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RSDirectory! is RSJoomla!'s newly released directory management system. With it, you can create and manage an unlimited number of categories and entries, set up custom entry addition forms for each category, define advanced filters and implement payments.

» Compatible with Joomla! 2.5 and 3.x
» PHP 5.3
» MySQL 5.x
» Support for GD + Freetype for thumbnail rendering and CAPTCHA
» fsockopen enabled for reCAPTCHA
» cURL required for the Payment Plugins

» Import your SobiPro content
» Advanced category management - Set up categories nested on unlimited levels to ease browsing through entries.
» Full control over entry addition forms - Collect all of the data needed for each type of entries.
» Customizable entry layout - Choose what information will be displayed on the entry page (and in what manner) using a combination of HTML code and placeholders.
» Payment integrations and credits system - Charge users for adding entries through 4 available payment integrations: PayPal, Authorize.Net, 2Checkout or Offline Payments.
» Reports, ratings and reviews - Empower your users to freely express their opinion on each entry by allowing them to post reviews and rate the entries, as well as report them should they be inappropriate or posted in the wrong categories.
» Antispam capabilities - Protect the website from spam using either the default CAPTCHA or by integrating the famous reCAPTCHA.
» Send emails - Notify your users, by email, when their entries get either published, unpublished, deleted or let them know that they were posted successfully.
» Configure advanced filters - Choose which fields to filter entries by. Advanced customization options are available, giving you full control over.
» Advanced configuration options - All of these features have multiple configuration options that allow you to take the website in your desired direction.
» Responsive design - The Bootstrap-based frontend layout enables you to take your website to every possible platform.

» Categories
» Categories from Field Values
» Add Entry
» List Entries
» Buy Credits
» Map Radius Search
» My Account

» Filtering
» Credits
» Popular Entries
» Recently Visited Entries
» Related Entries
» Newest Entries

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Reviews: 1
I'm so impressed by this component. The support I have received from Andrei, Cosmin and Adrian has been outstanding.
The component is really well thought out and you are able to create complex listings and the features this component offers far out weight anything else on the market - I've used most of them. The support has been excellent I couldn't have been happier - they have help me with setting up some pretty complex adjustments to the core - not that you have to make any changes this thing just works straight out of the box. Excellent component and service - keep up the good work RSJoomla!
Reviews: 1
Great extension ! Team solved my problem under 24h ! Excellent
Thank you

Reviews: 2
I created categories for my directory and created my menu structure so that when a user wanted to post something on the site, that menu link will take them straight to the form with the category already set.

I was having some trouble getting this to work so I opened a ticket. From the day I opened the ticket, I got nothing but very, very quick responses. After trying a couple of suggestions, the site still didn't work as I imagined it will. I replied to the ticket that night providing a temporary admin logon to my site and when I awoke the next morning, my problem was resolved!!! This extension stands true in that anything you can imagine that you want in a directory service, you can create.

Excellent customer service…..very, very hard to find in a company nowadays. Thanks to Adrian and the RSJoomla family for an excellent product and great customer service.
Reviews: 1
A very good directory and mainly a very quick service after sales, efficient and friendly.
Do not hesitate
Reviews: 1
I must admit that i thought twice before buying RSDirectory; the thing that convinced me was the half price ,to be honest..oh, and the awesome support i had with rsformpro . Custom fields are easy to work with, and i find the Pay Pal integration very useful. The only problem i encountered were the visitors reviews and ratings which gave me a lot of headache , but i guess this is something that keeps my feet on the ground, which is very important in my business . Also, the fact that i can backup and restore anytime i want gave me more confidence to deal with RSDirectory.
Good job, guys !