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Editor's Note
SobiPro is a powerful directory component for Joomla!.

With SobiPro you can easily create multiple directories or content types. 10 integrated core field types and the possibility to install additional field types gives you everything you need to run any kind of directory. SobiPro allows you to build a business directory or a restaurants guide, a real estate management or a members and profiles directory, a documentation and FAQ area or a download management system, a simple weblinks list or even a blog. Almost any type of directory or content presentation for your Joomla! powered website can be realised with SobiPro.

With a wide range of additional SobiPro applications you can enhance your directories with a lot of features such as a review and rating or a notification system. Various module types are available to present your directory content in different ways.

Earn money with SobiPro. Let your customers submit and manage their content from front-end. Search, filter and view the content depending on Joomla! user groups.

The real power of SobiPro is the amount of customization you have available for your specific website content needs. You can customize all output views of SobiPro through the powerful professional SobiPro template system. SobiPro comes with a default template which doesn't need any customisation. But if you want to set yourself apart from your competitor, design your own template for your directory or make your directory mobile ready by using a responsive SobiPro template!

Please note: XSL Support is required. CURL library and OpenSSL are necessary only for specific features of SobiPro (e.g. Repository) but not for standard use.

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Reviews: 1
After 4-5 years of using Sobi2 and SobiPro, we're moving to another directory component. Why? The system being more complex from day to day. XSL, XML, XSLT, PHP, HTML, CSS anything else? You need to be a programmer in order to make customization.
For this reason I don't recommend Sobi anymore.
Owner's reply

Here is a short story about Ralf (radler) whose life's goal was apparently to write a bad review for SobiPro. No matter what! Ralf wrote 5 bad reviews for SobiPro, one after another complaining about our support. All those reviews were rejected for obvious reason. As the support for SobiPro is excellent and very important for us, we asked Ralf to provide details about where we treated him bad, so we can solve the situation. Ralf refused to provide any information, which lead us to the conclusion that Ralf is not a client.
In the meantime Ralf found out that almost the entire SobiPro team is also volunteering for the Joomla! project and started drafting conspiracy theories. He blamed the JED team that this was the reason why his reviews weren't published.
Eventually Ralf found a reason to write a valid bad review for SobiPro.

Nevertheless, the review is unfair. Ralf is complaining about XML as the default template language and call this technique as XSL, XML and XSLT. Just to be clear XSL and XSLT is exactly the same thing. And it is used to parse XML. All three terms describe the same, single technique. Every other Joomla! extension and Joomla! itself are using PHP, HTML and CSS to style its output. So basically the only difference is XML which Joomla! is implementing more and more in the meantime as well. We never made any secret from using this particular technique, so Ralf should be perfectly aware of it before installing SobiPro.
And no, you don't need to be programmer to use XSLT. This is a language which is widely used by designers. That's the reason why we have chosen it for styling the output.

Ralf wrote that he switched to another extension now. It is a pity that Ralf is able to write a bad review for SobiPro but I don't see any (good) review written by him for the other extension!

And finally, it is also unfair that just because Ralf's skills are not sufficient to use an advanced extension like SobiPro, to give SobiPro a one star rating.

Reviews: 2
I am not a programmer but with the help of Isidro, some research on the forum and some tenacity, I was able to make SobiPro work for me and create a custom template. I now have a happy client! There are still some stuff I need to work on, but overall I am quite happy.
Reviews: 7
It´s an essential component and the support is amazing.
It's easy to use and very powerful.
Thank-you very much to the developers.
Reviews: 7 I point in titele, SobiPro is really best between best of. I read somewhere, that SobiPro is one of the best directory component for Joomla. I can not agree. I try some directory and SobiPro is best of them.
Component it self perfectly fit Joomla and doesn't create any issue. It is not build a side of Joomla it is build over Joomla.
Component it self is free. With free version you get power to build whatever you want. It have amazing template system - xslt which free your hands bring your dreams to a life.

SobiPro is reaally complex component, which you can use for many different tasks.
They are nice and polite, they help you or guide you thru any problem. I need to say here also thanks Sikor and Isidro, you are simpley best with what you are doing!
Reviews: 1
As a joomla beginner with only a few programming skills, I wasn´t sure if sobi pro would be the right decision - but it definitely was!!! After reading the instructions on the website carefully, a was able to integrate a database with a search function on my website, and the results are shown on a geo map! :-)
Reviews: 17
I've always loved directories, and with SobiPro I found a good directory, with which you can get money by having fields that can be paid for, you can have a beautiful design, incredible functionality and EXCELLENT support that is always there for any problems.

