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DJ-Catalog2 extension for Joomla 3.x and 2.5 is the perfect tool for your needs. No matter if you need a simple catalogue or a powerful one, DJ-Catalog2 accomplishes both tasks in the easiest way. Make complex tasks easy, this is what DJ-Catalog2 does. Easily create your catalogue with dozens of powerful options.

* Easily create, categorize and show your products
* Show your products at their best
* Seamlessly integrates with your site design
* A search engine friendly catalogue
* Frontend submissions
* featured product lists
* supports manufacturers and related lists of products
* new design easily integrates with most templates
* handles multiple themes which can be easily personalized
* supports product image resizing and cropping
* easily couples related products
* go social with the social plugin

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Reviews: 3
i just wanted to say thank you for Dj-Catalog its the best solution i found for cataloging in my website and i hope to see in the next version some new and important improvements! for example in the back end all ordering fields (items, extra) needs to be drag and drop function, it can save a lot of time! and its important also to make item page with rating (stars, for google) and the numbers of views of item.
Reviews: 1
DJ Catalog2 is one of the best extensions for product catalogue/directory. They are making improvements with every version. However, I would suggest the developers a couple of important features that should be included in the next update:
-When it comes to product catalog, people want comparison of product specifications and DJ Catalog does not provide any such function to compare products.
-The Extension do not give any better options to modify the frontpage. It should give flexibility to change the frontpage e.g. specific product, specific categories, products by price etc.

I think after adding these features, DJ Catalog can outperform other competititors.
Reviews: 2
Amazing service from Tomasz and his team from beginning to end. Support is quick and friendly. Nothing is ever too much trouble for them! The layout is seamless, and looks really amazing every time. They have thought of everything in this component! Thank you for this!
Reviews: 1
I'd like to share my experience choosing and using DJ-Catalog2.
To begin with, it's a very well documented extension.
The instructions are clear and concise.
I liked the look and feel of it in the Demo and the Test Drive.
After trouble-free installation I easily configured the component, and submitted an item.
Frontend submission is why I chose this product in the first place.
Guess what, I ran into a problem and had to take out a ticket.
What can I say, DJ support you every step of the way.
We figured out what was causing the bug and fixed it.
DJ have a strong product with first-class pre- and after sale support.
Special thanks to Michał Olczyk.
Reviews: 1
This tool is very easily to use, and they have wonderful online service, when you have any problem.

Thank you very much!
Reviews: 26
First off, the support is some of the best. Above and beyond what most extensions offer.

The program is well developed and they are receptive to suggested improvements.

The component is very useful for displaying products or what have you. It was the best I could find for my clients needs and when they added frontend editing/adding products it was perfect.

Well done
Reviews: 4
DJ Catalogue2 has a lot of great features as available in DJ Classified. However, there is no option available in the component to insert videos to catalogue items which is very handy feature for product review websites.

Except above, the component fulfills all expectations.
Reviews: 3
By far the best Joomla extension I have ever used. Not only does it do exactly what it promises but so much more than I expected! It is simple easy and effective to use. It’s a great directory not only for a store function but also for an extensive all-round directory.

The support is great. These guys are passionate about their product and go above and beyond to help and assist. They also take suggestions into account and implement changes that improve the functionality of this extension!

Best money ever spend!
Reviews: 7
Shortly: very good catalog app, written in MVC model with separated theme layer (css). This architecture gives everyone a possibility to customize the catalog in depth.
I must confirm with pleasure: the support is great, fast and effective. Thanks guys!
Reviews: 1
Great effective and quick response to some questions regarding css. great component, easy to configure and such a relief that it does exactly what its suppose to do.
Reviews: 1
I was considering another extension like this one, but their free version was buggy, and when I posted on their support forum about it, no one answered me. So after a week I gave up and decided to purchase this more expensive one. But boy am I GLAD. Right after installing it, I had a problem with the captcha not displaying properly and support got right back to me, explaining how the problem was being caused by my template. Not only that, but they helped me fix some other css issues with my template. So I am really a happy camper.
Reviews: 1
I must admit that I didn't expect such an excellent service when I purchased DJ-Catalog. They helped me to migrate my J1.5 website with DJ-Catalog to J3.0 The response time of my requests were much shorter than I expected. Many thanks to Michał Olczyk!
Reviews: 7
One those components which fills a massive gap in the available extensions - perfect if you want to have a site which basically has ecommerce-like features without the complications of a shopping cart/payment functionality.

The developers are very helpful and responsive and even in the short time we've been using the component they've added more and more features.

Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
I had a few problems, contacted support and good excalent support.
i am happy with the results.

Oren Twena
Reviews: 1
Great component for cataloging the products. Every version gets better. I have the opportunity to test the new Release Candidate version, equipped with the ability to create additional fields, that greatly enhance its functionality. You really give a lot of flexibility in shaping the view of the offer. What is important, these additional fields are supported by filters. A lot of global settings can you change for each category separately, so there is no problem with the creation of separate categories for different users and assign them to the menu. A big advantage of the new RC version is especially the fact that you can set a different currency symbol for each category.
Reviews: 1
Great tool if you don't need a shop, but just a catalogue!

Fine & quick support!
Reviews: 2
Excellent extension and outstanding support. I am absolutely satisfied.
Reviews: 4
The module works perfectly, integrates seamlessly with the site's template and design, and has full multilingual and RTL capabilities.
And above all, support is just outstanding!
Reviews: 1
I am very new to Joomla!, less than a month and the last web dishevelment experience was with Frontpage over ten years ago. I say that just so that you know my novice status. This extension is so easy to use and the output customization is flexible and great looking. I ran across a few questions that were easily answered in the forum. I can't tell you how good ticket support is because I haven't needed it, between simplicity of use and forum all needs are fulfilled. The additional modules make it easy to create side menus and I was able to embed Youtube videos and external links easily. When I wanted to get rid of producer/manufacture options that was easy also. Great extension. I highly recommend it!
Reviews: 1
I think that the solutions Dj Catalog2 is easy to use and usefully.

Is perfect to show a diferent product.
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