries to support inline scripts, some (the good ones) don't.

The boost in pagespeed and yslow is definitely worth the effort.

Reviews: 1
I, too, have a double home page. Plugin is loaded last.

I may have to manually edit my template instead, and let the extensions stay on top.

I rated fair, only because this has not been resolved.
Owner's reply

Double page issues have been resolved. Please try the latest version.

Reviews: 3
yes I was trying to put all .js files to the bottom but that was too complicated.thanks to your plugin it becomes much easier to do!
Reviews: 10
I am using csscompress
J 1.5.20
CB 1.2.3

nothing crazy on my sites

ScriptsDown is enabled and loading last in the plugin order.

I get double pages too.

cant use unless this is fixed.

great idea, but it doesn't work.

and I dont know enough about REGEX expressions to manually filter.

please fix
Owner's reply

Double page issues have been resolved. Please try the latest version.

Reviews: 23
My homepage doubles up also, some pages don't work properly... Tried it on many of my sites & yep, useless until there's a fix.
Owner's reply

Double page issues have been resolved. Please try the latest version.

Reviews: 3
Good idea, but unfortunately as soon as I activated it I had two homepages, one on top of the other.
Problem disappeared deactivating this plugin.
Owner's reply

Double page issues have been resolved. Please try the latest version.

Reviews: 1
finally someone has already take care of this problem with placement javascript libraries but this plugin has still problems with other components like cssjscompress, 2j news slider, smart header etc

anyway keep going and dont give up :)
Owner's reply

Tested with CssJsCompress 3.4 - works as long as ScriptsDown runs AFTER CssJsCompress. Check your plugin order and be sure ScriptsDown is placed below other system plugins that inject javascript tags or declarations.

Unless you've got something special going on, it's probably best that ScriptsDown runs last.

Reviews: 11
For normal use great but Phoca Gallery slideshow and pop ups not working correct after enable this pluggin.

Would be great if you could ad some exceptions for components.
Owner's reply

I just tested with Phoca Gallery 2.7.0, slideshow and popups work fine.

Provide some specifics and I can try to help. Before and After page source would be very helpful.

Reviews: 9
I was waiting for this for quite a while.
Owner's reply

Me too, but I got tired of waiting.