Thanks to Isidro, Sikor and all the rest of the support team for being so great!!!
Reviews: 2
With this component I have complete freedom over the CCK content.

You can override anything, anywhere.
The learning curve is a bit steep, but when you get used to the xml and xsl it's a dream.
Reviews: 2
I've been using SobiPro in a couple of websites for more than a year now.

The extension works wonders.

SobiPro is a very flexible directory management tool, with plenty options to extend its core functions.

My only (light) concern is the lack of a downloadable documentation. Browsing the many pages of the documentation online might be a pain sometimes, particularly for people living with narrow Internet connections like me.
Reviews: 3
We looked very deeply into a few CCK to display our many products and shirt for our tshirt printing web site. We are so happy our choice was sobipro. It is a very robust database that we have set up and since we deal with adding new/changing products all the time we wanted to make it simple for updating and sobipro has given us that.

We also like that the extension could be customized to fit our needs with room for expansion in the future. I can't stress enough how wonderful this product is. Very happy for the past year we have been using it.
Reviews: 13
I am a professional webdesigner/developer, maintaining a lot of Joomla sites!

Whenever it comes to unique, individual request, I choose sobi. My first project was a big directory of nursing homes in Germany and Sobi did not disappoint me!

It took me a few hours to understand how the fields and modules were working, but once you understood, you are able to do EVERY kind of directory you can think of. I now use it for an event listing!

Prior to other extensions, Sobi offers a lot of extras like contact forms, image resizing, qr-code generating, google map, geocode, a very smart csv import/export and so much more!

It is worth its price and they also offer a very fast and mindful support forum!
Reviews: 5
With SobiPro I am able to build and organize several directories on one Joomla website. The basics are easy to understand and to set up.
Reviews: 1
Sobipro is by far the best component i have used i had an intranet that i needed and Sobipro was able to give me exactly what i needed from every aspect. Will use this component over and over with pleasure
Reviews: 6
I had used Sobi2 on J1.5 a few years ago and was impressed at the time at its power and flexibility. But now using SobiPro on J2.5 I am even more impressed!

Yes it takes some getting to grips with, but spend the time you won't be disappointed. We have just had an issue resolved in around an hour!
Reviews: 3
I'm very happy using Sobipro in three of my sites. Two of them built with Joomla 1.5 and one with Joomla 2.5. Sobipro let me build my directories without problems. Yes you need to read a lot about XML but at the end it works perfect. Currently using it in two languages. Not to mention that if you need support from all the community, pay for it.
Reviews: 2
Unless you have skills in programming, you must keep away from this. It is not a beginners component. I installed it and added a template for restaurants. Then you had to "this and that" to have it work. Not fun at all. Two days lost.
Reviews: 8
I have used several CCKs for different reasons and have used several pre-built solutions to create directories before. However, none of them has the capabilities that SobiPro has. You will need to roll up your sleeves if you want to create some custom layouts and behaviors, however it is fairly easy to learn and there is a wealth of information provided in both the documentation and the forum.
Reviews: 2
I needed to develop a web for organizing, displaying, searching, describing, etc. articles within a scientific journal. I analyzed top-of-the-breed document managers, download managers, CCKs, and other tools. All of them would probably exceed my expectations for some sets of my requirements, and have to admit that pre-sales support was second-to-none in all of them, and functionalities and quality of products were 10-out-of-10 in their areas.
But, as my fact-finding phase with my client progressed, I realized that I would need flexibility, adaptability and power, as my client’s requirements appeared to be changing with time (as they have been).
So, I gave a try to SobiPro, and went for a subscription, so I could guarantee having support at hand and access to documentation.
I have to admit that my first impression was overwhelming. As I progressed up Sobi’s learning curve (not as soft as others’) I went more and more confident with the tool. Documentation is enormous and superbly detailed.
I know now that I can do almost anything I want with SobiPro.
Yes, I took the right decision.
Reviews: 10
I love sobipro, is easy to understand, and I have been able to create complex directoryind websites.
Users can add his own entry, and also i can aprove or not; i can charge a few USD for a new entry.

in fact is the only component i need to solve my directory requirements.

Thanks for this extension :)
Reviews: 1
Welcome. I am an SoboPro six months. I am very pleased. Previously I had no experience. SobiPro is easy to use, has excellent facilities. It has many useful features. I really liked working on this component. Keep it up. Thank you. Darek
Reviews: 2
For people not very experienced in programming, it might not be easy at first. But the vote is gained mainly from the efficiency of the technical support. More help people every day and every request. I'm very happy.
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